5 Cardinal Mistakes Tenants Make While Relocating

5 Cardinal Mistakes Tenants Make While Relocating

Dec 28, 2017

People relocate due to different circumstances. Some move to an improved location because they want to upgrade their life, some move because of job demands, some for leisure and many other reasons. The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, receives a massive number of visitors who go there to enjoy the locale.

Some have permanently moved and settled there while many others are considering relocation. While moving, many people forget and commit simple mistakes, which have consequences they regret about later. Here are 5 cardinal mistakes tenants make while relocating:

1. Failing to read the lease before signing it

Once you move into a new house with the help of Removalists Gold Coast, the lease is an important thing to go through before settling in. It contains terms of agreement between you and your landlord.

After going through it, you leave your signature, meaning that you have agreed with them. In other words, it is a contract that legally binds you to your landlord. In case of anything in future, the lease will be used to either favour you or used against you.

Many people, however, forget this important step because they are overwhelmed by the relocation — moving into the Gold Coast- and sign the document blindly. As a result, you agree to terms you never took part in and are not sure whether you will conform to some of them. These conditions can affect your stay in that house.

No matter what the circumstances you are in, you should obey every term in the lease. Failure to do so, can result in getting evicted by your landlord. Claiming that you did not go through those terms before agreeing to them will be considered lame hence would not stop any action taken against you.

In case you find it difficult to understand the jargon used on the lease, do not feel burdened to consult your attorney over the same. Alternatively, get in touch with experienced Removalists Gold Coast who will break down all the terms of the lease for you. Make sure that you read word by word and understand the terms before signing an agreement.

2. Not leaving old home by the agreement

After reading all terms of the agreement, you had readily signed the rental contract. It is now your part to perform your role by living in harmony with your obligations. If you carefully follow and leave according to your terms, you will easily get your bond money back and will have no issues with your landlord. Under any circumstances, do not feel compelled to disobey the terms as you were the one who took part in framing them.

Some people, however, start feeling that the terms are too mean and infringe a tenant’s personal life. As a result, they begin violating some conditions and thus have to face the repercussions in the form of losing their bond money or engaging in a lawsuit.

3. Failing to note down defects in the house before moving in

Among the most important and significant things to consider when relocating to a new house is its condition. You should not merely conclude that the house and the vicinity are in a good state but should pay a personal visit and find out for yourself.

If you spot any defect, it is important to note or document it down. Do not move in before your landlord is aware of this. If the condition is severe, do not sign an agreement before it is repaired or corrected.

Some tenants ignore this precaution and move in. They are later blamed for any defect in the house, although they are not the ones responsible for it.
Therefore, under any circumstance, you should ensure that you check the house thoroughly and have any tangible evidence in case you encounter a defect.

4.Choosing a right removalist

When it’s time for relocating, it does not matter how large or small your move might seem; it is essential to hire removalists in Gold Coast to assist you in the process. Even though it might be tempting to get help from friends and family members, the truth is that they’re not skilled and trained professionals. Hiring professional removalists will ensure that all your belongings are protected and well-packed while in transit.

The whole process of relocating takes a lot of energy, time and planning. So whether you’re moving interstate or intrastate, seek the help of Gold Coast removalists and be on the safe side. Start by researching for removal companies in advance. You can ask family members and friends who have moved recently about their preferred movers.

Once you’ve settled on a moving company in Gold Coast or you’ve narrowed down on few, it’s now time to take a look at their credentials and background. This step shouldn’t be missed because, for interstate removals, it’s important to make sure that you find an experienced and licensed mover. As a rule, look for a removalist company which has been working for at least ten years, with an excellent standing reputation like Better Removalists Gold Coast.

5. Renting before paying a physical visit to the house

You might feel that it is a long and tiresome task, but it is worth it. Do not be lured by photos and videos of the house sent to you because they do not portray the real condition of the house, including unpleasant smell (if any).

For comfort purposes, you should visit your to-be home and find out for yourself if it conforms to all your desired needs.
Some tenants fall into this trap and regret it later. They find the opposite of their expectations when they have rented the house already. Thus have to face all the unpleasant events before they could gather enough money for another move. You should, therefore, consider it as an essential factor and visit the place yourself.


Do not be a victim of these cardinal mistakes when you are relocating to Gold Coast. You should take precautions, and act responsibly at all times.