Fastest Way To Pack A House For A Last Minute Move

Fastest Way To Pack A House For A Last Minute Move

Aug 19, 2022

The need to move at short notice can arise anytime and cause a lot of stress. Many people move at the last minute because of work, studying or a family emergency.

Whatever the reason, ending a tenancy and packing all your things to relocate put a lot of mental and physical load on you. Thus, hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast is a practical solution because they have the expertise, equipment and experience to manage every aspect of your move.

However, if you are only taking their assistance for handling or moving your things, here is your complete guide outlining the fastest way to pack a house for a last-minute move. Have a look.

Gather Packing Supplies In One Go

Instead of getting boxes, tape, labels and other packing supplies as you wrap and box things, get them in one go to avoid delays. If you get excessive materials, you can keep them safely for future moves or resell them after moving. Having all the packing supplies on hand will allow you to manage the task in fewer hours and have time to manage other tasks as well.

Only Pack Important Things

Lessening the packing and moving load for yourself and your hired removalists in Brisbane is crucial to manage everything quickly. Declutter your belongings only to take things you really need at your new home and discard, donate or resell the rest.

If you have things of use that you cannot pack in time and move, rent a storage unit for them and take the items to the new home after moving.

Downsize If Possible

Moving furniture, electronics and kitchenware are challenging when you have less time to pack. Therefore, you should downsize your home if possible to reduce the packing load for yourself and the moving load for your hired removalists in Brisbane. You can resell or donate things that are duplicates or not required at your new home. This way, you can also reduce your expenses and save time and energy while moving.

Ask Everyone To Pitch In

Packing is time-consuming and tiring, which is why managing it alone is impossible and extremely challenging. To get your belongings wrapped and boxed in time, you must divide and conquer.

Ask household members to pack their individual things and divide the packing of other items equally among everyone. Choose a date and time when everyone in the house can pack together and finish the task quickly.

Keep Pets & Children Out Of Way

When packing for a last-minute move, you need to be efficient, which is challenging with kids and pets. Thus, before you pack, make sure they are in a safe room with their toys, snacks and beddings to keep them happy and occupied. You can wrap, box and label your belongings while your pets and children relax and their daily routines remain intact.

Tip: Send your kids and pooches in the care of a trusted family member or friend if you cannot pack while they are in the home. This way, you can save a lot of time and energy while packing quickly.

Start Packing As Early As Possible

Having at least eight weeks to pack is ideal, but if moving at short notice, you can have only a few days to box your things. Thus, when you are pressed for time during a house move, waiting to pack your things causes delays and hassle.

You should get packing supplies and start boxing things used in order of importance immediately after the moving date is set. Pack things you use the least first and the most last to load them on the moving truck strategically.

Know What You Shouldn’t Pack

Professional removalists in Gold Coat share a list of things they don’t move for safety purposes. These things include flammables, cylinders, spirits and thinners, paints, fireworks, and others that are unsafe for moving on a truck. Hence, avoid packing these items as your hired removalists can refuse to move them.

Consider Availing Of A Packing Service

Most reputed removalists in Gold Coast offer multiple services to manage every aspect of a house move. You can hire them to pack your belongings besides handling and moving them because they have the equipment, supplies and expertise.

They can pack property contents within a few hours, saving you from days of stress, exhaustion and fatigue. Thus, book professional removalists Gold Coast for boxing and transporting your property contents when you need to relocate at short notice.

The Bottom Line

Packing is among the most important tasks you need to perform for a house move. However, it is challenging when you have only a few days to complete it. Thus, follow the tips shared above to pack your house for a last-minute move quickly. Alternatively, hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage every aspect of your relocation and reduce your stress.