8 Important Things To Note During Furniture Removals
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8 Important Things To Note During Furniture Removals

Feb 13, 2018

Relocation to a new place is an exhausting task. All your belongings and your household items are at stake. Whenever you are moving your house, your furniture should always be handled with care. Being worried about the furniture and other valuable items is natural. You don’t want to arrive at the new house with damaged furniture.

Moving can be stressful, especially when you have to move a lot of items. However, selecting a reliable furniture removalist in Gold Coast is a good solution. It will not only ensure the well being of your furniture but also reduces a lot of pressure. They are familiar with the city and its every corner; hence you can be sure that they will deliver your stuff the safest and the fastest way possible.

Without proper precautions, your furniture can be ripped, it can get scratched, and the glass can break. Hence it becomes necessary to protect your furniture throughout the whole process of your move. Make sure you know how to prepare for furniture removal so that you can avoid injuries during heavy lifting or loading.

The following furniture packing tips will work well during your relocation:

1. Plan it ahead

Make a plan. Know what you have to move. Make a checklist and keep examining it. Note down all the items you have to move, what you have to pack and what to disassemble in advance. Planning will help in doing time taking task before the move. Also, make it a point to know about the removal policies and insurance for your furniture.

It is good to plan a house move at least 8-9 weeks prior to the final day. Make sure you have enough time to consider every aspect of the moving process – from the start to the end. In case, you are relocating during peak season, you will need to make a plan and hire the best removalists in Gold Coast in advance because they are high in demand during the peak season. So, calculate your estimated moving budget and decide accordingly.

2. Packing your furniture

Packing is the vital step when you are moving to a new house. It’s important to see which item should be packed in which way. Some items may need light packing. But some items need heavy cushioning.

Start packing your furniture at least two weeks before. Make sure you have all the packing supplies. It’s a wrong idea that you just need some boxes and packing tape. These things are no doubt primary, but having few other things will make the whole packing process a lot easier. Take note of the following things that you need to collect: bubble wrap, plastic starch wrap, ribbed cardboard sheets, sofa and mattress covers, sealable plastic bags, labels, binding bags, and marker pens.

3. Disassemble large items

First, check out for the furniture that requires disassembly. This is the most tiring task hence start it at the earliest. Remove all the parts that can be easily removed. For example, shelves or bed frames, table legs, glass tops etc. Also, the most important thing here is to keep safely the nuts, bolts and other pins in different boxes.

Label those boxes, saying which piece belongs to which item. It’s better to disassemble large furniture items instead of taking it in full form. Carrying a bulky things like the sofa desk chair or table set etc. is not an easy task. If we take the example of the sofa- start by removing all of the cushions and turning the sofa onto its back. Remove the wheels and seat back to break down a desk chair.

4. Get the Right Tools and Equipment

To disassemble and lift your heavy furniture for a move, you will need different equipment and tools. Hence just have the right tools for the right item. Not all means work for the same furniture. You need to have particular equipment like furniture dolly for a specific piece of furniture. The right type of a moving dolly will save you a lot of time, potential physical injuries, scratches and damages. It will prevent you from lifting heavy items such as kitchen appliances, heavy moving boxes and furniture.

If you don’t have any prior experience in furniture removals, then consider hiring highly-trained people who have at least 2-5 years of experience in lifting all types of heavy items for relocation. They will come to your place along with all the necessary moving tools and equipment to get the job done on time.

5. Don’t Carry or Drag! Slide

It becomes difficult to move furniture sometimes as they may not fit through doorways or down a narrow staircase. Do not carry the furniture on your back as it can adversely affect your health. Also, do not drag any item. It can destroy the floor and the furniture. To ease it out, you can buy furniture slides which help in carrying and moving the furniture. These you can find at home centres and online. You can also make your own sliders using plastic covers.

6. Load heavy furniture first

Proper loading is imperative. Do not try to stuff all the furniture in one truck or lorry. Make sure that you load the truck the correct way. Keep heavy items and delicate items separately. Even if you have hired a removalists, make sure they don’t stuff all the furniture in one truck. This can damage your furniture during the move.

The best tip here is to load all the heavy furniture first. Items like dressers, tabletops, chests, sofas, alliances, closet or cabinets, refrigerators should be loaded first and should be placed in the back of the truck.

7. Delicate furniture/ fragile items

Take extra care of the delicate furniture. Items made-up of glass can easily break. Hence it is important to take care of such items. Make extra careful packaging of such items. Do not keep these items along with heavy furniture. If by chance the moving truck is on a bumpy road, the delicate items can fall off or break. So keep them inside a closet or somewhere safer.

8. Organise boxes for loading

Organising the boxes is very important. You cannot just start packing all the boxes. Arrange boxes according to the room they will be going to your new home in spite of the room they come from your old house. Another good idea is to colour coordinate the boxes to the destination room to keep all related boxes together and make sure they arrive at the right place. Also, see that the survival kit that you have packed does not get loaded in the truck.

You can also choose to number your boxes. Organising all the boxes will help the removalists (in case you hire one) to load easily without any delay, and it will make them informed about the correct rooms to unload your boxes into. Plan where your furniture lands. Make sure about the order in which your boxes will be; made in the moving truck.

As the first loaded items will get unloaded in the end, thus the boxes containing urgent items should be loaded in the end. Before you move, make a sketch, measure your furniture and create a layout of your new house. Thus when you move thing s in your new how they will be placed at the correct place at once, and you will not have to touch them again.

Wrapping Up

When moving your furniture, try not to damage it. With the household furniture, it gets difficult to protect them. You may have to slide the heavy pieces, and as a result, it can scratch the floor or destroy the carpet. Hence there are many things to take care of when you are packing and loading your furniture for relocation.

Else just hire someone to relieve the stress. Better Removalists Gold Coast is the leading furniture removalists in Gold Coast. They have all the necessary tools and equipment needed. They have the well-tested techniques to pack and move your furniture. You items are in safe hands when it is with Better Removalists Gold Coast.