10 Tips For A Greener New Home

10 Tips For A Greener New Home

Sep 04, 2023

A new home is a clean slate as you can decorate it from scratch. It is the perfect opportunity to get rid of clutter, live minimally and adopt a greener lifestyle.  Climate change and global warming have worsened due to inconsideration of humans.

It has impacted the land, water and air of many prominent cities like Gold Coast. Therefore, if you plan to move, you must take measures to avoid wastefulness or harm to the environment.

House moves can have huge environmental repercussions as household items end in landfills, chemicals are discarded in water ways without care and many other decisions cause harm. Therefore, you must move sustainably as it is the need of the hour.

Hire budget removalists in Gold Coast to reduce carbon emissions and ensure recyclable packing supplies are used for packing and moving your belongings. Additionally, use the tips below for a greener new home. Have a look.

1. Sort Your Belongings

The first task to prepare for the house move is sorting your property contents. Start by decluttering each room and segregate all the things into the following categories.

  • Broken and unnecessary things to dispose of
  • Items in good condition to donate
  • Things that can be resold in a garage sale
  • Things to pack and take to the new home

After this process is over, you can proceed to complete other things such as packing, updating utilities, booking removalists in Gold Coast and more.

2. Deep Clean Before Moving In

From day one, your new house should feel welcoming and neat, which is why you must deep clean it before moving in. Avail a green house cleaning service in Gold Coast or manage the cleaning yourself if you have the time, energy and motivation.

Renters may skip this part, as landlords or previous tenants usually perform bond cleaning at the end of a tenancy. However, you still need to confirm if the property was deep cleaned and if it wasn’t, make a house cleaning checklist and get to work.

3. Keep Spaces Open & Clutter-free

Understandably, your home will look messy after moving with open/unopened items, household things strewn across rooms, takeout boxes etc. However, aim to remove clutter and organise your home immediately after moving in to minimise the risk of injuries.

Hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to unpack your belongings and place them where you want. With their expertise, moving equipment and your guidance, removalists can easily take away the burden of unpacking off your shoulders. Once they leave, you can fine-tune to keep spaces open and clutter-free in your new house.

4. Let in Natural Light & Air

Humans need exposure to sunlight and outdoor air to feel healthy and happy. Ensuring your new house has ample natural light, and good ventilation is crucial to create positive energy indoors. It will also reduce electricity bill. Thus, upon arrival, open windows and doors to let sunlight and outdoor breeze enter the house. If you still have dark or poorly lit areas, install lamps, led lights or candles for illumination.

5. Use Essential Oils

Refresh your surroundings by adding a few drops of essential oil to a humidifier. Alternatively, add an anti-microbial essential oil to cleaning solutions and keep your home smelling fragrant and its indoor air quality good at all times.

6. Get Plants

Many people feel relaxed and rejuvenated when they have lush and green house plants. Plants inside homes improve indoor air as they emit oxygen and purify the atmosphere around them. What’s more, watering and caring for plants brings positivity, productivity and creativity.

Therefore, make sure to move your plants with the assistance of good removalists in Gold Coast. Unpack and place the plants in household areas immediately after moving to make the new house feel like home and improve your mood. If you are into gardening, use the back or front yard to display your skills and feel proud when your plants thrive in the new home.

7. Rent Pre-owned Furniture & Art

Decorating your home is a serious process, and it needs to be done accurately. After you have moved your things to the new house and you will require furniture and art pieces to add character to the property.

There are a host of home décor stores in Gold Coast that provide furniture, paintings, sculptures, and other items on rent. Taking this step reduce waste and helps you reuse and recycle things that can end in landfills contributing to Australia’s waste management and recycling problem.

8. Reuse & Recycle Packing Supplies

Are there boxes, bubble wraps, and other packing supplies in good condition at home that can be reused? Make it a priority to use these supplies first before thinking of investing in new ones. Ask people around you, relatives, and friends for supplies they have that can be reused. Also, visit local stores to get free boxes and supplies that are available for recycling.

9. Hire Green Removalists

Besides taking measures to ensure non-useful items are recycled and reused by donating and reselling, you can make your move eco-friendly by taking the assistance of green removalists in Gold Coast.

Such professionals are experienced and trained to manage the packing and movement of your belongings in the least wasteful ways. They use eco-friendly supplies, their moving trucks have green fuels, and their different types of equipment are energy-efficient.

10. Dispose Of Things Responsibly

Naturally, while moving there are things that need to be disposed of for a variety of reasons. However, the onus is on you to dispose them off responsibly to avoid them from damaging the environment.

Wrapping Up

Since a new home gives you the opportunity to start living minimally and eco-friendlily, make the most of your relocation. Hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage the process while you focus on decorating your new abode and start living sustainably.