7 Common Pitfalls When Choosing A Removalist

7 Common Pitfalls When Choosing A Removalist

Dec 07, 2020

After finding a perfect house in the new location, the next step is to plan for a safe and secure move. Whether you are shifting next to the apartment or across the new state, make sure you have a proper plan to streamline the entire process.

In order to stay relaxed and stress-free, you need to hire professional Gold Coast Removalists who can take care of your belongings and other important things related to the move. However, that doesn’t mean the anxiety of home relocation is over.

With so many options available on the market, it can be tough for you to choose the right and most reliable removals company in your city. Most people end up picking a company which offers services at cheap rates. There is no harm of hiring affordable moving service but try to stay away from fake or fraud companies that can ask you to pay extra in the middle of the process.

Below are 7 common pitfalls that need to be avoided while choosing a trusted removalist in Gold Coast.

1. Hiring an Unprofessional Company

This is one of the biggest risks while hiring a moving company for your home relocation. They don’t do proper research and end-up hiring inexperienced removalists who don’t have technical knowledge and skills about packing and lifting heavy as well as delicate household items.

There are also many companies that apply hidden charges in the middle of the process. Most people usually fall in their trap and end up paying more at the end of the day.

How to Fix It?

If you want to avoid this pitfall, then do thorough research before making the final decision. Take recommendations and referrals from your friends and relatives who have recently hired a moving service. It is also good to discover more about the pricing policy and compare quotes of at least five companies to make the right decision.

2. Relying on Fake Reviews

Are you one of those who simply trust all the reviews mentioned on the website? If yes, then you are making a big mistake. Of course, Product Review and Customer Review works wonders in choosing the most reliable service, but you can’t rely on them blindly. They can be fake or unreliable as well.

How to Fix it?

To make sure a company is still maintaining the highest standard in its overall star rating, spend some time and read the recent reviews from previous customers on a third-party review website. Focus on genuine reviews to get detailed information.

It is good to pay attention to the names and contact details of customers. You can contact them to have better clarity about the company.

3. Hiring Removalists at the Last Moment

There are many people who contact the removals company a two or three days prior to the move. This can be a worrying situation as proper planning is required when precious household belongings are involved in home relocation. You can’t just decide and avail service at the last moment.

Most companies fail to offer you the service if you contact them just before a moving day. They evaluate the weight of your belongings and the distance of your move before arriving at your place to give you safe and stress-free service.

How to Fix it?

Once you have decided to move, begin searching for the best company in your local area. If you are shifting to the new city, then hire a company which specialises in interstate removals. It is important to do all this at least 8 weeks prior to your move, especially if you want to avail packing service as well.

4. Not Gathering Information on Moving Trucks

This is one of the biggest pitfalls, particularly when you are moving across the new state. There is no denying the fact that labour costs are a crucial part of a moving company’s overhead cost. In order to minimise these expenses, companies often use subcontracted labour. Plus, many of them do not have their own trucks. They can charge you extra for this.

How to Fix It?

It is good to search for the service provider who can give you detailed information about their services, pricing policy and moving trucks. They should have a team of trained, certified and experienced removalists in Gold Coast instead of subcontracted labour as well as fully-featured vehicles. Feel free to ask if they own their own moving trucks before booking the service with them.

5. Not Availing A Packing Service

If you think that a packing service comes by default with a moving service, then you are making a big mistake. You need to ask for a quote separately if you want professionals to wrap your household belongings safely. Most people end up with chaos because they think that experts will come and pack your belongings.

How to Fix it?

Clear all your doubts by asking everything about the services before making the final decision. If you want to avail professional packing service along with removals solution, then provide complete detail to their customer executives. They will send you the quote as per your requirement to ensure a hassle-free move.

6. Not Considering Storage Option

Many moving companies in Gold Coast also have a storage option along with their moving service. If you are moving to a small house or an office, you can downsize your belongings and keep them in a safe and secure storage unit for both short term and long term. So, if you are ignoring this important aspect, you are making another big mistake.

How to Fix it?

Simply ask the company to provide you with complete details about the storage facility. Many reliable companies will assist you in packing household belongings in a moving box and steel containers to keep them protected when they are stored in a warehouse. So, search for a company where you can get the safe, secure and affordable storage option for long as well as short term.

7. Not Checking the Moving Insurance

It is important to know the types of insurance that are available for your home relocation. Many companies include Public Liability and Goods in Transit insurance to protect your belongings from damages. In the Goods in Transit insurance means you are covered if the truck gets stolen or met with an accident.

The second type of insurance means you are covered if the company is found to be legally liable for damages to your premises. Remember that both the insurance policies do not cover accidental damages and scratches to your household belongings during the loading and unloading process.

How to Fix it?

If you want to protect your valuable items against damages, you will need to take reliable removals insurance. You can also contact a third-party company to avail the most suitable insurance policy for your household belongings you are planning to move.


Moving a house is something that can make you feel overwhelmed. To alleviate the moving stress, you need to stay organised throughout the process. If you want to ensure a safe and secure relocation of your belongings, then avoid these 7 common pitfalls while choosing Gold Coast Removalists.