Best Moving Advice For Seniors By Pros

Best Moving Advice For Seniors By Pros

Feb 18, 2021

Moving to a new dwelling is among the most challenging events of anyone’s life. This process becomes even more difficult when you are a senior or helping someone relocate over the age of 60. Moving for older adults is overwhelming and uncomfortable because they can experience Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS).

It is common for seniors to feel confused, lonely, anxious and sad while planning a move and up to three months or more after the relocation. The best way to ensure the move is managed smoothly and comfortably is to plan everything and avail services of experienced removalists in Gold Coast. In addition, here are some of the best moving tips by pros that can help make moving for seniors easier and faster.

Prepare for the Move Mentally

Relocation is physically taxing, but it also takes a great toll on you mentally, especially when you move out of a home you have lived in for years. Most seniors are emotionally attached to their surroundings and the people where they live, which makes the process a lot harder. Therefore, it is essential to be mentally prepared for making the massive transition of living in a new home. Start by making a moving checklist that will help plan and prepare for the relocation realistically.

Downsize and Declutter

Downsizing is the process of getting rid of furniture, utensils, clothes, and other belongings which you have duplicates of or you won’t need at the new home. For example, if you have two sofas but have the space or requirement of one, you can donate or resell one sofa. Many people who downsize properties also, get rid of property contents.

It is the process of sorting through your belongings to discard, donate or resell things you don’t need. The broken and obsolete items are responsibly disposed of, and the ones in good considering can be sent to a local charity or sold via a garage sale online or offline.

The purpose of downsizing and decluttering is to lighten the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Gold Coast or if you have rented a moving truck for DIY relocation.

Book Removalists who have Helped Seniors

Search for removalists in Gold Coast who have the skills, experience, and training to handle the packing and moving for senior citizens. Many times, older people require extra attention and guidance from professionals.

Additionally, removalists need to be extra careful and patient while moving belongings in a house with senior citizens, especially those prone to falling or tripping. Therefore, it is best to find a Gold Coast removals company that offers specialist assistance for managing moves for older adults.

Create an Inventory of Belongings

It’s not uncommon in your advanced years to forget what to pack, increasing the chances of misplacing or losing belongings. The most effective way to remember to pack everything is to create an inventory of the property contents you need to take to your new dwelling.

While creating the inventory, make sure to list the items and write their location after packing to help make tracking easier. In case you have availed packing service of professional removalists in Gold Coast, they will create an inventory of items.

Get Support from Near and Dear Ones

Many elderly people move from family houses to smaller dwellings because their children move out or maintaining a big space is difficult for them. Senior citizens also move to homes or apartments near medical facilities or care centres for better treatment and access amenities comfortably.

Whatever the reason for moving, it is an emotional transition for seniors, which is why having the love and support of near and dear ones helps. If you are a senior planning a move, don’t hesitate to contact your children, relatives, or friends to help you get through the complicated process.

Pack an Essentials Kit

On the moving day, you should have your essential kit ready to make the journey and to move easy and convenient. An essential kit is a bag in which you should keep all necessary items which you don’t want packed and loaded in the moving truck. Usually, these items are medicines, change of clothes, first aid, prescriptions, snacks, water, keys, handy tools, phone, etc.

Make sure you pack the kit a few days before the moving day and add to it all the items you think you will need after you have arrived at your new home.

The Bottom Line

Relocation is a stressful and daunting activity, especially when you are old. For most seniors, the process is emotionally, mentally and physically draining. But, you can make the process less overwhelming by following the tips mentioned above. Remember to take the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast and plan your move to make the transition comfortably.