7 Tips for Moving Furniture Without Damaging the Floors
A couple lifting a sofa from the ground

7 Tips for Moving Furniture Without Damaging the Floors

Nov 21, 2018

Moving heavy furniture from one place to another can be a challenging chore, especially if you are doing it yourself. You could harm your back or damage your floor (be it tile, wood or carpet) during the moving process. Also, there are fair chances that the walls and doorways will be accidentally bumped and scratched.

In order to avoid these mistakes, it will be better for you to hire professionally trained furniture removalists in Gold Coast who can move your expensive and heavy furniture without any damage. If you are moving your house and want a safe and secure removal process, then have a look at the seven tried and tested tips for moving furniture:

1. Seek help

Moving heavy furniture is a tricky job. If you’re planning to perform the same on your own, we suggest that you think again! There are several potential risks involved – damaging the furniture; scratching the hardwood floors or even worse, personal injuries. The solution lies in enlisting some reliable help. Reach out to your (strong) friends or family members who can help you with moving the bulky furniture.

In case you are not convinced with the kind and amount of help available to you, just hire a professional Gold Coast removalist and let them do the legwork for you. With their vast experience and careful approach, they move, load and unload the heavy items effectively, irrespective of their size and the kind of flooring. Don’t forget to take the measurements of your new house and make sure that your bulky furniture fits and suits there, especially if you are moving from house to a flat.

2. Clear the floor

Don’t ignore the significance of cleaning the floors before moving the furniture. The grit and gravel on the floor may play havoc with the finish of the surface. Moving furniture causes friction that damages the sheen of the hardwood. Sweep and mop the floor first to let the furniture slide on it smoothly. You can hire professional cleaners in Gold Coast for the cleaning job and concentrate on your moving duties without any distraction.
It is good to remove the loose dirt and debris from the floor using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. This will save you a lot of time and energy. You can ask the company you are hiring to bring all the necessary cleaning tools and products for thorough cleaning of floors.

3. Soften the surface

Place some soft cushioning material like blankets, towels and cardboard between the floor and furniture. Choose any soft, folded towels, sheets to even small rugs for the purpose. Make sure that you dust them before putting to use as dust is abrasive and may cause unforeseen damage to the flooring.
The best thing about moving blankets is that they prevent walls from becoming scratched or damaged during the furniture relocation process. They work as an additional layer of shield that protects your expensive furniture while pushing or pulling them along the floor. Isn’t it interesting!

4. Furniture slider and gliders

The market has several options for furniture gliders to choose from. Such gliders are designed primarily for facilitating the furniture shift on hard surfaces. They are available in different sizes, multipacks and don’t cost a bomb. What’s more? They are reusable and can be conveniently employed every time you need to do some shifting in your new house in Gold Coast.

5. Move furniture slowly without dragging

It’s no secret that rushing to move the heavy couch or bed is a bad idea. It is helpful to try lifting it and negate any need for sliding at the first place. If, however, it is not possible to raise it, consider moving it carefully at a slow pace. As mentioned above, try dragging it only once it is secured with a cushion underneath the surface.

6. Choose the right dolly on rent

Have you decided to move the furniture with the help of dollies? Well, the idea is practicable only if you select an appropriate dolly for the job. Choose the one with soft and inflatable rubber wheels as the variants with hard rubber wheels invariably dent or scratch hardwood floors. If you are unable to find a dolly, then you can also rent a hand truck or dolly from a local moving equipment rental service provider. Make sure you choose the most suitable one that can help you lift furniture without any personal injury or scratches on the wall.

While moving furniture with inbuilt wheels, consider rolling the wheels on thick cardboard instead of them coming in direct contact with the floor. The wheels may get stuck in the sideways position or scrape the floor causing damage to the surface.

7. Reduce the moving load

Whenever you decide to move the furniture, try to make it as light as possible. Remove the drawers and dresser, unscrew the mirrors, and dismantle the beds and wardrobes, cushions from the couch, contents of the closet and refrigerator, books from the bookshelves and so forth.

Dissembling the furniture and reducing the moving load will not only make it convenient to shift but also prevent the parts like drawers from sliding and damaging the walls or your toes; and the mirrors from the dressing table from shattering and hurting the carrier.


By following these simple tips, you can make a world of difference in the way you move your furniture. In case the thought of moving the expensive and dear furniture seems intimidating to you, rely on the professional removalists on the Gold Coast.

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