7 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving During Coronavirus
Terrible Mistakes People Make Moving in Pandemic

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving During Coronavirus

May 13, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has caused social activities to be halted in the Gold Coast and everywhere in Australia. The pandemic has affected the lives of every citizen and made it harder for tenants to move to a new home.

However, there is a silver lining to every cloud, meaning people who are not impacted by the outbreak and wish to honour their lease agreements can manage to move even under this time of duress. The Australian Government has categorised moving as an essential activity making it possible for tenants to search for a suitable property and shift.

Here is a guide by experienced removalists in Gold Coast outlining seven mistakes to avoid when moving during coronavirus outbreak for people at the end of tenancy and planning to rent a new house/unit.

Avoid Seeking Assistance Of Professionals

Understandably there is fear for the wellbeing of household members when moving during a pandemic. Influenced by this fear, not seeking professional assistance is a mistake that many people planning to move make that should be avoided. Trying to manage a DIY move during the current scenario is not the safer option. Here are the reasons why not hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast is a folly.

• Most reputed removals companies have adapted according to the situation and started offering contact-less moving services
• Professionals have the exposure and knowledge to manage moves in a hygienic and sanitary manner
• Experienced removalists have proper training to manage moves during a pandemic which non-specialists don’t have

Hiring a Removal Company without Research

Another grave mistake tenants or homeowners moving to a new property can make during the coronavirus outbreak is to hire a removal company without proper research. There have been instances when frauds have taken advantage of the desperation of the people planning to move by offering them services at cheap rates and charging them for added services on the moving day.

Besides this hiring removalists without proper research can jeopardise the health of your household members because they may not have the resources, knowledge or training to manage relocations during a pandemic safely. Thus it is essential to book removalists in Gold Coast that is reliable and capable of handling and transporting of your belongings securely and professionally.

Using Recycled or Used Packing Material

Under normal circumstance usage of recyclable or used packing supplies such as corrugated boxes, plastic sheets, packing peanuts etc. is encouraged and practical. However, during the coronavirus pandemic getting such supplies can expose the tenant, household members, and the removalists to the risk of contracting COVID-19 disease.

Therefore, assessing the need of the hour, it will be wiser to obtain new packing supplies and use them after disinfecting to reduce the risk of transmission of the illness-causing pathogens.

Not Take Necessary Sanitation Measures

When moving during a pandemic taking necessary sanitation measures is crucial to lower the risk of transmission. Here are some of the steps that should be taken when relocating to a new home, and failing to follow them may be a problem.

• Washing hands for at least 20 seconds
• Using hand sanitiser whenever required or when soap and water are unavailable
• Disinfecting packing supplies and items that have or will touch the surfaces of the moving truck or moving equipment
• Cleaning and disinfecting items that are bought from stores or delivered

Not Being Prepared for the Move Before Professionals Arrive

Preparing for the move before the hired removalists in Gold Coast arrive to load the property contents and transport them is crucial to reduce the contact time. Taking measures to help professionals do their jobs swiftly during a pandemic it will lessen the risk of transmission. Hence, make sure to have everything ready and prepare your essential kit to manage the process seamlessly on the moving day.

Moving in the New Home without Deep Cleaning

Ideally, every residential property for rent should be deep cleaned before a tenant occupies it, which is why most landlords insert a clause for the end of lease cleaning. During a pandemic, ensuring the property is deep cleaned becomes necessary before moving in to eliminate the risk of any disease-causing pathogens.

In case the property was not previously occupied then the tenant can get the property deep cleaned by professionals or request the landlord to get the property purged. Whether professional help is acquired for the task or you plan to do the clean yourself, ensure that TGA-approved cleaning and disinfecting products are used.

Not Ensuring the Removalists Take Safety Measures

Before booking a removals company in Gold Coast, ensuring their removalists take necessary safety measures is crucial for the wellbeing of everyone involved in the moving process. Hence, when the removalists arrive, it is your prerogative to make sure the following precautions are taken.

• Removalists are wearing protective gears like masks, gloves, overalls, etc.
• The interior and exteriors of the moving truck are disinfected including the door handles, steering, seats, and walls
• The moving equipment should be disinfected before the process starts
• There should be no handshaking, and a safe distance must be maintained at all times


Moving under normal circumstances is a challenging task, but during the coronavirus outbreak, it is even harder requiring caution. Therefore, knowing about these seven mistakes to avoid when moving during the pandemic is wise and being proactive is required. Making these mistakes can put household members and the professional removalists involved in the moving process at risk of contracting the disease and require appropriate measures.