Finding New Mates To Hangout With When Moving To Gold Coast
group of frends enjoying their meal at a restaurant

Finding New Mates To Hangout With When Moving To Gold Coast

Jan 15, 2020

Moving to a new city is challenging for most people, especially if they are relocating from another state or country. The reason for moving is different for everyone – some relocate for better job opportunities or setting their business in a thriving market, whereas some move to obtain higher education or support their spouse.

Whatever the reason, the process is emotionally draining, physically exhausting, and financially taxing because leaving a familiar environment, completing formalities, finding accommodation, hiring removalists, and managing other moving-related tasks is neither easy nor cheap. Therefore, when moving to the Gold Coast, it becomes important to find people to connect with, depend on, and help you in the city.

It is common for newcomers to struggle with finding mates in a new city due to shyness or unawareness of places to meet new people. If you are among them, there is good news for you as Gold Coast is a culturally diverse and highly inclusive city.

There are numerous places visited by locals and tourists that you can go to befriend them. You can find the time to visit these places and partake in different activities like eating the local food, shopping, attending festivals, etc., by hiring a reliable removalist company to handle storage, loading, transportation, unpacking and other removals tasks.

Here is your complete guide to know about places to find new mates to hang out on Gold Coast.

Community Street Meets

The city’s government promotes the hosting of Community Street Meets to help people know their neighbours. You can host one yourself via the free Meet our Street kit available on the government’s website.

If, for any reason, you are too shy or don’t have the resources to host a meet, be a part of one by keeping an eye on events that may happen in the neighbourhood. These events can be tea parties, picnics in parks, house parties, or any other group activity. Most of them are hosted on or near Neighbour Day, which is celebrated on the last Sunday in March annually, but people organise them at other times as well.

Public Libraries

For bibliophiles, one of the best ways to meet new people and make good friends is to visit public libraries. Explore them to read your favourite books and to learn about events and programs that happen all year round to attend. These may include functions for local & national authors, workshops for writer’s block, themed reading activities, and much more.

In addition, find out if your local public library hosts events for adults, such as English conversation circle, OK Knit, Open Lab, LabCamp, Film Club, and Computer or Mobile basics, among others. If you have toddlers/ children, then attend activities like Baby Rhyme Time, Story Time, Toddler Time, School Holiday Activity etc.

Some of the most popular public libraries hosting these activities are located in Upper Coomera, Broadbeach, Nerang, Elanora, Robina, and Helensvale. To know more about such events and timings, explore the city government’s website.

Festivals On Gold Coast

Nothing brings people together like joy hence, your hired removalists take care of moving tasks, meet new people and look for mates by attending festivals hosted by the government or local communities. These festivals are a great way to meet people with the same interests and who like doing similar activities. One of the biggest events to be a part of is BLEACH*, which is a Gold festival supported by the Gold Coast government and celebrated across the city in April.

Other popular festivals are the Swell Sculpture Festival, the Gold Coast Marathon, Blues on Broadbeach, Cooly Rocks On (Coolangatta), Surfers Paradise Festival, Gold Coast Greek Festival (Bundall) etc. You can also relax and unwind on the beach while you discuss and analyse movies with the locals in your area at the annual Gold Coast Film Festival. In addition to these festivals, if you have moved in January, befriend people by participating in Australia Day, celebrated on the 27th of the month.

Note: if you are moving in January, try to schedule it in the third or fourth week, as due to the holiday season, it may be hard to book good removalists on the Gold Coast.

Botanical Gardens

The Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens are ideal for exploring a variety of plants, flowers, and butterflies. The Gardens are vast and well kept with facilities like shelters, barbecues & picnic areas, and walking trails. Besides being a spectator, if you are interested in volunteering, become a part of Friends of the Garden, which is dedicated to maintaining the park’s beauty.

The Community hosts activities for children, volunteering programs, and group activities for crafts, herbarium, nursery propagation etc. The other activities you can do at these gardens include taking in the beautiful scent of the roses in the Rose Garden, finding out how you can attract butterflies to your garden with the help of certain plants, which is explained in the Butterfly Garden, and enjoy new kinds of feats and delicious treats in the bush gardens.

Popular Tourist Destinations On Gold Coast

Gold coast is a thriving tourist destination and the fourth most visited city in Australia. It is even termed the glitter strip and has a variety of places you can go to engage with locals and tourists. You can taste the local cuisines, shop, and enjoy doing different activities. Here is a list of a few places and things to do.

  • Beaches of Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta, Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads are among the most visited sites. These beaches are balmy, scenic, and clean. Try water sports here like parasailing, surfing, and Jet Ski to befriend people who do them with you and the instructors. You can enjoy the adrenaline rush while also making some adventurous and fun friends here.
  • If you are interested in wildlife, you can visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Lamington National Park, and Springbrook National Park. Be part of bird watching, hiking, and other expeditions to look for mates with similar interests and have meaningful conversations. You can discuss the local birds and animals or discuss the natural ecosystem with your new pals.
  • For adventure activities and leisure, go to SkyPoint (Surfers Paradise), Dreamworld, Sea World, Warner Bros Movie World etc. At these places, it’s easier to engage guides, instructors, or locals in conversations and find out more about the beautiful land of Gold Coast.
  • In addition, you can explore sports venues, aquatic centres, and shopping precincts & markets where you can talk to and befriend shopkeepers, professionals, locals, guides, tourists, and guides who are welcoming and who can help you explore the city.

Arts & Culture Events

According to the Culture Strategy 2023, as part of the Gold Coast government’s arts and cultural initiatives, numerous events and programs are hosted to engage locals, tourists, and new people who have moved to the city. The main areas of focus are

  • Public, Performing, and Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Indigenous history and heritage
  • Urban art
  • Indigenous culture

For people who are artistically or culturally inclined, by participating in these initiatives, they can be a part of a community. It will be easier for you to find people with similar interests and inclinations and strike up interesting conversations with them. Finding like-minded people will help embolden your sense of belonging on the Gold Coast. You will feel more at home here, and it will help you make some good bonds.

Wrapping Up

Gold Coast is a culturally diverse city with numerous locals, tourists, and new residents. Therefore, the people are warm and welcoming, which makes it easy to find people to befriend and enjoy a good conversation with.

For finding new mates to hang out with, there are several places in the city, as mentioned above. You can find time to engage with new people and do a variety of activities while your removalists in Gold Coast take care of your moving-related tasks.