Expert Advice To Tenants Moving Properties During COVID-19
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Expert Advice To Tenants Moving Properties During COVID-19

Apr 20, 2020

The COVID-19 has become a pandemic issue across Australia. The Country, including all the states and territories, are taking strict actions to alleviate the impact of this deadly virus. However, the increasing cases of active patients in regional cities like Gold Coast are creating a panic situation.

According to the recent statistics, Queensland has more than 1000 active cases of COVID-19 patients, in which Gold Coast has 189 confirmed cases to date. This is a difficult time for everyone, especially for tenants who are at the end of their tenancy or planning to move.

However, the states and territories in Australia have announced rental assistance packages for tenants during COVID-19. The State Government of Queensland is working towards resolving tenancy issues and encouraging tenants and landlords to resolve the issue during this health emergency.

If you are a tenant and experience financial crises due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, then talk to your landlord and come up with arrangements to extend your tenancy period or negotiate a rent reduction. If you are planning a home relocation during COVID-19 Crises, then have a look at this article:

Expert’s Advice on Moving Properties

It is always good to take assistance from professional removalists in the Gold Coast for a safe and sound relocation. However, the current situation is different, and that’s why it is important to re-consider the relocation plan if you want to protect your family from COVID-19 disease.

1. Postpone your Relocation

According to the expert advice, it is ideal to postpone your home relocation until it is an emergency. The government is also encouraging property managers and landlords to make short term agreements. You can ask your landlord to extend your lease contract so that you can stay safe at home.

The Queensland Government has also implemented an evictions moratorium. This means you will get 60 days exemptions from 15th April.  The tenants suffering from financial hardships due to COVID-19 crises won’t get evicted from their rental premises. The authorities will also assess the situation if a landlord evicts his/her tenant during this pandemic situation.

Fortunately, many property managers have supported their tenants and provided extensions to reduce the stress of their home relocation.

So, you should put your moving plans on hold and take corrective measures to avoid contacting more people because COVID-19 is one of the fastest contagious diseases.

2. Take Permission for Local & Interstate Move

If you have no option than moving out of your rental property in extreme situations like this, then seeking permission should be your topmost priority. It is important to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines when moving to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you can’t work within the rules set by the Ministry of Health, then you should postpone your relocation.

For tenants who have to make a move within Gold Coast can seek permission because the national cabinet is giving exemptions on gathering of people from the same family. These exemptions are only for those who are residents of Queensland. This means the local move is quite easy, but make sure you strictly follow the set rules during the coronavirus crises. It is your responsibility to maintain social distancing throughout the relocation process.

If you are planning an interstate move from or to Queensland, then you have to consider the state border restrictions and take permissions. According to the experts, you need an entry pass if you are moving to a new state in Australia. Fill the pass and know if your move can be managed or not.

3. Take Assistance from Experienced Removalists

If you have decided to move in this situation, then you should consider hiring a reliable removals company in Gold Coast. It is good to search online or ask for a reference from your friends and relatives.

Shortlist at least 4-5 companies and ask if they are moving homes or not during COVID-19 crises. Gather information about their refund and rescheduling options so that you can make the right decision accordingly.

Don’t forget to ask them about their safety and sanitisation moving practices to ensure an infectious-free relocation. Make sure they use disinfectants while packing your belongings, and also disinfect their vehicles, moving tools and other supplies to prevent the spread of the virus.

Also, ensure that your Gold Coast Removalists wear protective gear throughout the process.

4. Maintain Social Distancing And Personal Hygiene

No matter how far or near you are relocation, it is good to maintain personal hygiene throughout the process. It is advised to let your household belongings remain untouched for at least three days because the virus can stay active on steel and plastics surfaces for 72 hours.

It is good to self-isolate after relocation for 14 days as a precautionary step. Also, disinfect everything in your new house using a disinfectant spray that has at least 70% alcohol as it can kill 99 per cent germs.


Moving to a new place for a tenant at the end of their lease period during an epidemic outbreak is daunting. It is better to postpone the plan because the government is also supporting tenants through rental assistance packages and 6-month eviction ban. However, the expert advice mentioned above by experienced removalists in Gold Coast will help people to relocate safely during COVID-19 crises.