10 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

10 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Jan 12, 2023

A house move is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life, and many serious issues can arise if you book the wrong moving company. Bad removalists can scam unsuspecting people, delay the process, impose hidden charges or cancel without a preamble.

You must choose the right removalists Gold Coast to ensure your relocation is smooth and uneventful. However, finding a good moving company can be challenging. According to ABS’s data, Australia has a highly mobile population; over 40% of Australian households moved in the last five years.

Owing to the great demand for removalists, there is a significant mushrooming of moving companies, and not all are reliable. You must vet moving companies carefully before booking a removal service.

To help you get started, here is a list of the 10 most important questions to ask your moving company. Have a look.

1. Do you have an ASIC registration?

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission is a government regulatory body. It requires companies to maintain a business name, share financial records, have a registered office and meet other legal obligations.

You shouldn’t consider any ASIC unregistered or deregistered business because its reliability remains questionable. Therefore, when you call a moving company, always ask about their ASIC registration status.

2. How long have you been in business?

Experience and expertise are the first things you should inquire about when booking removalists in Canberra. Aim to select removalists with an extensive work history spanning years. Building a brand name in any industry cannot happen overnight. Therefore, when you need to find established removalists, knowing their industry experience is vital.

3. Are you affiliated with a regulatory industry body?

One of the easiest ways to ascertain if a moving company abides by industry standards is by inquiring about its affiliation with a regulatory industry body like the Australian International Movers Association, Australian Furniture Removers Association etc.

Hiring an affiliated company that follows set rules and regulations will ensure your things are moved safely, and you can hold removalists accountable in case of a mishap.

4. What services do you offer?

During a house move, you can need assistance with multiple tasks, which is why finding a one-stop destination for all your need should be your priority. By asking a company about its service profile, you can determine whether it can meet your requirements or not.

For example, if you need assistance with packing, storage and moving your things, make sure the moving company has a warehouse for storing property contents safely and removalists adept at packing and moving.

5. What are your service rates per hour & additional charges?

Removals can cost between $300 to $3000 for a local move and up to $8000 for an interstate move. Therefore, hiring removalists in Canberra is a major expenditure, and you must get realistic quotes before booking a moving company. The quote should outline service charges per hour and call-out rates as well to make sure you get a reliable estimate.

To get actual quotes from a moving company, schedule a pre-move survey. If a company refuses and only shares instant quotes, skip it because they can impose hidden charges or scam you on moving day.

6. What are things you don’t move?

This question is important to ask because there are several things reputed removalists in Canberra refuse to load on a moving truck or handle. By knowing this list, you can declutter your house, sort things and pack your belongings accordingly. Usually, things that moving companies refuse to handle or transport include the following.

  • Flammables & explosives
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Cash, jewellery, and valuables
  • Perishable foods
  • Fuels, propane, kerosene etc.

7. Are your removalists insured & trained?

Being stuck with uninsured and inexperienced removalists is among the worst things that can happen while relocating. Therefore, ensure the moving company you select has insured removalists in Canberra to avoid liability. Additionally, inquire about their professional training to ensure they can expertly handle furniture, moving boxes, electronics, and other contents.

8. What are your cancellation, refund and rescheduling policies?

Having an exit strategy is crucial whenever you book professionals for any job while moving because you may have to cancel a booking due to unforeseen circumstances or a better deal.

Therefore, ask about a moving company’s policies for cancellation and booking amount refund. Also, know if they are ready for rescheduling in case of the moving date shifts because you will need flexible removalists whenever you move.

9. Are your moving quotes binding?

Usually, removalists in Canberra offer non-binding and free quotes that you can get upon calling or emailing a moving company. These quotes are non-obligatory and help you get a rough estimate.

However, if you are sure about a moving company and want to book their service, then ask for a binding quote to get a realistic estimate and enter a legal contract. It guarantees the total cost of the move and makes your removalists more reliable.

Note: Whenever you get a quote from a moving company, always ask about its validity period. All quotes have an expiration date, and knowing it is crucial to compare quotes within a stipulated time.

10. What insurance coverage do you offer?

Most reputed moving companies in Canberra offer basic liability coverage while moving belongings. It is a part of their own insurance that extends to their clients, and the coverage is free of cost. However, it is extremely low, and you will not get much reimbursement if your things get damaged. Therefore, always about moving insurance and see if your moving company can arrange it via a third-party agency.


House moving is always overwhelming and challenging, which is why getting professional help is the best way to reduce stress. You can hire a moving company based on references or look for one independently. If you do the latter, make sure to ask the 10 most important questions shared above to make an informed decision.