Handling Specialty Items: Fine Art, Antiques, And Valuables During A Move

Handling Specialty Items: Fine Art, Antiques, And Valuables During A Move

Aug 09, 2023

Speciality items need more attention and care during a house move than regular items. They can incur irreversible damage and cost you thousands of dollars. Loss of speciality items like fine art, antiques and valuable can also impact your sentimentally and cause emotional pain.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that many people hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to handle and move such items. However, a house move is expensive and when you plan to take these things with you to the new home, exercising caution is necessary.

Here’s how you can handle speciality items like fine arts, antiques and valuable like a professional. Have a look.

Arrange The Right Packing Supplies

Protecting speciality items is the main goal of packing, which is why you need to get the right supplies. When you avail of a professional removal service, the removalists in Gold Coast bring the necessary packing material.

Listed below are things you will need to wrap and protect speciality items in your home before moving.

  • Moving blankets
  • Furniture pads
  • Plastic-stretch wrap
  • Acid-free foam or bubble wraps
  • Packing tape

Rent/Buy Moving Tools

With large antiques, art or other items, the risk of toppling is high, and you can get injured while moving it. Therefore, you need to use moving tools to prevent injuries and manage the movement of bulky items without hassle.

Professional removalists in Gold Coast also use equipment and tools to shift and load items on the moving truck without damaging the items. For a DIY speciality items move, you require the following tools.

  • Furniture sliders with straps
  • Moving dolly or a hand truck
  • Harnesses and straps

Create an Inventory

Write the names, measurements and other important details of every speciality item to pack and move. An inventory helps keep track of items while moving and ensure they reach the new home safely.

You can use a simple format for listing fine art, antiques and valuables or download a professional inventory checklist used by experienced removalists in Gold Coast. Make sure to declutter before outlining items to avoid confusion and wasting time. You can resell unwanted arts and antiques by hosting an online or offline garage sale.

Measure & Weigh Items

Collectables are often of different sizes and weights, making it necessary to measure and weigh them before packing and transporting. If you hire special removalists in Gold Coast to move your speciality items, they will manage this step while creating inventory.

However, when handling them yourself use a measuring tape and weighing scales to get accurate dimensions. This step is crucial to get the right packing supplies, rent a moving truck and keep your belongings safe.

Pack Carefully & Adequately

Make sure to wrap fragile art, antiques and valuables with bubble or foam wrap and secure them with quality packing tape. Don’t wrap the items too tightly or loosely else, they can incur irreversible damage while handling.

While packing paintings, make sure to cushion the corners with bubble wrap to avoid chipping. If you lack the time, energy or expertise to move expensive and rare items securely, take the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast specialising in handling and moving speciality items.

Use The Right Loading & Moving Techniques

Most people make the mistake of stacking artwork, antiques and valuables incorrectly while loading the moving truck causing severe damage and incurring financial distress. Therefore, you must plan and prepare for handling artwork carefully to avoid mishaps.

Never list heavy items and always use moving sliders to move them from one place to another. Also, lift boxes with your legs and support them with your stomach. These are techniques professional removalists in Gold Coast use to avoid injuries and ensure the safety of artwork, antiques, valuables and other household items.

Consider Storing Fine Art, Antiques and Valuables

In case you don’t have the time to move your expensive and rare items safely to the new home, you can always rent a storage unit. Store the items in the facility until you settle in the new house and are ready to keep the collectibles again. Depending on the type of arts and artifacts you have, rent a temperature-controlled storage unit or a normal one.

Thus, while your hired removalists in Gold Coast pack and move your property contents, the fine art, antiques and valuables can remain safe at the storage unit, and you can have peace of mind while moving.

Wrapping Up

Moving speciality items like fine art, antiques and valuables is challenging which is why many people hire professional removalists in Gold Coast. However, if you plan to do it yourself, use this guide to handle speciality items like a professional and avoid financial loss.