7 Expert Tips On How To Find A Good Removal Company

7 Expert Tips On How To Find A Good Removal Company

May 17, 2021

Hiring professional removalists to completely or partially manage your moving process is a practical solution. The experts can efficiently and economically pack, handle and transport property contents taking a significant burden off the shoulder of tenants/homeowners. Furthermore, taking the assistance of expert removalists in Gold Coast prevents strain on your physical health and mental well-being.

Therefore, whether you are planning to move for the first time or have done it before, hiring help is important. Make sure you book experts through a reputed organisation to get everything done smoothly and without stress.

Get started by following the expert tips outlined below to find a good removals company in Gold Coast.

1. Check a Company’s ASIC Registration Status

To ensure a company is reliable and trustworthy, make sure it is registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Registered companies need to abide by the authority’s rules and regulations. Additionally, they have to fulfil legal requirements such as:

• Have a registered office, business place, and directors
• Make and maintain a business name
• Keep financial records

Companies not registered or deregistered with ASIC can easily scam customers by making false claims and change their company name to escape bad reviews.

2. Look for Removalists Offering Versatile Solutions

Reduce stress and hassle by booking removalists in Gold Coast from a company that offers a variety of services. Look for a one-stop shop that handles interstate and domestic removals. In addition, it should offer the following removals services.

• Packing
• Moving truck rental
• Portable storage container
• Boxes loading and unloading
• Transporting property contents
• Backloading

You can either hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage your complete relocation or some aspects of it, depending on your budget and requirement.

3. Ask About Year of Establishment & Client Feedback

A company’s year of incorporation provides you with an idea about their experience and stability. Established and trusted removal companies in Gold Coast have years of industry experience, excellent market reputation and a wide network of trained removalists. Additionally, they have good client feedback, and you can find a host of positive reviews by people who have availed their services.

Note: You can explore review sites to find removal companies with good ratings and reliable services.

4. Get Free Quotes

Find suitable removalists under your budget by getting free and no-obligation quotes from reputed removals organisations in Gold Coast. The service charge estimates will help you know which companies are affordable. Many removalists offer their services at competitive rates, and by knowing the service charges of different companies, you can broker a better price from your preferred ones.

Make sure before you call or email a company for estimates, you know which services you want to avail and when you plan to move.

5. Inquire About Booking, Refund, Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies

Knowing these policies is crucial to have a good removal experience and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Usually, good removalists in Gold Coast can book jobs up to two weeks in advance and give 24-48 hours to cancel. Additionally, they offer rescheduling solutions in case your moving date shifts and even give a complete refund of the booking amount if you cancel within the stipulated period.

6. Arrange for Pre-Move Surveys

Several good companies can arrange for their professionals to visit your home to get a better idea about logistics and contents they can handle and move. During pre-surveys, the experts can:

• Create an inventory
• Figure whether you would need one moving truck or more

Afterwards, they will email you the estimated cost for the move, and you can decide whether they are economical. Also, during pre-move surveys, you can analyse the removalists and judge how professionally they manage matters.

7. Inquire About Insurance

Most reputed removalists in Gold Coast offer a basic insurance cover, and its cost is included in the service charges. This cover is extremely low, and it’s only applicable to property content damage caused during transit and not when it is being handled or packed.

Therefore, besides inquiring about the company’s insurance, check if they can arrange for suitable moving insurance through a third party agency. You can get basic, partial or complete moving insurance to get desired protection in case there is a loss of items or damage.

Note: Don’t hire removal companies in Gold Coast that claim to sell moving insurance because it is illegal.


Moving is a mentally and physically overwhelming experience as you have to complete various tasks within a stipulated time. Therefore, it is practical and less burdensome to take the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast. There are numerous organisations offering removal service, but not all are good. Thus, follow the tips mentioned above to find a suitable removal company to manage your move smoothly and professionally.