Home Essentials Checklist: What To Buy Before Moving In

Home Essentials Checklist: What To Buy Before Moving In

Mar 25, 2021

Gathering essential items before moving into a new home will make your life a bit easier. It is impossible to buy necessary items in the middle of the relocation process. From shower curtains to cleaning products, hangers to kitchen essentials, purchasing these belongings ahead of time can help you settle in without a hint of stress.

Do proper research and prepare a complete home essential checklist at least 2-3 weeks before your final moving day. It is good to arrange all the packing materials, book reliable Gold Coast removalists and buy all the important household items in advance. Create a realistic budget so that you can keep a close eye on moving expenses and other costs throughout the process.

Here is a complete list of home essentials you need to buy for your new abode:

Cleaning Products and Tools

Do not forget to buy necessary cleaning products and move before moving-in. To keep your new house in a pristine condition, stock on the following items:

• All-purpose Cleaner
• Disinfectant Wipes and Sprays
• Use baking soda or a product that has at least 70 per cent alcohol concentration to kill germs and bacteria
• Grout Cleaner
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Castile Soap and other natural cleaning products.
• Vacuum Cleaner

From upholstery furniture to carpets and rugs, floors to blinds, you can use a vacuum cleaning machine to fetch dust particles and loose debris in simple and effective manner. If you don’t have it, then find a new one that can help you in keeping a home clean and dust-free.

Microfiber Cloths and Scrubbers

Fetching dust, dirt, allergens, and pollens need from hard surfaces and other areas has become super easy with microfiber cloths. Make sure you buy a plenty of super-absorbent cloths to spruce up your new home. Also, buy scrubbers to remove stubborn stains from different areas.


Brooms are great when it comes to gathering dust, pet hair and other loose debris from flat surfaces and floors. So, make sure you buy a small handheld broom with a dustpan for your new home.

Microfiber Dusting Mop

Mopping floors on a regular basis will keep your home clean and shiny. It is god to buy a microfiber mop before you move-in.

Living Room Essentials

Check your inventory as well as you new home’s layout before buying large furniture and other essential items. Here is the list of things you will need when you reach your new abode:

• A TV Cable
• Wi-Fi
• TV
• Couch
• Coffee table
• Lamp

Make sure you hire professional furniture removalists in Gold Coast if you are relocating expensive couch, dining table and other furniture.

Bedroom Essentials

Apart from bed, you need other essential things, such as:

• Pillow and pillow coves
• Duvet
• Bedside table and lamp
• Hangers for clothes
• A mirror
• Wardrobe
• Curtains

Lighting Essentials

Do not forget to stock on lighting essentials before moving into your new abode in Gold Coast, including:

• LEDs: They consume 75 per cent less energy as compared to incandescent lighting and last 25 times longer.
• Incandescent Lighting
• Compact Fluorescent Blubs
• Halogen lights

Cables, Extension Cords and Batteries

Make sure you purchase a few extension cords, batteries and cables before finding the perfect place for your Television, new lamps and other electronic items. Check the length of cords and amperage ratings while buying extension cords. Also, have a couple of packs of AA and AAA batteries to power your TV and AC remotes.

Security Measures

Give special attention to home security systems before moving into your new place. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional to install one. This will make you feel safe and comfortable. So, make sure you add the following into your home essential checklist:

Rekeying your locks: This will keep the same lock, but you need a new key to open the door.

Change your locks: Change old locks with a new one.

Kitchen Essentials

It is important to see what you are taking along with you to your new home with the help of Gold Coast removalists. Depending on your specific needs, make sure you buy the following items:

• Microwave
• Table
• Chairs
• Kettle
• Trash Cans
• Kitchen Rags and sponges
• Dishwashing Liquid

You will need a variety of kitchen utensil, including:

• Crockery
• Cutlery
• Glasses
• Mugs
• Can opener
• Sharp Knives
• Spoons
• Pots and pans
• Wooden spoon
• Salt and pepper shakers
• Serving platter
• Spatula, etc.

Bathroom Essentials

A new bathroom needs some important items, including:

• Towel
• Hand towel
• Toilet brush
• Mat
• Toilet roll and holder
• Liquid soap
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Dustbin


It is important to include these items into your home essentials checklist before moving into your new abode. Make sure you hire professional removalists in Gold Coast for safe and secure removals of your precious household belongings.