Declutter or Storage – What to Choose When Moving?

Declutter or Storage – What to Choose When Moving?

Jul 13, 2020

Understandably, there is an abundance of property and personal contents to move for people who have been living on the same property for a few years irrespective they are a tenant or the owners.

Moving is a challenging process which induces stress and anxiety in most individuals planning for it or undergoing it. It doesn’t get easier when there are lots of belongings of each member of the household to pack, handle, and move.

Therefore, expert removalists in Gold Coast advise to declutter the property or arrange for storage space. Both are viable options, but which one should you choose when moving? Find the answer to this question below, along with other useful information related to moving. Have a look!

What is Decluttering?

Decluttering is an activity that is performed to get rid of all the things that are not required. These can be personal items, appliances, kitchenware, furniture, gadgets, machines, papers, clothes, etc. Decluttering is a crucial part of moving because it is necessary for reducing the packing and moving load for your hired professional removalists in Gold Coast. Here is a list of things that should be targeted during the activity.

• Broken and obsolete things
• Items which are not used at least ones in a year
• Things that are unused for over six months or more

These contents can be discarded responsibly by contacting your local recycling and waste management organisations. Things that are in good condition can either be donated or resold via a garage sale online or offline.

What is Storage?

Storage is an alternate space where you can safely and securely move your things during the relocation process. Usually, there are units available for storing a variety of personal belongings and property contents. According to professional removalists in Gold Coast, renting a unit to keep your things is a practical decision which saves you time and money because you sort through things at your own pace and reduce your packing/transportation costs when moving as well.

Some people have storage units where they keep items during and even after moving because there may not be enough space. These belongings usually are items of sentimental value, heirlooms, important documents, furniture that may be used later, etc.

What Should You Choose – Decluttering or Storage?

Analysing your move is crucial to come to a decision because it will help you choose the right options. Both are advantageous and will help to reduce the packing and moving load for your hired professional removalists in Gold Coast. To make the right decision, here are some things to consider.

• How much time do you have? Asking this question is necessary because decluttering is a time-consuming process which has to start at least a month before the final moving day. If the movement is at a moment’s notice or urgent then getting a temporary storage unit is more practical.
• What is your budget? For renting storage, you will have to shell out money from your pocket whereas decluttering is done without any cost. Also, depending on how long you want the storage unit, you will have to keep paying rent for it. In case your moving budget is low, then decluttering is the better option because you can even earn through reselling items after performing the activity.
• What do your removalists suggest? When your hired professional removalists in Gold Coast arrive at your home for inspection, ask them which option will be better according to your moving requirements. Both are excellent options for reducing the packing and moving load, and by analysing your situation, the experts can provide sound advice.
• How far are you moving? For people moving to a new state or country, the best option is to declutter and minimise the moving load by discarding, donating, or reselling their unwanted items. The cost of shipping will be too much to bear when there are excessive boxes. In addition, when moving interstate or moving internationally, the chances of your belongings getting lost are higher, hence it is better to have fewer things to move. However, for local moves when you are pressed for time, getting a temporary storage unit is a better option because it helps reduce the moving load and ensure your belongings are kept safely in one place.
• Do you need to declutter and rent storage? Another thing to consider for people who have lived on the same property for years is this. Because when there is a substantial amount of property contents and belongings, it becomes too difficult to declutter everything and storage will be required. It would be excellent for all the household members to declutter the entire property to keep things of requirement. Afterwards, the things not needed immediately at the new house should be stored temporarily at a storage unit.

The Bottom Line

Which to choose when moving –decluttering or storage? It depends on your circumstances and requirement. If there is time, then declutter and if the movement is urgent, then get storage for a short period. You may require both along with the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast. Thus analyse your situation and use this guide to make an informed decision.