Hiring A Moving Company Vs. DIY House Move

Hiring A Moving Company Vs. DIY House Move

Aug 30, 2022

Have you found the house of your dreams and want to move soon? Relocating is an exciting experience, but it can also be tiring and stressful if it is not done correctly.

The biggest question when moving homes on Gold Coast is whether to move on your own or hire expert removalists Gold Coast. Here are some pros and cons of both these options to help you choose a stress-free move:

Professional Movers


1. Experienced Professionals

  • Professional removalist services on Gold Coast are experienced packers and movers who are well-trained and skilled in moving any item.
  • They are organised, follow a schedule, know how to pack all your items, have all supplies ready, and will quickly unload your items in your new home.
  • You can concentrate on other tasks like changing your address and transferring your utilities while your movers take care of everything else.

2.  Meet The Deadlines

Experienced movers will make sure they move all your items within your set dates. They are fast and efficient and will work hard to move all your belongings at the date and time you have allotted so that you can start unpacking.

3. Insured And Licensed

Experienced movers are insured and licensed, so if there is any damage to your item while moving them, the company will cover the partial or the entire cost of replacing the item. You can discuss the terms beforehand when you book the professionals to choose the insurance plan you need.

4. Have All Supplies Ready

Experienced removalists on Gold Coast have all the packing and moving supplies like dollies, moving blankets and straps. You won’t have to spend money on these things as these professionals will include this in the estimate.


1. Can Be Expensive

Professional removalist services can cost you a lot if you are moving on a holiday or a weekend and have many items to move. If it is a long-distance move, you will have to spend extra on fuel surcharge and time taken for the move. You can, however, lower your costs by booking these removalists in advance to get better deals on prices.

2. No Flexibility

If you hire local removalists on Gold Coast during a busy period or hire them too late, you might not get the date and time you want. You will have to see when they are free and go according to their schedule. This could offset your relocation, and you could end up paying extra for storing your items while you wait to move homes.

3. It might Be A Scam

There are many scam moving companies who trick you and either take away all your belongings or make you pay extra money after your move. That is why it is always better to do a proper background check on your professional movers before hiring them. You must also decide the costs beforehand and never sign a blank contract.

DIY Move


1. Full Control

In a DIY move, you are in charge and can stay organised during the whole move. You can set the date and time of the move, your packing and moving deadline and carry out the move any way you like. You don’t have to depend on anyone else and can ensure all your items are moved to your new home properly.

2. Pack Any Way You Like

Most professional movers on Gold Coast have their set ways of packing items and use proper packing paper and equipment. In a DIY move, you can save money on supplies by packing most items with household materials like newspapers, towels and linens. You can pack the items the way you like and can separate them in the boxes in the manner which suits you best.

3. Much Cheaper

A DIY move will be much cheaper than hiring professionals as you only have to pay for a rental truck. If it is a short move, you might not even need a truck to move your items. You can even ask friends and family who are strong enough to help you out.


1. Could Lead To Injuries

It might be easy moving your items when it is a short move or if you have experienced friends helping you. But when you have to move a lot of heavy-duty items, and it is a long-distance move, you increase the chances of getting injured. Carrying your items in the wrong way or without using any equipment can lead to severe back pain and arm injuries. It is better in such cases to get professional help for your long-distance move.

2. Can Be Stressful

A DIY move can be stressful as you have to handle everything independently, from packing to loading and unloading your items. You also must take time to transfer your utilities and pay all your bills. There can be a lot to organise and plan, which might make you feel overwhelmed.

3. Might Not Meet Your Deadline

Moving on your own can be time-consuming and tedious, and you might not be able to move all your items on time. It can take a lot of back-and-forth trips, especially when it is a long-distance move. So, it is better to get professional help so you can move everything in one trip and save time and energy.

4. No Insurance

When you move on your own, you might end up damaging your items and will have to pay the costs of replacing them on your own. This could prove costly if you break or damage more than one item while moving.


The above points show that hiring a moving service and moving on your own both have advantages and disadvantages. But if you plan a short local move with a few things, a DIY move might suit you better. However, if you have many heavy-duty and fragile items and are moving a long distance, you should consider hiring experienced professionals.