8 Smart Ways To Save On Moving Costs

8 Smart Ways To Save On Moving Costs

Aug 04, 2022

Experiencing mental and physical exhaustion during a house move is common. However, relocating is financially draining, which is a bigger problem, as you need to pay for one-off costs with fixed expenditures. Without proper planning and estimations, you can deplete your savings by spending more than necessary.

Therefore, you must create a reliable budget and hire affordable removalists Gold Coast to save as much as possible. Additionally, here are eight ways to save on moving costs and manage your house move economically.

1. Use Original Packing Materials

Before using new supplies for everything in your home, find original boxes, moulds and other materials for things you can, especially electronics, kitchenware, etc. Just make sure the materials are in good condition and can securely keep your belongings.

Since original boxes & materials snugly keep items, the risk of damage or misplacement reduces significantly. Even when you hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to pack your things, you can hand over original packing materials and instruct them to use them for specific things.

2. Avail of Backloading Service

Moving long-distance is expensive, which is why availing of a backloading service can help save a ton of money. Reputed removalists in Gold Coast offer this service to prevent their moving trucks from coming back empty and allows them to make a profit. Since you have to pay only for the space your property contents take on the truck; it is an economical option.

However, to avail of this service, you must have ample time for moving and be prepared to move your things when the removalists suggest.

3. Don’t Increase The Packing & Moving Load

Besides decluttering to get rid of unwanted things, you should avoid buying new things unless necessary. Increasing the packing and moving load is not a financially sound decision as professional removalists in Gold Coast charge you according to the weight of your things.

Additionally, by adding to the moving load, you may have to rent an extra moving truck or pay the removalists for a round trip.

4. Selling Things Off

Earn extra money and increase your moving budget by selling things you don’t need at the new home. Start by sorting personal belongings, then move to things in your home.

As a rule of thumb, keep things in a good state and rate them reasonably for selling via an online or offline garage sale. Additionally, you should get rid of things you don’t use at least once a year or haven’t used for over six months.

Note: Don’t keep physical garage sales on public holidays or weekdays because people usually don’t turn up on these days. Weekends are the best for yard sales.

5. Donate What You Can

Reduce your moving costs by donating things you don’t need at the new home. You can donate furniture, clothes, beddings, books, and other things of use. Just make sure they are appropriate for all ages and in a useable condition.

Look for a local organisation registered with The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Alternatively, you can donate your things to GIVIT, The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society or another reputed organisation.

6. Get Creative While Packing

Don’t want to buy moving blankets for furniture? Use quilts, blankets and pullovers in your home to secure wooden items and keep them safe during handling and transit. You can also,

  • Use newspapers as fillers instead of packing peanuts
  • Put small things in socks before placing them inside boxes
  • Wrap flat screen TV in a puffy comforter
  • Cover glassware and kitchenware with newspaper
  • Use Ziploc bags for keeping accessories, electronic components etc.

7. Get Quotes From Removalists

To choose the most affordable removalists in Gold Coast for packing and moving your belongings, get free quotes from them. Most reputed removal companies provide no-obligation quotes, and using them you can make estimates for your move.

Additionally, using these quotations, you can get good deals from removalists since most of them offer their services at competitive rates. You can get an instant quote, but the best way to get accurate estimations is after a pre-move survey.

8. Cancel Current Utilities & Start New Plans

Utility service providers often give discounts and good deals to new users, making it more economical to get new connections at the new home. It also helps you avoid the stress of transferring utilities and worrying about continuing them at the right time. Therefore, explore gas & electricity plans, internet packs and water & sewage services to save a ton of money.

The Bottom Line

Moving is financially taxing, but you can manage it economically by using smart ways to save on moving costs. Additionally, hire reliable and affordable removalists in Gold Coast to complete all moving-related tasks and give ample opportunity to avoid excessive stress and monetary loss.