10 Ways To Declutter When You Plan To Move

10 Ways To Declutter When You Plan To Move

Oct 21, 2022

Minimising a house is one of the best ways to let go of things you don’t use or no longer need. The relocation preparation allows you to de-clutter rooms, a kitchen pantry, wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and storage units.

De-cluttering is important because you can’t pack and take everything to the new place. You obviously have some broken, ripped, empty or useless items, while some are good in condition, but you don’t need them.

Inspect every nook and cranny and make a list of unwanted things. You can donate pre-loved items to the Non profit organisations in QLD. Make sure you begin the process as early as possible to avoid last-minute chaos.

It is good to book professional removalists Gold Coast as they can manage the entire process without giving you a hint of stress. Still, it is good to create a checklist and organise the entire process.

Here is a complete guide that will help you de-clutter your house when you plan to relocate:

1. Set a Timeline

Before you get into the process, setting a timeline and defining your goals is important to save time and energy. Creating a customised schedule and timeline can help you manage your time during a house move.

Here are a few things to remember as you begin de-cluttering:

  • Create a map of all rooms and hotspots you want to handle.
  • Give each space, such as bedrooms, cupboards, and wardrobes grades based on the level of the clutter. This will help you prioritise your time.
  • De-clutter one room at a time
  • Delegate tasks to your family
  • Create a challenge for yourself so that you can finish before the timeline

2. Categorise Your Household Items

This is one of the crucial steps that can help you streamline the de-cluttering process. As you go through your rooms, you will need to create a system for classifying the items you find. It is good to divide your items into three sorting systems depending on their condition and requirement.


It includes items you want to take to the new home. Create a list and keep these items separate.

Get Rid of:

It consists of items you no longer need. This includes empty or ribbed ones or belongings that are good in condition but you don’t need them.

Put in Storage:

This includes seasonal or emotionally-attached items you can’t get rid of but don’t need in your new abode. Put such items in a container and label them as storage items.

You can call the expert removalists Gold Coast that can offer you long as well as short-term storage facility along with packing and removals services.

3. Start With Your Bathroom

Take out your medicine cabinet and sort items. Take everything out and toss expired medications, skincare products, makeup, etc.

Now, move to cabinet drawers and remove items you don’t need. Keep items back that you need in your new home. Ensure you do the same with the shelves close to your shower or bathtub and the cabinet below your bathroom sink.

Do not forget to toss the ripped mats, hand towels, and expired and empty shampoo and body wash bottles.

4. Wardrobe and Clothing

This is one of the most overwhelming and time-taking processes. De-cluttering the wardrobe and clothing needs your time and the right decision making skills,

It is good to de-clutter your clothing times by type. It is good to start with boots, shoes and dresses.

Make decisions after seeing the condition of your clothes. You can also keep clothes, such as jeans, dresses, sweaters, t-shirts, shoes, etc, aside if they are in good condition, but you no longer need them. You can donate such clothes to underprivileged people on the Gold Coast.

5. De-clutter Your Bedroom

Make your bed, as this will make it easy for you to clear the mess. You can start with de-cluttering the drawers of your side tables and dressing table. Toss or recycle anything you don’t need, such as pens, empty tissue boxes, etc.

Check drawer to drawer and lay everything on your bed so you can decide what to be tossed and what to be kept.

Donating old blankets, bed sheets, and other bed linens you no longer use is good. This way, you can help disadvantaged people around you.

6. Heads towards your Kitchen

This can be challenging as you may have plenty of things in your pantry, cupboards, and drawers.

Start by emptying each drawer or cupboard. This will help you sort items with ease.

Get rid of extra items, such as keep extra spatulas, knives, pans, etc. You don’t need to take along with you to a new home.

Focus on your countertops and move items as much as possible. Keep only important items that you use every day on it.

7. Clear Your Living Room’s Clutter

You need extra hours to de-clutter this particular room. You may have a TV cabinet and bookcases. So, cover everything and get rid of unwanted items. It is important to decide what not to pack when relocating home. So, declutter accordingly:

Keep items separate that you use on a daily basis, such as magazines, books, kid’s toys and remote controls.

Start with your TV console, bookcases and side tales. Do not forget your coffee table. Empty everything and dispose of paper waste as well.

Check all charges, wires and small electronic items. It is good to eliminate outdated ones to reduce your moving load.

8. De-clutter the Mudroom or Entryway

Make sure you remove unwanted items from drawers, a shoe rack and side tables. Toss ripped jackets and overcoats, missing pair of a shoe, etc. Clear the hall closet and sort your items as per your needs.

9. Donate to the Local Charity

Ask yourself whether you have worn particular jeans or boots in the last year before making the final decision. If your unwanted clothes are in good condition, look for local charity organisations and donate to disadvantaged people.

10. Organise a Garage Sale

This is one of the best ways to get rid of unnecessary items, and you will also get an opportunity to earn extra money before the final move. It could be anything, such as old gym equipment, a side table, books, furniture, clothing, etc.


These are the ten most convenient and easy ways to de-clutter when relocating home. It is an important step if you are moving on a low budget.

De-cluttering helps you get rid of unwanted items so that you can reduce the moving load and expenses while managing your budget. This will make it easy for removalists Gold Coast to carry and transit items with much care and attention.