Free Things To Do On The Gold Coast With Kids

Free Things To Do On The Gold Coast With Kids

Jun 23, 2022

In 2020-21, around 15 %of Australians experienced high levels of psychological distress. There could be multiple reasons, but experts believe home relocation can be emotionally draining, especially for kids.

The idea of leaving their home, friends, neighbourhood and school behind can make them feel upset. In addition to this, moving to an unfamiliar place can completely change their mindset and create obstacles in getting out of their comfort zone.

This can also lead to mental stress. Being responsible parents, you should focus on spending more time with your kids. You can do this if you hire professional removalists Gold Coast. They will take care of your home relocation process so you can talk to your kids and create home relocation curiosity.

If you want your children to gel up in a new location, take them out to amusement parks, playgrounds, etc., where they can chill and have fun. Make sure you do this once fully settled into your new home.

Here is a list of free things you can do on the Gold Coast with your children:

1. Take them to Playgrounds

The Gold Coast is best known for its vast range of lush-green parks and playgrounds. However, Broadwater Parklands is one of the most popular places where kids can spend quality time with their parents. It is a perfect picnic spot with a water playground, a bouncy pillow and other play equipment for kids.

You can also explore outdoor entertainment, local markets, stylish cafes and family-friendly restaurants. However, you need to pay if you wish to eat outside. The Great Lawn also hosts the city’s most renowned events, such as the Mayors Christmas Carols, Gold Coast Marathon and Monster Machinery Day.

Do not forget to visit the water play area, designed with vibrant marine-themed equipment and cool water fountains. There is also a creek bed and various tidal rock pools for kids to dam, splash and explore.

You can also visit Palm Beach Parklands, located in the Palm Beach suburb. It is a great picnic spot for kids and families. The young kids can clamber on the pirate ship in the Treasure Island Playground. There is a beautiful cafe on site where you can eat sandwiches and a cup of coffee.

Here is a list of some of the most popular playgrounds in the city for your children:

Washington Waters Southport

Located on the Gold Coast Highway

  • Mini bike circuit
  • Pedal-powered monorail
  • Velectron
  • Swimming facility for kids
  • Adventurous activities

Ed Hardy Park

  • A beautiful playground
  • Nautical-inspired spot
  • Pirate-themed equipment
  • Great amenities
  • Fun activities for kids

Pacific Pines Central Park, Hotham Drive

  • A spacious park with plenty of running room for children
  • A huge flying fox
  • Fun-loving activities
  • Spinning poles, swings, rockers, slides and other rides

You can plan your visit on weekends after relocating to a new home. Do not forget to hire budget-friendly removalists Gold Coast because they can help you unpack boxes and other items when you reach a new place.

2. Explore the Currumbin Rock Pools

Situated away from the coast and deeper into a beautiful Currumbin Valley, Currumbin Rock Pools is a great spot and secret area for locals and kids looking for a fun and exciting place.

Scrambling over warm and smooth rocks, swimming in the clear water and swinging on a rope and doing plenty of fun things when you reach this amazing place.

This beautiful picnic spot is accessible roughly a 25-minute drive from the coast at Palm Beach. This would be a perfect quick getaway for your family after completing all your relocating chores.

However, the parking is limited to a fairly small set of spaces, but you can walk to view mesmerising views and get down to the natural pools. There is also a cosy, grassy picnic spot with barbeques, bushlands and a great environment.

Do not forget to miss a pool renowned with children for jumping into from the side rocks. You can access clean and spacious toilets and other basic amenities.

Quick note: Pack your kid’s favourite dishes, like sandwiches, chicken grills and burgers, in a lunch box and enjoy at a picnic spot.

Visiting to a new place and exploring beautiful views can uplift yourmood as well, especially if you want to overcome adjustment insomnia after moving. So, plan your day accordingly and spend quality time with your kids.

3. Trip to Home of the Arts – HOTA

Renowned as an iconic destination on the Gold Coast, HOTA is located in the Surfers Paradise, a beautiful and vibrant suburb. This place is a hotspot for art, entertainment, and cultural and modern lifestyle.

This place underwent a huge transformation with a $60.5 million gallery opening in May 2021. The art gallery has six levels, including a special gallery for children.

With plenty of things to explore and do, HOTA is a perfect spot if your kids love the art and culture scene. You can witness lively exhibitions, great performances, workshops, theatre and outdoor movies there. It is simply a treat to your eyes.

There is a continuous rotation of exciting family-friendly events that are ideal for young children. The best part is that many of them are free of cost.

4. Do Not Miss Out on O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk

Are your kids super adventurous? If yes, then take them to the O’s Reily’s Tree Top Walk. It is located in the Lamington National Park, where you can come close to nature.

Do not forget to explore the suspension bridges with your feet around 16 meters above the main ground. You can explore a beautiful view of the rainforest flora and the view below. These walking tracks will let you witness spectacular lookouts, Queensland’s wilderness spots and unbelievable waterfalls.

5. Explore the Beaches

The Gold Coast is home to stretched beaches, and you can visit Queensland’s some of the best beaches for free.  The best part is that you live close to the beaches if you love blue waters. Surfers Paradise and other coastline suburbs are high in demand right now because of these reasons.

With more than 50 km worth of uninterrupted, pristine coastline, people are looking for a peaceful day full of sun, sand and surf.

However, some of the main tourist strips of Gold Coast beaches may ask you to pay a minimal amount for either driving or walking. But, you can plan your holiday and let your kids explore the city’s beautiful beaches.

6. Must Visit the Carrara Markets

Believe it or not! It is one of the largest and longest-running local markets on the Gold Coast. Situated in the city’s heart, this place offers a huge range of stalls, eating joints, festivities and much more. Carrara Markets has over 500 stalls, and you will find pony rides, buskers, face painters and bungee trampolines within the area- a perfect entertainment place for kids.

Tip: Try to avoid going during peak hours, especially if you are with small kids.


Gold Coast is one of the lively cities in Queensland, which offers an array of free and fun-loving entertainment hubs, parks, shopping strips, beaches and other exciting things for kids.

Make sure you do proper research and make your kids comfortable throughout the process. It is good to hire the best removalists Gold Coast for the safety of your household belongings and other time-taking moving chores. Use that time to understand what your kids want and explore the new place on the internet to create curiosity.