8 Key Things To Note While Moving Plants To A New Location
a family of three packing their items for a house move

8 Key Things To Note While Moving Plants To A New Location

Jul 30, 2018

You may have spent months, even years, in cultivating your beautiful houseplants. But, the thought of leaving them behind during the house relocation process may scare you. Since your beloved plants are a part of your family, make sure you hire the best removalist in Gold Coast who can transport them to the new house safely and securely.

However, your job doesn’t end here. You need to prepare your plants for a safe move. With some smart and tested planning, you can take your plants to your new house without giving them a hint of stress.

Below are the 8 key things that you should keep in mind while moving plants to a new location and the services you can expect from your removalist:

1. Schedule your Plant Relocation Process

Moving delicate plants from one location to another can be perplexing, especially during hot crouching summers. It is never a good idea to relocate your plants when the temperature is hot, and the air is dry. You should be very careful while moving in a warmer season because exposed roots are extremely vulnerable to the direct sunlight. So, it is better to schedule your plant relocation day depending on the climatic situation.

In case, you have no option other than moving in the summer then it is good to take extra precautions to make sure that your plants are transported to the new location without the direct exposure to the sunlight.

Tip: Choose any other season that is more appropriate for transporting your plants. Also, go through the guidelines issued by government authorities on moving plants and plant products and prepare the required documents in time.

2. Trim your Plants

Keep your plants healthy by letting them conserve the utmost energy during the move. You can do this by trimming all dead stems and leaves of your plants so that they can’t waste their energy on unnecessary parts.

You may have been trimming your plants, so do it once again just before your moving day.

Tip: Prepare your plants before your Gold Coast removalists relocate them to the final destination. You can also ask for help from your removalist for packing them, if you don’t have enough time for the process.

3. Water your Plants before Uprooting Them

Before packing your plants for a move, make sure you hydrate them well. Water your plants thoroughly so that soil and roots get nourished before you uproot them.

Instead of drowning your plants, water them properly so that they can stay hydrated during the entire moving process. Make sure you give your plants a deep soak at night before the final move.

Tip: Make a practice of regularly deep soaking your plants for two weeks or a month prior to your move.

4. Uproot them with Utmost Care

This is one of the most challenging stages in the plant relocation process. If you want to protect your plants from dehydration, then water them again just before beginning the uprooting process. Keep them hydrated while digging them out using a trowel.

Avoid cutting any root while uprooting your plants. It is imperative to place them in a pot with soil and water it again.

Tip: It is advised to wrap the roots and soil of the plant in a damp burlap sack to ensure they remain hydrated and live during the relocation. Preparing your plants for the move will help you avoid some mistakes people make when relocating.

5. Pack in Open Padded Boxes

If you are moving across the city such as Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, etc., then it is good to wrap your plants in open padded boxes. You can contact your removalists to bring custom-made packing boxes for your precious plants.

While packing, make sure you cushion all the sides of your pots with crumpled newspapers. This will keep them protected throughout the moving journey.

6. Transport Them in a Covered Vehicle

Houseplants are the most sensitive and delicate living organisms that need an extra level of care while transporting from one location to another. It is imperative for you to keep them protected from excess heat, wind and cold during the relocation process. For that, you can ask your Gold Coast removalists to bring covered moving truck or car.

7. Re- Plant As Quickly As Possible

Re-plantation is one of those crucial parts that need to be done with extra care and responsibility. Whether you are moving your rose plants or bell peppers plant, make sure you have a right plan for getting them to replant as quickly as possible in your new house.

So, plan exactly where each plant will be grounded in your garden. It is good to dig a short trench so that you can place the plants until they get permanently housed. Don’t forget to hydrate the trench before transporting plants.

8. Hire Professional Removalists

If you are moving from one state to another, then it becomes vital to leave the challenging tasks on professionals, especially while transporting plants. When moving from Gold Coast to Melbourne, or Sydney to Gold Coast, you have to ensure that your plants remain protected during the moving process.

You can hire a reputed removalists company on the Gold Coast who can carry your houseplants with utmost care.


Keep these things in mind while preparing your garden or plants for a move. If you have planned your relocation well, you will hardly face any challenge while moving your houseplants from one location to another.