End of Tenancy Moving Tips
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End of Tenancy Moving Tips

Sep 16, 2017

Moving out counts as the third most stressful event in one’s life. It can prove to be an emotional roller-coaster and needs proper planning to make sure that everything goes smoothly during the move. A list of ‘tasks to be done’ should be prepared well in advance. The actual work and planning should begin two months before moving.

Here are some “end of tenancy moving tips” for you:

First of all, find all the documents related to your tenancy. Check all the terms of the agreement.

A 28 days notice has to be given in writing, before leaving the property. But, if you are leaving during a fixed term, commonly called ‘ breaking lease’, then you have to pay compensation for the loss that landlord has suffered.

Hopefully, getting your bond money back won’t be a problem if you meet all the conditions of the lease. To avoid any problems, inspect the property and compare it with the condition report when you moved in. The property should be left in the same condition as you had found it when you checked in. (Some minor wear and tear are acceptable.)

It should be properly cleaned as your real estate agent shall be overcritical about the condition of the property before handing out the bond money to you. Thus, it should be on top priority in your moving out checklist.

Carpets are often a big issue at final inspection. If you have pets, then to carpets become a major issue as your landlord may ask you to fumigate the house as well. Taking professional help from for cleaning the property is advisable to avoid any issues with the broker.

After finalising the new property, decide on the dates on which to end the tenancy agreement. It’s always better to plan the dates according to your holidays.

Ensure to disconnect all the utilities that are supplied with your name, while vacating the property. Don’t forget to take photographs of the meters.

Calculate the rent payable at the end of the tenancy. A three-week notice should be given in advance, and the rent should be paid till that date. Remember, the bond cannot be treated as rent. If you owe any rent to the owner or agent, pay the rent first and then claim the bond.

Hand over the keys to the agent and receive a signed receipt as your tenancy ends on the day all keys are returned, officially.

Don’t forget; your things should vacate the property too. In the last week, start packing and cleaning. If you leave anything behind, you have to arrange with the landlord to collect that item as soon as possible. You can always take the help of a professionals like Better Removalists Gold Coast, for packing and moving your belongings.

Don’t forget to be present at the final inspection. If your agent has issues with the condition of the property or cleaning, they should be resolved to get your bond back.

Hope these tips will prove useful to you and help you in having a pleasant moving experience.