Best Primary & Secondary Schools in Gold Coast: Complete Moving Guide
A father is dropping his daughter to school

Best Primary & Secondary Schools in Gold Coast: Complete Moving Guide

Jun 04, 2020

Many people from small suburbs and other cities are moving to Gold Coast to explore unlimited job opportunities, enjoy high-quality living and better education. The city is best known for its golden beaches, beautiful landscapes, top-class schools, hospitals and affordable cost of living. It is home to surfers and people who love riding the waves of blue beaches.

If you also want to boost your living standard, then move to this beautiful metropolitan city. Gold Coast has everything – from affordable housing options to high-end amenities, which makes this place ideal for couples and families with kids.

However, the relocation stress doubles when your school-aged kids are involved in the process. From preparing them for this big change to finding the best school in the new city, you need to manage everything on your own. Because of anxiety, a long list of tasks and fatigue, it can be easy for you to overlook what your kids might be going through. The entire moving experience can be overwhelming and traumatic for your children because they are leaving their old school and friends behind.

Dealing with their emotions and preparing them for a move should be your topmost priority. For the smooth transition of valuable household belongings, you can hire fully-trained removalists in Gold Coast. They will take care of your items throughout the process so that you can focus on finding the best school for your children.

Here are great tips that will help you find the most suitable primary and secondary School in your new location.

1. Search for the Best Place to Live For Your Kid’s Education

Finding the best place to live with your kids is one f the challenging tasks. When planning to relocate, make sure you search for a place where you can find the best school for your kids. You can do thorough research or ask your real estate agent about the new location – local amenities, nearby schools, parks and other key features.

Many parents live in metropolitan cities like Gold Coast because of the high-quality education system. The city offers one of the most advanced educational systems that serve every phase of your kid’s life from primary to high schools, universities to private institutions. If you are moving to the Gold Coast and looking for some great suburbs to raise your family, then consider the  following places:


Located in the heart of Gold Coast, Bundall boasts of city’s best schools, hotels, medical services, and other local amenities.

Broadbeach Waters

It is a beautiful suburb which is ideal for those who are looking for a high-quality lifestyle. The suburb is home to the city’s one of the best schools: Broadbeach State School. You can move to this well-developed suburb to give your children the best education.


This suburb is perfect for families with children –thanks to several high-class schools, medical care centres and other local amenities.

2. Find a New School Before Relocating

Moving a house is one of the stressful events, especially if you have school-aged children. It is good to search for the best school before you relocate. This will give you enough time to shortlist the most suitable options without hindering their studies.

You can search for the school online before moving to the new place. It is important to visit government websites from where you can get some great school in the new locality you are planning to move. These sites will help you know the genuine ratings, curriculum system and other important details in a matter of a few clicks.

3. Referrals Play A Crucial Role

You can take references from your family members and friends who are already living in the Gold Coast about the best primary and secondary schools. Also, gather information from your property manager as they will help you know everything about the boundaries of school districts. This will save you a lot of time and help your kid’s find the most reliable school close to your new house.

4. Know What Your Kids Want

Leaving the old school and friends can be an overwhelming experience for your children. So, whenever you search for a new school, consider their specific needs. You should know their academic performance along with their interest in sports and extracurricular activities. Also, keep the following things in mind while finding a new school:

• Creative and skill-developing learning programs
• Security systems
• Personality and communication development courses/classes
• Top-level hygiene and sanitisation standards.

5. Personally Visit Schools

Take some time out of your busy schedule and visit the shortlisted schools to meet the principals and know more about their education system. You can ask the relevant questions before making the final decision. You can ask questions related to advanced learning practices, student’s performance monitoring measures, extracurricular options, learning structures and other key questions that can give you peace of mind.

Here is the list of Best Primary & Secondary Schools in Gold Coast

1. The Southport School
Location: 2 Winchester St, Southport QLD 4215, Australia

It is a private primary and secondary school for boys. The school offers an extensive range of academic, cultural, social and sporting activities that can develop skills and learning capabilities of your children.

If you have a son and want a school with a balanced and holistic approach, then this is an ideal option for you. It is one of the oldest Anglican-based schools on the Gold Coast that challenges boys to gain excellence and take the Christian education community to the next level.

There is a trained and dedicated team of teachers who are well-versed with new-age learning methods to enhance the learning capabilities of students in a safe and secure environment.

2. Varsity College Primary Campus

Location: Varsity, Christine Ave, QLD 4227, Australia

It is one of the renowned primary and secondary schools, nestled in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. The school takes pride in offering one of the best academic, sporting, cultural and community development programs to every student with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

The vision of Varsity College is to enhance the academic level via technology-driven teaching and learning capabilities. The primary campus of this school engages kids from Prep to Year 6 in a safe and sound learning community focused on developing learning skills of young kids.

On the other day, the Secondary school focused on evolving global community by providing a personalised learning environment. The sole objective is to prepare students for the next 10-15 years – which will be full of technologies, innovation programs and much more.

3. Beechmont State School

Location: 1922 Beechmont Rd, Beechmont QLD 4211, Australia

Beechmont State School is an ideal option for your children because it provides the best academic, social, cultural, and sporting development opportunities to let your kids reach a new height of success.

The school focuses on leveraging advanced learning programs and create personalised curriculum, assessment and learning framework to developing the skills of students in a safe and secure manner.

The best thing about this school is that the enrolment process is quite simple. You can get all the details about this school and submit all the necessary documents. Make sure you do this before moving to Gold Coast to avoid any hindrance.

4. Gold Coast Christian College

Location: 7/9 Bridgman Dr, Reedy Creek QLD 4227, Australia

It is one of the best Christian schools for your children if you are moving to the Gold Coast. The school aims at creating an environment where students can achieve quality education, and teachers provide an interactive curriculum to develop the learning capabilities of students.

They strive to develop the spiritual, academic and physical aspects of every student in a nurturing environment. If you want your kids to get the best education with the development of their spiritual dimensions, then don’t forget to consider this school.


Nothing can be stressful than finding the best school in the new city like Gold Coast. It is good to do thorough research before relocating your house and find the right school for your kids. You can take professional assistance from the most reliable removalists in Gold Coast and look for the best schooling options in the new location. The above tips and list of some best primary and secondary schools will help you make the right decision without any stress.