15 Life Hacks For A Stress-Free Move
happy stressfree couple preparing for a move

15 Life Hacks For A Stress-Free Move

Aug 12, 2019

Moving to a new place is both an overwhelming and stressful process. No matter how near or far you are relocating, packing is one of those tasks that could break your back. From arranging packing supplies to preparing your favourite pool table for a move, you have to manage everything ahead of time.

Fortunately, there are some brilliant ways to help you reduce the stress of move throughout the process. First of all, search for the experienced and cheap Gold Coast Removalists who can give you a seamless and secure moving experience. Apart from this, prepare yourself for the big moving day and organise your tasks so that you can go a bit smoother on your final moving day.

Here are 15 life hacks that will make your relocation journey a stress-free one. Follow these hacks carefully:

1. Prepare yourself for a Move

Moving is not all about preparing and packing household stuff. There are a lot of things to do when it comes to preparation before the final move. You should decide your moving day, prepare an estimated budget to track your expenses and also create a custom-made moving checklist so that you can ensure a stress-free process without last-minute chaos.

Whether you are moving within the Gold Coast or relocating across the town, make sure you have a great strategy to secure your belongings during the transportation process. So, start by preparing yourself and encourage your family members to assist you in packing.

2. Find a reliable Removal Service Provider

If you are stressed about your move, then plan on hiring trained removalists in Gold Coast. It is good to shortlist at least five companies and compare their estimated quotes.

You can look for genuine customer reviews before making the decision. Make sure you choose a company who can assist you in moving tasks without giving you a hint of stress.

3. Update about your move to your utility companies

Don’t forget to cancel your utilities at the current place you are living and setting them up at your new home in Gold Coast. Update your utility service providers about the move and set the cancelling date so that you can easily prepare your belongings for the move.

Tip: Update it as soon as you know the address of your new house. This will reduce stress and make things easier for you.

3. Sort and Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Before getting into the packing process, it is good to sort through the household items that you no longer needed. This will reduce the load of your move and also save you time in packing and unpacking.

And the best part about purging out unwanted items is that you will get an opportunity to save money as well. So, take a look at your house and make a list of things that you no longer needed. You can also donate the items that are in good condition.

Tip: Do this at least 8 weeks before your move.

4. Organise a Garage Sale

If you want to convert unused/unnecessary items into cash, then arrange a successful garage sale. This is one of the best ways to get rid of items that you don’t need and also lighten your moving load.

You can put old furniture, clothes, accessories and other items that you don’t need on sale. You can give high discounts to attract potential buyers in your locality.

Tip: It is good to organise a garage sale either on Saturdays and Sundays.

5. Arrange Packing Supplies

Packing of household belongings should be done carefully; otherwise, you could lose your precious items during the relocation process. So, invest in good quality of packing supplies to give an extra shield of protection to your valuables. This includes packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, heavy-duty trash bags, etc.

Tip: Ask your Gold Coast Removalists to provide you with high-quality packing service if you are not sure about the safety of your belongings.

6. Save Money on Moving Boxes

Instead of buying new boxes, you can ask your local grocery or convenience store in Gold Coast for spare boxes. Many retailers throw dozes of flattened boxes so you can ask them and get them either on rent or buy at cheaper rates.

Make sure they are good in quality and can help you in packing all sizes of items except furniture, appliances and other large items.

7. Show your Creativity and Save Money

Always try to find out creative ways when it comes to arranging packing supplies, especially containers and boxes. You can directly save money by using used baskets, hamper, suitcase, and dresser drawers.

Put your charger, earphones, artificial jewellery and other knickknacks in trash bags as well and secure them in baskets or drawers.

8. Use your towels and Linens for Fragile Items

Pack your breakables like perfume bottles, glassware and other delicate stuff in socks for extra padding. Also, use linens and towels to give an extra shield of cushioning so that they remain protected throughout the journey.

These are perfect for wrapping lamps, glasses and vases. You can also use dish towels to wrap up sharp objects like knives. Don’t forget to secure them with a rubber band.

9. Creatively Pack Smaller Items

If you don’t want your knick-knacks from getting lost during the move, try to wrap them in bright coloured packing paper. This is one of the best hacks you can use to protect your small objectives throughout the journey.

10. Label your Packed Boxes

As you pack each container or box, label it. Use coloured labels or permanent marker and write a relevant name on the box. For example, if you have packed breakables in one box, label it ‘ fragile items’. This is how you can organise things, especially when you unpack your belonging in your new house.

11. Pack you Emergency Kit

Don’t forget to pack your moving day essentials a day before your move. Keep a handy bag and put all the necessary items such as toiletries a change of clothes, toys for your kid, a box cutter, cleaning supplies, food, water, hand sanitiser, tissue papers, first aid kit etc.

12. Secure your Hardware

This hack is really important for those who are moving it for the first time. It is good to safely pack the hardware such as brackets, tape screws, mounting pieces or any small piece of furniture in a separate trash bag. Keep all the matching hardware together so that you can find them easily whenever needed.

13. Prepare your Refrigerator for Move

Unplug your refrigerator at least 24 hours prior to your relocation. Remove all the food contents and clean it. Once the freezer has defrosted, wipe down extra water and get rid of stains, mildew and bad odours. Remove racks and keep them aside so that you can pack them securely.

Tip: Ask your Gold Coast Removalists to assist you in packing and moving your major appliances and heavy furniture.

14. Keep Things Organised Before your Final Moving Day

Last minute packing could create obstacles for you. So, it is better to set a goal and pack everything before your removalists arrive. That way, you can concentrate on the things that are more important for you.

15. Stay Connected with your Moving Team

If you want a stress-free move, then stay connected with your moving team. Also, assist them while moving your heavy and precious belongings. Ask how you can help make their relocation run seamlessly.


These are 15 life hacks that will make your move easier. You should follow them carefully and ensure smooth and efficient relocation. You can also hire professional and affordable Gold Coast removalists if you want to protect your belongings from sudden damages.