10 Ways To Protect Your Walls When Moving Furniture

10 Ways To Protect Your Walls When Moving Furniture

Jul 25, 2022

The walls are one of the most common spots in a house that often get damaged during relocation. When you move furniture, the edges can knock the wall, leaving scratch marks on the surface that can diminish its entire look.

Whether you are moving out of the rental house or your own house, scratches on the walls can be a matter of concern. It can allow your property owner to deduct money from your security deposit and also reduce the value when you sell the house. Therefore, you need to ensure that you do not cause any damage to the walls when moving your things, particularly furniture.

One of the best ways to get the job done is by hiring trained removalists Gold Coast. They use modern tools and correct techniques to move furniture without damaging the walls. However, there are many more ways to keep your walls safe, and you should know them.

Here are ten ways to protect your walls when moving furniture.

1. Make a Proper Plan

Before you start loading your furniture into the truck, it is essential that you make a proper plan of how to execute the task. It will protect not only the walls but also your furniture and prevent any injuries. A perfect plan must cover all vital aspects like who will help you to move the furniture, how will you move things, and how will you save the walls.

2. Ensure Path to the Truck Is Clear

If your path to the truck is full of clutter, such as boxes, then you are likely to trip on something on your way. As a result, the furniture will bump into the wall, causing damage. Therefore, you should make sure that the path is completely clear so you can move with your furniture slowly.

3. Dress Appropriately

Most people overlook the significance of wearing the right clothes on a moving day. Wearing loose clothes while loading with furniture can cause a problem as they can catch onto something. As a result, the furniture you are carrying can bump into a wall and cause damage. Therefore, instead of some baggy clothes, wear something flexible and comfortable.

4. Ask for Help

Trying to move large and heavy furniture on your own can be a huge mistake. You can not only end up damaging your walls but also suffer from an injury. Therefore, you should talk to your close friends, family and colleagues and ask for a favour. They can help you to move furniture without damaging the floor or walls. If you do not have any helping hands, contact a professional removals company in Gold Coast.

5. Disassemble Your Large Furniture

Loading large furniture such as a bed, dining table, bookshelf, etc., can be difficult to balance. So, you are most likely to bang against the walls during the loading process. If you want to reduce the weight of the furniture, disassemble it as much as possible. It is always easier to pack and move smaller parts.

6. Use Blankets to Cover Furniture

Another excellent way to protect your wall when moving furniture is to use blankets to cover the furniture. You are going to need a lot of blankets to cover the entire furniture, but it will keep the furniture as well as walls safe. Even if the furniture bumps against the walls, the blankets will prevent any damage. Budget removalists Gold Coast also follow the same approach during moving.

7. Use the Right Equipment

Moving dollies are the most reliable equipment for certified removalists in Gold Coast. They use it to load and unload furniture, appliance and other heavy boxes without causing any damage to walls. If you are following a DIY move, then make sure that you have this equipment with you.

8. Hire Professionals

Perhaps the best way to keep your walls safe during relocation is by hiring a genuine moving company in Gold Coast. They have expertise in packing and loading all kinds of items, including your large and heavy furniture. Different types of services are provided by professionals, and packing is one of them. So, if you hire the experts, they will ensure that your walls remain safe and your thing moves smoothly.

9. Cover Your Walls

The best way to ensure that your walls remain safe when loading or unloading furniture is to protect them. You must use protective pads to cover the walls. So, even if your furniture piece knocks on a wall, the padding will endure the hit and your wall, and the furniture item will be safe.

10. Cover the Corners

If you are concerned about your walls, you can use corner guards to protect them. Corner guards offer brilliant protection for wall corners, but they do not come free like the discarded cardboard sheets. You can purchase a set of plastic corner guards online or at a nearby store.

Take Away

Protecting your walls when moving furniture is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is to make a proper plan before moving out of the home and follow the tips mentioned above. If you don’t want to take any chance with the walls, you should contact the best removalists in Gold Coast. They will help you to complete your move smoothly and safely.