7 Sites and Apps That Help You Sell Furniture When Moving

7 Sites and Apps That Help You Sell Furniture When Moving

Aug 26, 2020

When people move to a new place, one of the biggest problems they face is they don’t know how to get rid of the old furniture like bed, couch, dining table, study table, coffee table and other similar items. If the furniture is costly, people either hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to move them safely. Otherwise, they try to sell it in a garage sale.

However, this option involves a lot of effort and stress, and you also don’t get the price you expect. Another effective way to sell your used furniture is online platforms where you get more customers and that increase the chance of getting the price you want. Here is a list of sites and apps that help you sell furniture when moving. Let’s have a look!

1. Gumtree

Gumtree is one of the largest second-hand buy/sell platforms in Australia. Whether you are using it on your desktop and/or the smartphone/tablet app, it is quite simple to use. Advertisements are usually free, but you can pay for getting the additional advantage. So, if you are planning to relocate and do not want to take your old furniture with you, sell it in Gumtree. It may take some time so try to sell it as soon as you decide to move. If you delay the process, you might have to move it with the help removalists in Gold Coast.

2. Facebook Market place

Facebook not only gives you a chance to stay in touch with your loved ones but also a fantastic online platform where you buy and sell household items. This platform is new but rapidly gaining popularity and expected to become more popular when it gets more organised. Upload the pictures of the furniture you want to sell as early as possible so that you have enough time. Facebook Market place is also a user-friendly platform where you can expect to get a good price for your used furniture.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is an ideal platform to sell big items like furniture and most of your tech items. Upload the picture of the furniture you want to sell and write a stellar description. Start with features of the furniture and then add a full description at the bottom. The structure helps you to focus on keywords and people’s mindset to overlook lengthy information. A lot of people in the Gold Coast use this platform to sell their used items.

4. eBay

eBay is another excellent online platform for new as well as old items. This e-commerce site was founded 25 years ago, but it has not slowed down in terms of popularity. The online platform is moving slowly to new items, but it is still a huge market for the used items.

You should also know that the platform takes a commission on the basis of the overall sale price, which is currently around 11 per cent. If you are not happy with the amount you are getting and the furniture in good condition, it is better to move it with the help of experienced removalists in Gold Coast.

5. Carousell

Carousell is another useful and popular online platform where you can sell furniture when moving out. First, declutter your old house so identify the furniture you want to take with you. If you have any piece that will not with the interior of your new place, then sell in on Carousell. Upload picture cleaners and the amount you expect for that. Pack the items you want to take with you and hire professional removalists to transport them safely.

6. Cash converters

Are you looking for a platform where you can get instant cash for those things that you no longer need? Visit Cash converters! First, you need to upload a picture of the furniture, then give general information about the items and give your opinion about whether the item is in excellent, good or well-used condition. And finally, you need to mention how much amount you are expecting for the Item. They will give their quote and if you are happy with the amount, sell it. It is quite a hassle-free method.

7. Kaiyo

If you have high-quality furniture and looking for the right customers, then go for Kaiyo. This online marketplace is particularly for high-quality furniture, where a person can purchase, sell or swap). However, it is advisable to move your costly furniture to your new place with the help of experienced removalists in Gold Coast and save money.

To Donate Your Furniture

If you want to support the disadvantaged Australians, then you can also do that. There are some popular organisations that make efforts in this direction. Such organisations include The Salvation Army Australia, Habitat for Humanity, GreenDrop, Goodwill, Furniture Bank and many more. If you have any furniture (and other stuff) that you want to donate instead of selling, then you can contact them. However, before you contact them, make sure the items are in good condition. Otherwise, it would get rejected by the inspection agent.

The Bottom Line

Before you use the online platforms to sell your furniture, it is advisable to do proper research so that you can stay ways from any kinds of scams. Also, if the condition of the furniture is good, then you can also consider moving it with the help of professional removalists in Gold Coast. You will help you to save more money. Sell it only when you do not have any second thought about keeping it.