How Do Museums Move Artefacts
young men shifting artefacts inside a museum

How Do Museums Move Artefacts

Jan 10, 2020

The artefacts are most vulnerable when the museums move them from one place to another. The reasons of relocation may vary, such as not having enough space, demand from other museums, renovation, exhibition, any specific study on an item, and so on.

Any move, whether it is across the globe for international art and cultural collaboration, or from one section to another within the museum, must be adequately planned and executed with extreme care. That is why local museums in Gold Coast hire reputed, reliable and experienced removalists. They have expertise in handling such delicate items.

Artefacts are not only unique and valuable, but also fragile. Thus even a small move can put them at high risk. Fluctuations in temperature, inappropriate position, relative humidity, knocks and vibrations during handling, loading or transportation of the items can cause irreparable damage. So it is essential to do risk assessment and decide the best way to handle, pack and transport them.

Museums Hire Professionals to Move Artefacts

If an artefact needs moving, irrespective of the destination, only trained and reliable removalists in Gold Coast should handle it. Any other members of the museum or any researchers should never be permitted to handle such precious and delicate objects without supervision or guidance. Many removal companies offer such special service. Their professional removalists have in-depth knowledge of handling artefacts and are aware of all the latest and innovative methods that ensure safety of such items.

They have years of experience, and thus understand how much care these items require and people prefer to hire them to avoid the moving mistakes. The experts understand it and provide the most appropriate solution. Whether the professionals are using any tools to hold such delicate items or using their bare hands, they know how much pressure they need to apply, so that the item neither slips nor breaks. Handling museum artefact is quite different from managing household items. Thus, it is essential that the concerned officials only hire specialised removalists who can get the job done in a hassle-free manner.

Professionals Understand the Nature of Artefacts

Professionals are the best people to handle artefacts because they have developed the skill over the years. Before handling the object or moving it, they properly understand the nature of the item. Different objects have different restrictions, so the professionals need to make plans accordingly. These items can get damaged by light, temperature fluctuation/ relative humidity, pest and/or fungal attack, improper storage, poor handling, and so on. They may appear to be solid or good enough for repair, but usually, they are not.

Many items have wear and tear issues from their time of active use. Therefore, they should never be handled carelessly. That is why professionals take extra care while handling them. Before touching the items, they examine them and see assess what kind of damages are possible and how to prevent them. The professional removalists also evaluate if any repair work is possible or not. The moving of such items is a crucial task and way too different from any other job. It requires expertise, experience and technical knowledge.

What Professionals do Before Moving or Handling an Artefact?

Museums always hire a reputed removals company in Gold Coast which has a sense of responsibility and has achieved proficiency in handling such tasks. Their team members have a good understanding between them, and thus before moving, they always consider the consequences. They prepare a proper plan and work accordingly. The company also appoints a person who coordinates the entire move. The professionals consider every minute detail that can affect the movement of the artefacts.

For instance, they make sure the object fits through the doorways, elevators, and there is no obstruction in the pathway. They also follow innovative ways to minimise the effects of jerking during the transport. They check if the final resting surface for the object is clear and steady enough to support its weight.

Professionals Avoid Any Direct Body Contact with the Item

The professional removalists in Gold Coast always follow a proper moving checklist with safety, they use white, lintless cotton gloves to prevent any damage to the items due to the acids and salts present in the skin. However, they do not use any gloves for potentially slippery items like varnished furniture, ceramic or glass items.

What Professionals do While Handling and Moving Artefacts?

The professionals are cautious when they handle and move the artefacts. They do not wear any jewellery, watches or any other similar items that may scratch such things. The professional removalists in Gold Coast are also aware of the fact that loose or hanging clothes may catch on artefacts, so they do not wear such outfits. They are 100% focussed when they are handling or moving such items.

Whenever possible, they always prefer to use a trolley. This trolley is specially designed to carry the delicate items. They have a rubber wheel and are cushioned both internally and externally. This protects the items from movement, vibration and accidental collision.

If The Removalists Have To Carry the Artefacts:

• They always carry one item at a time and always use two hands.
• The Gold Coast removalists keep the item upright so that they can carry their own weight.
• They do not lift any items by their handles or any projecting parts – like the arms of a statue.
• The experts never pack any lightweight/fragile item with a heavy object in the same container during moving.
• They never put any artefacts on the ground.
• They always pick up the boxes or containers from the base.
• They use appropriate and high impact cushion/padding between the artefacts in containers during transportation.
• They make sure the strongest part takes the pressure. Thus they always support the items from underneath.

Ensuring Safety

Safety of the artefacts is essential but is also vital that the person who is carrying the items is also safe. And the professionals make sure they accomplish the task perfectly without getting any physical injury. They make good use of dollies or trolleys to move heavier items and do not lift any items until it is required. They also use safety equipment like steel-capped boots and back braces.


Museums always hire reputed and experienced removalists in Gold coast who are specialised in handling and moving artefacts. Some of the items have historical value, others have artistic value and a few others are priceless from the aesthetic point of view. Thus, these items should be handled with extreme care and professionals are the only option to execute this task safely and efficiently.