Common Home Moving Delays And How To Handle Them

Common Home Moving Delays And How To Handle Them

Mar 17, 2022

Planning and preparing to shift to a new home is always challenging and stressful. You have several things to manage within a stipulated time and ensure everything goes smoothly. But, it is easier said than done because a house move involves multiple variables, which is why you must remain flexible and be prepared to face any difficulty.

Hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast, getting moving insurance and packing early help you be ready for unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, here are common home moving delays to know about and tips for handling them like a pro. Have a look.

An Illness Or Injury

Getting ill during a house move is more common than you think because the process often leads to sleepiness nights, skipping meals and stress. Additionally, your interaction with removalists, bank officials, realtors and others increases your chances of getting an infectious or communicable disease. You can also get injured while moving heavy and big household items during this time. Getting sprains, pulling muscles and sustaining cuts or scrapes when packing and handling your belongings can happen.

Solution: To avoid illnesses, wash your hands regularly, wear masks, avoid physical contact with people, eat on time and sleep well. Furthermore, use moving equipment and take the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast to avoid injuries.

Unfinished Packing

Packing is a significant activity that takes weeks to complete, especially when you move out of a home you have lived in for a year or more. If you don’t start as soon as the moving date is fixed, you can have unfinished packing when your hired removalists Gold Coast arrive. It can disturb the moving schedule because it delays the loading of the moving truck.

Solution: Make sure to complete the packing of your belongings at least a day or two before the day you have to relocate.

Add-on Charges By Removalists

Even when you have a solid moving budget and know smart ways to save on moving costs, you can have unanticipated add-on charges. It usually happens when you don’t book removalists in Gold Coast after extensive research and don’t get a pre-move survey before booking.

However, when you buy new furniture or household items after booking the professionals that need dissembling, add extra weight to moving load or require special treatment, you should expect good removalists to charge you extra for a round trip or the additional hard work.

Solution: Never book removalists based on instant quotes and limited research. Choose local removalists in Gold Coast with good reviews, years of industry experience and stellar market reputation. Furthermore, avoid buying bulky, delicate or large things before moving house.

Surprise Inventory Discovery

Creating an inventory of things you need to pack and move to your new belongings helps estimate the moving budget and determine whether you need the help of professional removalists in Gold Coast. It also helps you get the right packing supplies, streamline the process and know the location of boxes in the house. However, if you discover things in the basement, storeroom, attic or garage that you didn’t note during inventory, they add to your packing load and delay the move.

Solution: Tour your entire house thoroughly while creating inventory. Additionally, do it after decluttering your belongings to only make a list of things you want at your new home.

Bad Weather

Heavy rainfall, a storm, extreme heat and other bad weather conditions not only put a dampener on your mood but also your moving day plan. Checking the weather forecast weeks and even days before deciding the moving date cannot guarantee everything will be the same on the actual date. You can reduce the chances of moving during bad weather by choosing less volatile seasons like the summer or spring. However, choosing when you move is not in your hands when you have a fixed-term lease agreement or school-going children.

Solution: Book a flexible removal company in Gold Coast that can reschedule your move when the weather conditions are unfavourable. Also, unless the climate is not too bad, you must soldier through the day and manage the move.


Traffic is a common reason for moving day delays, especially during busy seasons like summer and spring. Many people relocate for a job, buy/rent houses and change residence during these seasons, adding to traffic on roads. Even if you move during a non-busy season, traffic can delay the arrival of removalists & the moving truck at your current residence or the new one. Additionally, it can add to your travel time when you get stuck in a jam.

Solution: Move during weekdays instead of weekends and avoid morning/evening hours when working professionals, business owners and school children travel. Use Google maps to find the least congested route and try to leave your house during early hours to avoid traffic.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home is overwhelming, but you can manage it smoothly by streamlining your tasks with a moving checklist and hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast. Also, be prepared for the common home moving delays listed above to avoid excessive stress, anxiety or hassle.