10 Ways To Declutter Your Home Between Christmas And New Year

10 Ways To Declutter Your Home Between Christmas And New Year

Nov 17, 2023

A lot of people plan to relocate their homes during the holiday season due to office and school holidays. The week between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time for decluttering a home before relocating. When sorting out household items during festive holidays, you have more time to inspect all cabinets, drawers and storage units.

So, it is good to prepare a proper plan during the festive season and get rid of unwanted items before the arrival of the best removalists Gold Coast.

Whether you are relocating home or not, it is always good to remove unwanted items and make more space for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Here is a complete guide to help you declutter your home during the festive season without stress. You can follow this guide and make your house look spacious and inviting.

1. Make a Proper Declutter Plan

Start the process by preparing a complete decluttering plan. Include your family in the process, as most household items belong to them. It is good to work together and save time & energy.

Besides this, prioritise the rooms with a lot of clutter and schedule a date so you can streamline everything without a hint of stress. You can also search for places where you can donate old furniture when relocating home during festivities.

2. Take one Room at a Time

The process of getting rid of unwanted items requires time and a proper strategy. To avoid mess and stress around you, take one room at a time. You can either start with your storage room or a bedroom.

Make sure you inspect closets and drawers because the stuff inside may be out of sight, but it can help you clear the clutter.

3. Sort Items into Different Categories

This is the best way to organise your clutter during the festive season. Instead of creating a pile of all your unwanted items, you can sort them into the following categories:

  • Keep: Make a list of items you want to keep.
  • Repair items: Designate one container for items you use but need repair work.
  • Return: Make a pile of items you borrowed from friends, relatives and neighbours.
  • Donate: The period between Christmas and New Year is the best time to help underprivileged people. Make a list of items you no longer need and drop off them in local charity bins. Make sure they are in good condition.
  • Garage Sale: Make a pile of unwanted household items you want to sell to earn extra dollars.
  • Recycle: You may have certain items that can be re-used after recycling. This can reduce the landfill waste as well.
  • Toss:  This includes broken, expired and torn items.

4. Sort Gifts and Decoration

It is good to go through the Christmas gifts and keep what you love. You can donate the ones you no longer need or bring happiness. If you are moving a house, pack your decorations in a separate box.

You can hire professional furniture removalists from Gold Coast to keep your dining table, beds, pool table and other expensive household items intact throughout the process.

5. Clear Out Unwanted Winter Clothing

This is the best season to get rid of winter coats, overcoats and other warm clothing you no longer need. There might be some clothing that doesn’t fit you or your family anymore. So, you can donate them to the local charity on the Gold Coast.

This will create a lot of space for new clothes in your wardrobe.

6. Remove Leftover Food From Your Fridge

After hosting or enjoying delicious festive parties and dinners, you are surely stuck with leftover food that won’t get eaten anymore. Tossing them before they become the food of harmful germs and bacteria is good. This will prevent food poisoning and other harmful diseases.

You can make the most out of your holidays after Christmas and clear out your refrigerator. This will help you start the New Year with a clean, empty fridge.

7. Sort out Old Toys

There is no denying that post-Christmas is an ideal time to declutter your kid’s toys. Since little ones get new toys, you can donate or discard the old ones and make more space in the closet.

Throw away anything that is broken or has a missing part. Let your kids decide what to keep and what to toss, especially when moving to a new abode.

8. Clean up Your Kitchen

Make sure you clear out your pantry cabinets, cupboards and drawers when decluttering your kitchen. It is good to donate or sell spare kitchen utensils and gadgets.

You can adopt a minimalist approach when getting rid of kitchen items you no longer need.

Read on the tips to dispose of unwanted items, including pantry items when relocating home.

9. Clear the Bathroom Mess

Do not forget to toss expired toiletries, skincare products and make-up when clearing out your bathrooms. Also, check your bath, hand and face towels and get rid of them if they have stains.

10. Get Rid of Holiday Cards

You can recycle holiday cards except the ones having an emotional significance. You can organise and store ribbons, gift bags and wrapping paper for future use.

It is good to book seasoned Removalists Gold Coast in advance if you are moving during the festive season. This will save you money while keeping your precious possessions intact.

Wrapping Up

Decluttering a house during Christmas and New Year can be challenging, but you can take advantage of holidays and get rid of unwanted items. Follow these tips and make your house look more spacious by tossing, donating or recycling the items you no longer need.