10 Easy Ways To Prepare For A Garage Sale

10 Easy Ways To Prepare For A Garage Sale

Jul 05, 2022

Do you have to move homes soon and need to get rid of some extra stuff? Instead of throwing it all away, you can host a garage sale and get some additional cash.

This will give you more money for your moving costs and lighten your load before you pack for a move. To help you out, you can always have professional removalists in Gold Coast pack and move your belongings while you organise a garage sale. If you need help in organising this garage sale, here are some easy ways and tips to prepare and host one:

1. Declutter Your Home

To prepare for a garage sale, the first step is to declutter your space. You can do this in the following ways:

  • You must go room by room, create an inventory and sort all your items.
  • Divide the things into items you can sell and what you want to keep or throw.
  • This will help you organise your home for packing purposes as well.
  • You can then leave all the things you are taking to the removalists in Gold Coast to pack and label.

2. Check The Local Laws

Certain areas might have different rules and regulations regarding hosting a garage sale. You must check with your local societies and find out about the garage sales policy. You might need a permit to host the sale, and they might also limit how many items you can put up in your sale. Make sure you also check for any taxes or fines you will have to pay before you host the garage sale.

3. Choose The Correct Location

You must find a nice spot for your garage sale to attract as many people as possible. If your house doesn’t have a yard or any space outside, you can always ask your friends and family if you can organise a sale in front of their homes. You can also contact the local flea markets and societies to see if they have space for your garage sale.

4. Advertise Your Sale Properly

You must get the word out about your sale in the best possible manner. Create online events about your sale and list the date and time and any highlighting factors. You can also advertise in the local newspaper. You should also set up signboards and flyers at bus stops and in your colony so that more people will know about the sale.

Try to be as creative as possible and make the signs colourful and visible. You can concentrate on making the signs and use a removalist for all your packing woes. These budget removalists Gold Coast will help you do away with any kind of stress you might have by packing and organising everything efficiently.

5. Price The Items Right

Since it is a garage sale, people will expect lower prices. You must not price your items higher or at the same amount as your retail price. You should lower your prices and keep them at around 10-20% of the retail price. Try to group items together and offer discounts like 2 for 10% off or 5 for 20% off.

6. Expect People To Negotiate

People will want to negotiate the prices, so don’t get upset or hyper and try to stay calm. You can talk to them about the pricing and why you have put those particular prices on the items. If you can reduce the price a little, you should, but if they are unreasonable, you don’t have to reduce it.

7. Get Family And Friends To Help

The best way to make your garage sale more efficient and organised is to get more help. You should ask your friends and family to help set up the sale.

Assign them particular duties like bagging the items, standing at a particular zone, checking the prices, creating advertisements and posters and more. You can also have a refreshment booth to attract more people and let your family look after this area.

8. Have A Collective Sale

If you feel you do not have enough items to host a garage sale, you can always ask neighbours and friends if they want to sell any items. You can host a collective community sale that will draw in huge crowds and help you get good sales. You will also have a lot of help organising the sale as everyone will be involved.

9. Choose The Right Date

You must also choose the correct date for your garage sale in the following ways:

  • Make sure you pick a holiday or weekend so that people are free to come.
  • You should also try to host the sale during spring or summer when the weather is nice.
  • Start the sale in the morning so people can come as early as possible.
  • You should always check weather conditions and reschedule if there is a chance of rain or stormy weather.

10. Donate All Leftover Items

Once your sale is over, you might have a lot of things left. Budget removalists Gold Coast suggest you pack them in a box and have a donation centre pick them up. This will help you eliminate any extra items before moving and is an efficient way to pack for a move.


Now that you have the above tips, you can organise your garage sale and get rid of your extra items. Your removalist experts in Gold Coast will handle all the packing and moving of your belongings so that you can concentrate on the sale and make some extra money.