7 Important Tips To Lighten Your Load Before You Pack For A Move
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7 Important Tips To Lighten Your Load Before You Pack For A Move

Mar 04, 2019

Creating a strategy for a safe and hassle-free move is imperative, and you can’t avoid it at any cost. From packing household belongings to hiring local-friendly removalists in Gold Coast, you have to manage everything before your final move out date.

Apart from preparing a stress-free relocation plan, also ensure that you lighten a load of your moving boxes before packing your stuff and save some money when moving. This is an important task because overpacking could cost you more and  increase the burden of its safety on your shoulders. That’s the reason why people are recommended to organise a packing plan a week prior to the moving day.

If you are not sure on how to minimise the load of your household stuff, then these seven important techniques/tips will help you pack efficiently for your next relocation. Have a look at these tricks and save yourself from paying a hefty sum for your extra moving boxes.

Let’s get started!

1. Get involved in a decluttering plan

Packing is a time-consuming process, and decluttering is an important part that can reduce the stress out of your big move. Instead of carrying everything to your new house, you can purge out all the household junk to lighten your load.

Get rid of additional items that you won’t be using in the future. Arrange everything practically and eliminate out-of-date electronic items and other unnecessary items available in your house.

Also, create a floor plan of your new house and get rid of all the clunky furniture that you won’t be using in the new house. You can either donate or sell them online.

2. Sort out all the items

Before starting your packing process, make sure you categorise all the items that you have decided not to keep. It is good to create different boxes to sort out the things. You can do this two weeks before your final moving date and categorise all the stuff before the packing process.

3. Donate the Items

Donate gently used items or other stuff that are in good condition to NGOs, schools, community centres, charities in Gold Coast and animal shelters. It is completely up to you on how and what to donate. Many online websites let you list items for donation. Such local organisations can come to your place and pick up.

4. Trash Household Junk

You must have some household items that you no longer have a need for them. Instead of keeping them in your moving boxes, you can trash such items and reduce the expenses of your move. Make a list of things that can’t be recycled or repurposed and get rid of your house.

5. Recycle Items

While glass, plastics and papers can be included in this category, things like electronics, batteries and other appliances can also be recycled if you get them to the right place.

You gather all the items and take them to a place where they can be recycled. Delcutter and sort as you go is the best strategy while moving your house from one location to another.

6. Clean up your wardrobe

Closet Purging can be the toughest battle for you but shuld be on the top of your moving out checklist. It is difficult to say goodbye to those clothes that you have carried with you for a long time. But if you are moving out of your house and want to reduce the burden as well as the moving budget, then make your heart strong and do it without giving a second thought.

Purge out all the tight-fitting and out-of-date clothes including the shirts, pants, tops, etc. depending on the state of your wardrobe. You can donate them to the charity or non-profit organisations for your peace of mind. Believe it or not, but this will make you feel happy and contented.

7. Organise a garage sale

Garage sales are one of the best ways to get rid of stuff you don’t want to carry along with you to the new house. Instead of purging them out, you can organise a garage sale and sell all the stuff that can be used or repurposed.

It is a great way to lighten the load of a move and also help you earn some money at the same time. You can use those extra dollars on your relocation process.

It is good to hire a dedicated removal company in Gold Coast who can pack and move your precious belongings from one location to another with extreme care.


Whenever you relocate house, one of the first things you need to keep in mind that packing is a crucial step and getting rid of unwanted stuff can save you time and money. While this takes a lot of time and effort, it makes the entire moving process much more comfortable.

You can also hire trained and devoted Gold Coast Removalists to simplify your packing and move out chores. They not only take care of your belongings but also reduce the stress out of your complicated moving process.