Checklist To Move Out Of Your Shared House Easily

Checklist To Move Out Of Your Shared House Easily

Jul 21, 2023

Living in a shared house is a common accommodation arrangement among students, working professionals and singles. It allows them to find comfortable and spacious housing without paying excessively.

Therefore, if you plan to move out of a shared house, it can be challenging, overwhelming and daunting. It can impact you mentally and financially. However, moving out is necessary when you relocate for a job, pursue higher studies, get married, break up or partake in activities necessary to grow in life.

For a smooth transition, you must hire professional removalists in Gold Coast. They can safely pack and transport your belongings, ensuring you don’t experience stress or financial loss.

Besides taking professional help, you must streamline your moving tasks to complete them on time. Thus, use this guide to make a checklist to move our of your shared home easily. Have a look.

Give Notice To Your Landlord & Inform Roommates

When ending a tenancy, you must inform the landlord of your plans to leave and find a new rental property. Tenancies do not cease without formal and written notification. Thus, this step is quite important. To end the leasing agreement amicably, you must specify the date and properly serve the papers.

For your roommates to find new housemates in time or make plans to move out on their own, you must also let them know about your decision.

Create a Moving Budget

To manage the entire procedure without going overboard with your finances, you must plan your move. Write down your fixed expenses and one-time moving charges, such as a rental bond, utility set-up fees, packing supplies, etc., after conducting pre-move surveys and obtaining quotations.

Create the budget using conventional techniques, such as a notebook or Microsoft Excel. As an alternative, you can seek help from a financial professional or a budget planner on Moneysmart.

Discard, Donate or Resell Things You Can’t Move

Homes may fill up with junk quickly, especially after a year or more of living in the same property. Moving everything you possess is neither realistic nor cost-effective because Gold Coast removalists charge by the hour and according to the weight of the move. Sort your possessions before you begin to pack.

Good removalists avoid handling or moving flammables, dangerous chemicals, cleaning agents, etc. Make a list of the household items you don’t want in the new residence and the items your removalists won’t transfer. Choose whether to discard, donate, or sell an object based on its condition.

Start the Change of Address Process

To keep your information current with banks, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organisations, you must change your address. You have to inform the ATO, Australian Post, insurance providers, your employer, the company that provides your utilities, subscription platforms, etc.

Maintaining your information up to date is essential if you want to receive correspondence, bills, subscriptions, and other mail at the correct address.

Cancel Utilities

It is the ideal time to obtain fresh and improved utility plans for your new home if every roommate in the house is moving. To ensure that the utilities are turned off as of the day you leave, arrange for their termination before relocating.

Explore energy made easy website to find the right plan for electricity and gas. To select web connectivity and TV connection plans, get in touch with cable and internet service providers.

Get Packing

At least three to two weeks before the move, begin packing each room individually. You must purchase supplies, plan your packing method, begin boxing items, and label everything during this time.

You should also prepare an essentials bag with your house keys, prescription drugs, a phone charger, a change of clothes, and other crucial items. Skip this step if you are using a professional packing service because the removalists will come and pack your belongings either the day before the move or on the actual moving day.

Transfer Records

Get your financial, medical, and other important records transferred when moving a long way (80 km or more) or to a different city. You may maintain policies, update bank accounts, continue receiving healthcare services, and more by doing this.

Get The Basics

If you are moving out of a shared house for the first time, then it is crucial to get basic items as follows.

  • Kitchenware
  • Appliances like iron, toaster, coffee makers etc.
  • Beddings, matters, cushions and covers
  • Small furniture like tables, chairs, stools, couches etc.
  • Cleaning supplies like a broom, mop, detergent vacuum cleaner, microfiber clothes etc.

Get your financial, medical, and other important records transferred when moving a long distance (80 km or more) or moving to a new city. You may maintain policies, update bank accounts, continue receiving healthcare services, and more by doing this.

Book Professional Removalists

Make sure you begin looking for experienced removalists Gold Coast at least four weeks before your move. When relocating to a new apartment, hiring expert help is essential because it can be challenging to moving boxes, furniture, and other household objects through hallways, staircases, and other narrow spaces.

In apartment buildings, seasoned removalists have the knowledge and tools necessary to safely handle and relocate your belongings. So, when moving, you must book Gold Coast removalists.

Wrapping Up

Moving out of a shared house is challenging, especially when you are venturing out yourself. Thus, besides taking the assistance of professional removalists, use this checklist to outline your tasks and complete them in time.