Best Time To Start Your Move?

Best Time To Start Your Move?

Nov 30, 2022

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 7000 people moved interstate to Queensland. This is because Queensland, with its sunny landscapes, beautiful beaches, iconic tourist hotspots and great food hubs, attracts people from near and far. And one of the most popular cities in Queensland is the Gold Coast, where 43.5% of people migrated in 2021.

With a fast-growing economy, revolutionary population growth and over $ 20 billion in investment ahead of the Olympic Games in 2023, the property market in Gold Coast is set to keep surging ahead. And with average weekly rental prices falling, this is the best time to consider moving to the Gold Coast.

However, if you are conflicted over when to move and the best time to start this process, you can use the following tips from removalist experts on Gold Coast.

Best Season You Should Move

If you have enough time to plan your move to the Gold Coast, you should pick a season that suits your needs best. First, you must look at your budget, preferences, and situation. For instance, if you have kids, you might be more inclined to move during their summer holidays so they do not miss school.

On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, you should move during the off-season when the prices of hiring professional removalists on the Gold Coast are low. Here are the four seasons in Australia and which one you should pick according to your needs:

  • Winter- You should move in the winter season during June, July and August if you have a low budget, as there is the least demand during this time. This is because bad weather conditions like extreme cold and rain can affect how you load and unload your truck and hamper travelling in this weather. This is the best time to hire professional removalists on Gold Coast as their prices will be low due to lesser demand.
  • Spring- Spring from September to November is the best time to move if you are moving on a low budget and want to move in decent weather conditions. But if you have kids, they will have to take time off school when moving homes unless it is a local move.
  • Autumn- Autumn season is also a good time to move from March to May if you are okay with moving in warm weather. The demand for expert removalists on Gold Coast is also low during this time, making it a good option for your budget.
  • Summer- The summer season in Australia is the most popular time to move homes when you have kids, as they have summer holidays and won’t have to miss school. During December, January and February, annual lease agreements also end so that you will have more housing options. But the extreme heat and the high prices of moving professionals can affect your plans.

The Best Week To Move

You should pick the middle week of the month to move homes on Gold Coast as the demand is the least, and you could get good discounted rates.

This is because rent agreements typically last till the end of the month, and thus, tenants start looking for new places and emptying their homes during this time. The busiest and most expensive time is at the beginning of the month when there is a high demand to move homes.

The Best Days To Move

  • Ideally, the best days to move in the middle of the week are Tuesday to Thursday as the demand is less during this time.
  • This means you can get good discounted rates for your professional removalist Gold Coast and the dates and times you want.
  • You will also have the weekend to start unpacking and organising your new home.
  • If you cannot get time off work during the week, you will have to move during the weekend when the demand is high, and you will get limited options.
  • So, try to schedule leave from our workplace in advance or budget and save for your weekend move accordingly.

The Best Time Of The Day

The best time to move us is undoubtedly during the early morning hours from 8 to 10 am when there is less traffic on the road, and you can maximise your daylight hours. The temperature will also be a little cooler, and you will have the rest of the day to unwind and relax.

Important Tips

  • Be flexible- You must be ready and willing to change your moving date and time in case of minor setbacks. For instance, a sudden spell of rain or major traffic delays can push back your moving day, so you should be prepared for such situations.
  • Consider your family- Even if you are getting discounted and low rates during the spring season, there might be better times to move for your kids. This is because their semester is almost about to end, and they will miss precious school days. You should be willing to spend a few extra bucks to move during the summer season when your kids have holidays and thus won’t have to miss a day of school.
  • The holiday season- If you are not willing to spend your holidays moving, you should ask your landlord for a later date so that you can enjoy your holidays.
  • Type of move- In long-distance moves, you will have to pick a proper season, week and month to move, as this will be a long process. Your expert removalists on Gold Coast will also provide a quote based on how many items you have, how far you are moving and how accessible your new place is.

This can amount to a lot, and thus, you must budget your expenses and plan your move accordingly. For local moves, you can still adjust and go for a weekend move as the moving company will charge you hourly, and the distance will not be much.


Thus, you should pick the best time to start your move based on your preferences, weather conditions, family needs and type of move. Pick the right season, month, week and day, so you can be prepared in advance and always have a backup plan ready in case of any untoward incidents.