8 Tips For Moving Into Your First House In Gold Coast

8 Tips For Moving Into Your First House In Gold Coast

Jun 16, 2020

Are you planning to move into your first house? Understandably, it is exciting and a dream come true situation for every member of your family. It is good news! But, the excitement can be marred by stress and confusion with lack of knowledge about how to manage the process of relocation.

Moving is never easy, and it is counted among the most stressful event of anyone’s lie, which is why it is essential to be proactive and prepared. Listed below are eight tips for moving into your first house. Have a look to learn insights by expert realtors and professional removalists in Gold Coast.

Plan Everything

Moving to your first house can be challenging because there are numerous tasks to complete, and many of them have to be done simultaneously. Thus planning everything is essential to ensure all tasks can be organised and completed in time to avoid delays, confusion, or any hassle.

Also, planning will also provide you time to create your budget, make time tables, book removalists in Gold Coast, arrange required things etc. Moving without planning is a big mistake that can cause stress, anxiety, confusion, and many other problems.

Reduce Your Packing and Moving Load

No one wants to take all their old things when shifting to a new house because they add weight to the packing and moving load but are of no use. Therefore, anyone planning to move to their first house should consider decluttering, which is an excellent way to get rid of belongings that are broken, obsolete, or aren’t used at least once a year.

These items can be disposed of, donated, or resold at a garage sale to reduce the packing and moving load for you or your hired professional removalists in Gold Coast.

Take Care of Address Change, Utilities, and Other Formalities

Before moving into your first house ensure all the formalities for making your life comfortable in it are complete. These formalities usually include

Getting your address changed officially at government agencies, banks, institutes or office
• Discontinuing utilities at your old residence and getting them started at the new house
• Updating your new location for getting the newspaper, magazines, and other subscribed products at the correct address

Invest in Home Décor Items

For your new house, it is usual to get things that will suit its décor and make living in it comfortable for every member of the household. Thus create your budget, analyse the new property and accordingly purchase home décor things. These items can be furniture, carpets, decorations, fixtures, utilities, appliances etc.

Make Inventory List

Once the decluttering of your belongings is complete, and you have purchased the items for your new house, the next step is to a make inventory list. In it write all the things that need to be packed and moved to the new place. This list will help you know how much packing and moving load you will have and provide a reference in case anything is broken or lost during the handling and transportation processes.

In addition, it will help calculate estimates for booking removalists in Gold Coast, purchasing packing supplies, or getting a moving truck.

Ensure Constructions/Refurbishments/Repairs are Complete

Whether you are going to occupy a newly-built house or one that was lived in before by people, it is necessary to ensure any construction, refurbishment or repair is completed before moving in. These activities are time-consuming and may cause hindrance to the daily routine of household members if you start living in the property before it is ready.

Get the Cleaning Done

Getting the house deep cleaned before moving is sanitary and will ensure the property is purged to remove any dust, dirt, grime, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other illness-causing elements. Houses that are newly constructed or refurbished can have leftover bric-a-brac, whereas houses that were previously occupied can have pests, mould growth, spillages, dirty spaces, etc.

Therefore, scrutinise the property and get it sanitised or treated by professional cleaners in Gold Coast. Make sure the property is empty before the professionals purge it.

Note: Taking assistance of professionals who perform commercial cleaning, end of lease cleaning etc. would be better because it will help save time and energy.

Book Removalists Early

Booking removalists to manage the move is a wise decision because the professionals can help pack, handle, and transport the belongings with care and safety. Hence, it would be better to add the cost of hiring the removalists to your budget in the starting and book reputed removalists in Gold Coast at least a month prior to moving.

Doing this will help you get the early-bird discount, pick a time slot of choice, and have the availability of experienced removalists. The professionals will be able to visit your house to make an inventory list and provide a plan for the moving day as well.


With planning, knowledge, and time management, the moving process can be made less stressful, overwhelming, and confusing. Therefore, follow these tips by reckoned relators and experienced removalists in Gold Coast to make your journey to moving into your first house memorable and smooth.