10 Benefits Of Living In The Suburbs

10 Benefits Of Living In The Suburbs

Jun 22, 2023

Due to rising population, pollution and hassle in cities, more and more people are moving to suburban areas. Suburbs especially the ones in the Gold Coast offer a unique lifestyle which is a combination of urban amenities and nature.

You can move to a suburb conveniently any time of the year since most reputed removalists in Gold Coast offer their services in the regions. Therefore, if you are planning to relocate alone or with family, be prepared to reap several benefits of living in the suburbs.

Want to know what are these advantages to make an informed decision? Here is a complete guide listing 10 of them. Have a look.

1. Lower Crime Rate

Cities usually have higher crime rates than suburbs, making them safer for families, elderly, working professionals and young adults. There are several reasons why suburbs have less crimes such as fewer people to do crime, mostly residents belong to middle-or-higher-income groups and it is harder from criminals to blend in the crowd.

2. More Affordable Living

Since suburbs have less competition and people, they have lower cost of living than the city. You can easily find better and more affordable housing options in suburbs of Gold Coast than in the central city. This affordability also makes it easier to find economical removalists in Gold Coast which helps lowers your cost of moving. Thus, you can have a smoother transition from city to suburban life.

3. You Can Be A Part Of A Community

Unlike the city where people are aloof and unbothered, suburbs often have a stronger sense of community. Suburban people are warm, welcoming and friendly, making it easier for newcomers to settle in quickly. You can start attending community meets and events immediately after moving to a suburb in Gold Coast and make acquaintances.

4. Better Quality of Life

Since suburbs are planned areas with ample greenery, parks and recreational facilities, they offer a better quality of life than the city. You can enjoy outdoor activities and live an active and heathier lifestyle. Moreover, when you live better, you are motivated to eat healthier and adopt greener practices.

5. Less Traffic and Noise Pollution

Suburbs particularly ones of popular areas like the Gold Coast are an escape for people from the hustle and bustle of cities. Suburbs have less traffic, the streets are peaceful and the environment is quieter. What’s more, there isn’t much construction noise, hoon activity is low and the sounds of traffic won’t keep you up at nights.

6. More Space & Privacy

If you are someone who enjoys privacy and want to live privately, getting a house or unit in the suburbs is the best idea. Housing is planned better in suburban areas and spaciously designed. You can get more square meters of property for a lesser price than the city, making it better to live in suburbs with an established or growing family.

7. You Get Access To All Modern Amenities

Many people think living in the suburbs means forgoing modern amenities, but the suburbs today are completely developed.

They have shopping centres, tourist attractions, recreation facilities, sports centres, healthcare options and much more. most suburbs are also close to the central business districts, ensuring you can travel to office or other places within minutes rather than hours.

8. Great Schools For Children

Besides having excellent housing options and space, the best suburbs in the Gold Coast have top-notch schools for your children’s primary or higher education. These suburbs have private and public schools that are well-funded and offer quality education, unlike many schools in cities.

9. Well Connected To The City

Adelaide’s most affordable suburbs are well-connected and only a few kilometres away from the city’s Central Business District. Thus, you can commute to work without spending too much time on the road or on trains.

10. Access to Nature

Unlike the cities which have mostly become concrete jungle with scarce greenery, suburbs have a ton of trees, botanical gardens and parks. These areas are designed to have lush grass lining each street and multiple parks for playing, walking and general enjoyment.

Suburbs have cleaner air and water because they are greener and closer to nature than cities. Therefore, if you are someone who enjoys basking in the sunlight and fresh air, moving to a suburb in Gold Coast.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new area is challenging but when you move to a suburb it is worth the hassle. Suburbs have so much more to offer which is why more and more people are moving to these suburban areas. Thus, if you plan to do the same, know the benefits of suburban living mentioned above.