10 Expert Solutions For Your Toughest Moving Problems

10 Expert Solutions For Your Toughest Moving Problems

May 02, 2022

Whether you are moving house for the first time or have done it multiple times, you can encounter problems and experience extreme stress. During relocation, you have several tasks to manage and complete before and after moving to the new house.

You must plan and prepare for the event to avoid hassles, delays and inconveniences. Hiring professional Gold Coast removalists to manage some or every aspect of the move is a practical solution. Additionally, you should remain organised and proactive to ensure everything happens smoothly.

Thus, to help you, here is a complete guide outlining ten expert solutions for your toughest moving problems. Have a look.

Streamline Tasks

You have to manage work and personal commitments with moving-related tasks during a house move. Streamline the tasks by creating a moving checklist to avoid feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

According to importance and urgency, sort crucial things-to-do like decluttering, changing your address, setting utilities, packing and others. Use expert moving checklists online or available on apps to make a personalised one and manage the move like a pro.

Invest In Wardrobe Boxes

While getting moving boxes, purchase 1-2 wardrobe boxes with a handlebar, hinged doors and corrugated 3-5 ply cardboard. This way, you can transport your clothes, footwear, accessories and other things in your almirah without having to put them in boxes. These boxes work as portable wardrobes, making it easier to access your clothes before and after moving.

Note: If you hire professional removalists in Gold Coast for packing, ask if they can arrange wardrobe boxes that you can keep after moving.

Set A Moving Budget

Besides being emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing, a house move also financially impacts you and your household. Without being careful, you can strain yourself monetarily and deplete your savings. Thus, use a reliable budget planner to list your ongoing expenses with one-off expenses like a rental bond, utility set-up fee, advance rent etc.

Pack An Essentials Bag

To avoid hassle and discomfort during travel, pack an essential bag to keep, among other things in your personal vehicle. Your hired removalists in Gold Coast can handle and transport remaining household contents while you keep on-person important things like medicines, change of clothes, toiletries, keys, phone charger etc.

This bag prevents you the inconvenience of opening packed boxes to look for things before moving and upon arrival at the new house.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Things

You can have a big packing and moving load, especially when vacating a house you have lived in for over a year. To reduce your moving expenses and manage the movement of property contents smoothly, get rid of unwanted things.

Declutter to discard, resell and donate belongings you don’t use at least once a year or haven’t used for over six months. Aim only to keep things you really need at the new home, and your hired removalists in Gold Coast can pack and move.

Book Removalists Early

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last week of moving to book removalists in Gold Coast. You can face several challenges like elevated prices, unavailability of experienced professionals, moving scams etc.

Start looking for reputed moving companies as early as six weeks before moving and aim to book removalists with at least four weeks to spare. To speed the process of finding quality removalists in Gold Coast, ask near and dear ones for reference.

Don’t Get In The Way Of Removalists

Don’t make the moving day harder than it already is by micromanaging the operations of your hired professionals. Experienced removalists in Gold Coast use expert moving checklists, high-performance equipment, quality packing materials and proper techniques.

Thus, they can manage a move expertly without your meddling. You can supervise their work and provide necessary information while they work, but besides that, steer clear of their way.

Don’t Pack In A Rush

Packing is one of the most tasks of moving house, and you must do it meticulously to prevent damage or loss of items. When you wrap and box things in a hurry, the chances of error are high, and you can make mistakes that cost you money.

Thus, start packing room by room as early as possible to ensure you are ready to move when the removalists arrive. If you lack the time, energy and expertise to pack, take the assistance of good removalists in Gold Coast to manage the task for you.

Set Up Utilities Before Moving

To make settling in the new home quick and easy, make sure electricity, water, gas and other utilities are set and running upon your arrival.

Thus, you must take the necessary measures to discontinue your current utilities by the time you move out and transfer/establish them at your new residence. You can keep the same plans with the same service providers or explore new plans and change providers as per requirement.

Consider Backloading When Moving Long-Distance Or Interstate

When you have a tight moving budget and need to move more than 80 km away or to another state, availing of backloading service from reputed removalists in Gold Coast is a wise solution.

Backloading is when removalists load your belongings on a moving truck coming back from a job. It is an economical way to ensure your things get transported carefully, and you only pay for the space the boxes take on the vehicle.


Packing and moving to a new home is fun and exciting until the stress, multiple tasks and sleepless nights take a toll on you. To reduce the hassle of moving, you should plan and prepare for the event by hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast. Additionally, use this guide with ten expert solutions for the most challenging moving problems you can face.