9 Tips For Moving To Temporary Housing

9 Tips For Moving To Temporary Housing

Feb 18, 2022

Managing a house move without delays, inconveniences and stress is practically impossible. Various factors can make going from one stable residency to another difficult, especially when moving interstate, for a job or at short notice.

Also, people often move into houses or apartments for a brief period when their previous home sold earlier than expected or needs significant improvements, repairs or renovations. Therefore, you must explore temporary housing options besides hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage every aspect of your move.

To help you, here are nine tips for moving to temporary housing in Gold Coast and its suburbs. Have a look.

1. Explore Your Options

Every person’s situation is unique when seeking a short-term stay, which is why you must explore all temporary housing options before choosing one.

Short-Term Rental: You can get a rental property through a periodic tenancy agreement in Gold Coast or a short-term lease of 1-3 months instead of one year. During a non-fixed rental, you don’t have to pay the bond or have a specified moving out duration. But, the shorter your stay, the higher is the rent in most cases.

Corporate Housing: Relocating to another state for a job? Reputed businesses have apartments, condos and short-term rental arrangements where their clients, employees and stakeholders can stay for a short period. Thus, ask your company about corporate housing options.

Vacation Homes, Hotels Or Motels: Depending on the amount of time you have to stay in temporary accommodation, you should decide to book a hotel or motel. Also, explore vacation home options via Airbnb, Booking.com, Homestay etc.

2. Declutter Before Packing

Reduce the packing and moving load for your removalists in Gold Coast even when moving to a short-term rental property or housing option. Segregate all your belongings into four categories- discard, keep, donate and resell.

After separating the things you want to take to the new home, dispose of unwanted items first, then pack & label household items in good condition for selling via an online/offline garage sale. What’s more, box things properly when giving them away to a local charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.

3. Create A Moving Budget

A house move is financially taxing for everyone, as you have one-off expenses to pay in addition to ongoing expenses. You can deplete your savings, particularly when moving to a temporary accommodation. Therefore, plan your expenditures to avoid inconvenience and lack of funds. Use a reliable budget planner to outline expenses like groceries, renovation costs, short-term housing rent, utilities’ set-up fee etc.

4. Make Packing & Storage Arrangements

Packing for a house move is an important task you need to complete even when moving to temporary housing first. Additionally, you have to devise a plan for storing and moving your belongings because you cannot keep everything at your short term residence.

You can hire professional removalists in Gold Coast offering packing and storage services to secure your property contents while you live at a temporary accommodation. Renting a storage unit is a great option to keep your things safe for weeks or months.

5. Stay With A Family Member/Friend

If you have a near or dear one with a house big enough to accommodate you and your family for a few weeks or months, you should explore this option. Decide among yourself whether to pay any rent or you can stay free of cost. Another agreement you can have is to split the utility bills or pay for them entirely during your stay.

6. Pack Room By Room

The last thing you want during a stressful house move is having a hard time finding things. Therefore, always pack room by room, starting with the least used first and the most-used last. For example, declutter and pack things in the basement and garage weeks before the decided moving time. Wrap and box things in your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms in the last few days.

7. Label Things Correctly

In addition to packing room by room, label everything correctly to avoid loss of items or confusion. Use coloured labels to know which boxes contain things from which room. Also, don’t forget to mention fragile on boxes with delicate items.

8. Settle Debts

Make sure to settle any outstanding bills, rent and due payments When vacating a rental property or a house you sold. It will ensure you can move to temporary housing without any stress or hassle. Create a checklist to sort tasks according to importance and urgency. It will help you manage your moving budget and streamline the process of due payments before moving out.

9. Don’t Hesitate To Take Professional Assistance

Since most people only take necessary things to a temporary housing arrangement, it is common to consider a DIY move. However, packing and moving are time-consuming and challenging tasks that you should delegate to professional removalists in Gold Coast. Here is why you should take professional assistance.

• You can rent a secure storage unit or get your things to a warehouse via professional removalists during an interstate relocation or a long-distance move.
• Professionals provide packing and unpacking services to help with every aspect of your move.
• You don’t have to load and unload boxes yourself or rent a moving truck.

The Bottom Line

Moving to temporary housing is the best solution when relocating for a job, getting your home renovated, ending a lease agreement at short notice etc. But before you do, make sure to explore all your options, make necessary arrangements and follow the other tips shared above. Additionally, hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage different aspects and reduce your moving stress.