10 Moving Safety Tips To Avoid Injuries

10 Moving Safety Tips To Avoid Injuries

Feb 14, 2022

Moving household belongings to the new place is an overwhelming process. People get anxious when it comes to packing and relocating fragile items. However, the real danger of residential relocation is personal injuries.

It is easy to hurt your back or legs when lifting large boxes and heavy furniture pieces. You are always at the risk of personal injuries in a self-move. That’s one of the reasons why most people prefer hiring Gold Coast removalists for the safe transition of belongings.

A good company brings necessary moving equipment to prevent potential injuries. However, if you are planning a DIY move, keep these 10 safety tips in mind while lifting heavy household belongings:

1. Plan Your Move

Creating a step-by-step process can help you prevent physical injuries during home relocation.

Most of the accidents happen due to last-minute chaos and hustle. Start by de-cluttering your house and get rid of unnecessary belongings. It will ensure a safe and smooth move if you plan things accordingly.

Also, create a checklist of tasks so that you can stay streamlined. Do not lift boxes until you know where you will place them. Planning each and every step also keeps you relaxed throughout the process.

2. Use High-Quality Boxes

Packing household belongings in sturdy cardboard boxes is one of the best ways to avoid potential injuries. If you are buying new boxes, make sure they are strong enough to carry all household items.

You can ensure extra protection by applying two layers of tape at the bottom of each box while packing your precious possessions.

If using second-hand boxes, safety becomes more crucial. You can pack items like clothes, blankets and other unbreakable items. You can ask grocery stores and liquor shops for used boxes because it is one of the best ways to save moving costs.

3. Do not Overstuff Your Boxes

Just because you can pack everything in a medium sized box doesn’t mean you can lift it. Most people get injured because they lift overstuffed boxes during a move. It is important to pack the boxes properly while keeping the weight in mind. Make sure it is not putting strain on your back or joints.

According to the professional removalists in Gold Coast, do not pack over 50 pounds in a small box, 60-65 pounds in a medium box and 70 pounds in a large box. Also, don’t overstuff boxes with books because they are heavy to lift.

Extra-large boxes should be kept for cushions, bed linens, clothing and comforters.

4. Pack Knives and other Sharp Objects Properly

It is possible to hurt yourself if you don’t pack sharp objects, such as knives. This can lead to cuts while packing or unpacking and damage your boxes.

Secure the edges of sharp objects by wrapping them using packing paper or bubble wrap. You can also add an extra layer using a dish towel or rubber band before putting it in the box.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes

It is always good to wear comfortable clothes if you are lifting your boxes and other household belongings on your own.

Instead of wearing loose or oversized clothes, focus on being flexible, breathable and according to the weather. Also, wear comfortable footwear that gives you support and great mobility while carrying heavy boxes from one place to another.

6. Ask For Assistance

It is impossible to manage the entire moving process without any assistance. If you are running low on budget, you can ask your friends to help you pack and lift heavy furniture.

This can prevent you from unwanted injuries. You can schedule your move according to your friend’s available time because nobody will come during their working hours. So, be generous and ask what time he

can come and assist you in lifting boxes for your home relocation.

If you are alone, hire a good company to avoid injuries and damages. Make sure you ask relevant question before hiring Gold Coast removalists for your household belongings.

7. Follow Correct Lifting Techniques

To prevent back injuries and joint strains, you will need to follow the right lifting protocols. With the help of the following techniques, you can safely move your belongings to the new abode:

• Keep your spine alignment as neutral as possible while lifting any heavy item
• Blend your knees instead of waist
• Carry heavy boxes close to your body
• Do not twist your body while lifting or carrying heavy items

8. Use Moving Equipment

Professionals always use proper moving equipment to lift heavy furniture and boxes. You can also look for a rental dolly because it can simplify your entire process without any physical injury.

9. Clear Clutter from Pathway

Do not forget to remove unwanted items, empty boxes, and other items from your pathway. Trips and falls are common if you don’t clear the pathways, such as stairs. It is easy to miss out the mess on the floor when you are carrying something heavy in your hands.

So, it is good to maintain a clear entryway both inside and outside.

10. Stay Mentally Fit

This is one of the overlooked things because people only pay attention to the physical aspects. It is important to stay active, anxious-free and confident when lifting heavy items.

Get enough sleep before your final moving day. If you are not fully charged up, you may hurt yourself while lifting belongings. Also, eat healthy and nutritious food like protein bars, nuts, oats, etc during the moving process. You can also keep a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated. These simple habits can prevent potential injuries.


Staying safe on a moving day requires preparation and planning. Follow these 10 safety tips above to prevent injuries and accidents. You can also hire trained removalists in Gold Coast for a safe and hassle-free moving experience.