10 Things To Consider When Moving Your Business

10 Things To Consider When Moving Your Business

Jul 08, 2022

Are you looking for a new office location for your business and are wondering what you should keep in mind? Relocating to a new office whether it is a small business or big can affect the whole business.

You will have to take an overall estimate of how the new location will work out both for your business and employees. You will also have to hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to help you move all your office equipment and belongings to your new location. If you need help while moving offices and to stay organised during your move, here are some expert tips to help you out:

1. Look At The Location

The most important thing is to look for a good area for your new office. You must ask your employees to find potential areas for your business. If they have no experience in this matter, you can always consult real estate agents to help you find a suitable office location.

2. Check The Accessibility

When choosing the location, you should also see how accessible it is for you and your employees in the following manner:

  • Is there enough transportation and parking spaces, and is the area safe?
  • These factors are essential as this could affect the employees and the work environment.
  • If your employees are not happy with the area, they might leave, and you might have to work with limited staff.

3. Plan Your Moving Budget

Moving offices can involve a lot of expenses, so it is necessary to see what your budget is like. Check how much you can spend and create a budget according to that. Try to stick to this budget when choosing a location and removalist services on Gold Coast.

4. Check Your Lease

When you choose your business location, you will have to look at the lease terms of the new building. Make sure you read through it all before signing it, or you might end up with some hidden costs later on.

You should also see the lease length and see if it suits your business. For instance, if you are moving to a small office and want to grow your office in two years, there is no point in signing a lease for three years.

5. Let Your Employees Know

Before you hire a removalist service in Gold Coast and move all your office equipment, you must first inform your employees.

  • Many employees will need advance notice so that they can make suitable arrangements for transportation.
  • Hold a meeting or send them a mail telling them about the move and the exact address.
  • You must also take their feedback and see whether they are happy with the move or not.

6. Look At The Storage Facilities

If you have a lot of office equipment and might not be able to fit everything in the new location, you should check out some storage facilities. Look at the storage units in the area where you can keep all your extra equipment until you need it or can move it.

You should also check if the storage unit has a backloading option where you will only have to pay for the amount of space your equipment takes on the unit and not have to pay for the whole unit. This will save you a lot of costs.

7. Check The Impact On Customers

When looking at moving your business, you must also see the impact on your customers. Are you moving closer to your trusted and loyal customers, or will you be losing a lot of clients? You must also try and find a location where you can attract more customers and grow your business further.

8. Inform The Necessary Legal Authorities

You will have to inform the local authorities about your move so that you can change the address easily. You might also have to inform your local taxation office about your new location so that they can update your billing addresses for your Australian business taxes.

9. Plan How To Move All Technical Equipment

Hire a reliable moving service in Gold Coast, or if you are moving the items on your own, you must pack and move them safely. You must plan how you will move all your technical equipment so that nothing gets damaged. Remember to disassemble the equipment and double wrap all the equipment to keep it safe while moving.

10. Hire Professional Removalists

Lastly, you can make a move much more accessible by hiring expert removalists Gold Coast who will pack and expertly move all your office equipment.

They have all the proper equipment and packing material to ensure all your office furniture reaches your new office in one piece. Book them in advance to get some good discounts and look for a removalist with insurance so that your items are covered in case of any damages while moving them.


You should keep the above ten factors in mind when moving businesses to relocate your office to a new area and grow your business.