Complete Guide For Moving With Pets

Complete Guide For Moving With Pets

Apr 21, 2021

If you are a pet owner and relocating to a new place, you have to tackle many problems. However, the biggest problem is moving your pet safely and in a hassle-free manner. The relocation procedure is already a stressful task, and moving your pet can make things even more challenging. If you want to accomplish the task in a stress-free manner, you need to follow some guidelines.

Most pet owners prefer to hire experienced removalists in Gold Coast because they can help in several ways. The professionals can pack and load your belongings, so you get much more time to focus on your pet and move them in your car. However, there are many more things that you need to do for relocating your pet in a stress-free and hassle-free manner.

Read on to know more about the complete guide for moving with pets.

Plan Everything In Advance

When you are relocating with your pet, you need to plan everything in advance. It will allow you to focus on every minute detail of the process. If you need to drive a long distance, then search for accommodation for the night, where you can also keep your pet. And if you are booking a flight, you need to hire a reliable company that move pets. Either way, you need a lot of preparation.

Schedule a Meeting with Veterinarian

Before you move to a new place, you should take your pet, particularly dogs, for a general check-up. Make sure that your pet gets the flea and tick treatments and any due vaccination. Also, get advice from your vet in case your pet has anxiety in the car or gets motion sickness. It will help you to keep them safe and happy during the move. Do not forget to collect essential documents of your pet.

Keep Pets Safe on Moving Day

One of the biggest challenges that people face on moving day is keeping their pet safe. When the Gold Coast removalists are loading your belongings, the presence of pets in the room can cause distraction and increase the chance of their injury. Therefore you need to keep them safe. Search for reputed and nearby pet care centre so they can help you on the relocation day.

Pack Your Pet Essentials

One day before you relocate, pack everything that your dog or cat will need during and after the move. These things include water, food, bowls, treats, medication, waste pickup, a carrier/leash and disposal items. Without all these things, you and your pet are most likely to face a lot of problem. Pack these items in a bag and move them in your car.

Get a Pet Travel Crate

It is advisable to use a pet travel crate to relocate your dog or cat safely. If you plan to relocate your pet through the air, make sure the crate is approved by International Air Transport Association (IATA). Purchase it a couple of weeks ago before you move and start training your dog or cat to play and rest inside the crate. It will help them to remain calm during the move.

Ensure the Drive is Comfortable

Even if you have hired a reliable moving company in Gold Coast, the professionals will not move your pet in the truck. Therefore, you need to carry them in your car and make sure that the drive is comfortable. Keep them in the back seat and restraint with the seatbelt. Also, provide them food and water from time to time and take frequent breaks when driving a long distance.

Visit Your New Place

If your new home is only a couple of hours away, you should visit the place with your dog before the relocation. Take your pet for a walk around your new house and neighbourhood. The more they will explore, the more they will get familiar with the place, and it will help them to settle down smoothly after the move.

Hire a Removals Company

The relocation process is already a hectic task, and moving with pets can make things more confusing. If you want to keep things simple for you, hire the best removalists in Gold Coast. They can help you with moving and packing your stuff, so you get more time to focus on your pet.

Help Your Pet to Settle Down In New Home

After completing your move, the first thing you need to do is unpack your pet belongings and set the area where they can freely eat, drink water, and rest. Also, explore the house and make sure that there is no loose electric wire, sharp objects, or harmful chemicals on the floor.

Update Their Information

Once you have settled down, update the microchip registrations of your pet and their ID tags with your new address and contact number. This procedure is essential because it will improve the safety of your pet. In case your dog runs away, the tags will help the officials to get back your pet to you safely.

The Bottom Line

Relocation with pets is a challenging task because you have to focus on your relocation and take care of the pets at the same time. However, you can make the task a little easier by following the guidelines mentioned above. To manage things in a better way and get more time for your pet, hire a reputed removals company in Gold Coast. They will help you to accomplish the task safely and smoothly.