Do Removal Companies Provide Packing Boxes?

Do Removal Companies Provide Packing Boxes?

Jun 16, 2023

Packing is one of the crucial steps when preparing for a house move. You must manage everything before the final moving day, from sorting household items to arranging quality packing supplies and dismantling large furniture to labelling packed boxes. However, the process becomes even more daunting if doing this for the first time.

As you plan the journey, you may ponder questions about from where to get packing material or do removal companies provide packing boxes, how much they cost, etc.

Though it is always good to book seasoned removalists Gold Coast, but you can also do it yourself to save extra dollars. In such a scenario, you should know whether or not a moving company provides packing boxes.

To know more about this, keep on reading the article and explore the different types of boxes you will need for your household belongings.

Do a Moving Company Offer Packing Boxes?

Yes, renowned companies offer good quality boxes for house and office removals in Queensland.

However, you will need to request them at least 3 weeks in advance so that they can arrange different types and sizes as per your specific requirements.

That’s why it is good to eliminate unnecessary belongings and create an inventory of items you want to pack for a home relocation. It is because there may be an additional charge for packing boxes and other materials.

The cost of boxes may vary depending on the size and type you need, but be prepared when buying boxes from a removal company. You can also ask important questions and clear your doubts before hiring professionals.

Types of Boxes Offered by a Moving Company

These companies are always ready to provide you with different types and sizes of packing boxes and other materials for the safety of your possessions.

Make sure you make a list and choose boxes depending on your specific requirements and belongings:

1. Small-Sized Boxes

These are ideal for packing gadgets, groceries, novels, books, and other tiny and bulky items. Make sure you pick up enough of these boxes and pack your stuff accordingly.

Tip: It is good to dispose of unwanted items and pack only the ones you can relocate to save time and money.

2. Medium-Sized Boxes

These are the simplest packing materials perfect for relocating stoves, wall hangings, outwear, mugs, flannel sheets, etc.

Check your items and decide the number of medium-sized boxes you will need for your house move.

3. Large-Sized Boxes

You may need a few large-sized boxes to pack your bed linens, clothes, cleaning supplies, cushions, and other bulky items. Make sure you don’t pack fragile items, as shifting objects due to extra space can cause damage.

4. Wardrobe Boxes

These large ones can be used to pack clothes and other large stuff. They come with a bar inside to let you hang clothes on hangers, preventing your clothes from getting wrinkled during transportation.

5. Specialised Boxes For Delicate Items

These cardboard boxes come with dividers to protect the glasses from getting damaged during transportation. You can get these from reliable removalists Gold Coast and pack your fragile stem glasses and wine bottles.

So, the cost of these boxes can vary depending on sizes, quality and other specific features. Plus, prices may change over time due to market fluctuations.

Here are the tips for moving expensive and rare items and keep them intact throughout the journey.

How to Save Money on Moving Boxes?

If you are running low on budget, opt for affordable or free options without compromising the safety of your household possessions. Here are some best ways to get free moving boxes:

1. Ask Friends and Family

It is good to reach out to your family members, friends and neighbours who have recently relocated. They may have leftover boxes and other materials that they are willing to sell or give away.

Get them at a discounted price or free of cost.

Tip: You can also donate pre-loved items to local charities in Queensland and save your overall moving cost.

2. Get Free Boxes Online

Instead of buying, you can look for reliable online platforms to get free boxes for your belongings. Craigslist, Facebook marketplace and online classified sites on the Gold Coast are perfect places to find cheap moving materials.

3. Visit the Local Grocery Store or Liquor Shop

These places are the hub for sturdy cardboard boxes. Hit up different stores and get free boxes that are of good quality.

4. Visit Recycling Centres

Recycling centres or waste management facilities are one of great places where one can drop off used moving supplies, including boxes. You can contact them and know whether individuals can take them from the area. If yes, you will save a lot of money while protecting the environment.

5. Go Creative and Save Money

Instead of buying packing materials, you can get creative with what you have in a house and keep your items intact. You can use

  • Suitcases
  • Duffle bags
  • Dresser Drawers
  • Garbage Bags

These can be used to pack up bedding, clothes, dishes, and other household stuff.

However, it is good to book experienced Gold Coast Removalists for a full-moving service and protect your precious possessions throughout the journey.

Wrapping Up

Removal companies often provide packing boxes as part of their services, but you need to pay an additional charge. So, it is good to inquire about the specific offerings and associated costs with your removalists. You can explore alternative ways to save money on packing boxes when moving.