How Much Does The Average House Removal Cost?

How Much Does The Average House Removal Cost?

Dec 26, 2022

Why do people move house? Australia has a mobile population with 40% of its residents moving at least once in five years. Among these residents, young adults are usually the most mobile population group. The need to relocate can arise when you want better/bigger housing, job/business change, higher education, to be with your partner or start a family.

Therefore, you are not alone when planning to relocate, and like most people, you will find house moving stressful, challenging and time-consuming. It is also financially taxing because you have to pay for fixed expenses with one-off expenses like hiring removalists in Gold Coast, rental bond, utility set-up fee, parking permits etc.

Financial planning before the relocation is crucial because it can cost up to $3000 for a local move and up to $8000 for an interstate move. Thus, here is your complete guide outlining factors that affect house moving costs, the average relocation estimates and tips for getting & comparing removal quotes to choose affordable removalists in Gold Coast. Have a look.

Factors Affecting House Moving Costs

The cost of moving house can vary for each household because various factors determine it. Listed below are the most important ones that will impact the cost of your move.

  • The volume of goods is measured in cubic meters (m3). It helps removalists give a realistic quote and choose an appropriate moving vehicle.
  • The distance because local moves cost less than interstate moves. International relocations are the costliest.
  • Packing supplies’ quality
  • Moving vehicle type
  • Removalists required for the move
  • Additional services
  • Demand for removal services when you move. Moving during peak housing mobility seasons is expensive.

Average House Removal Costs

On average, hiring two removalists in Australia with a medium-sized truck can cost $90-200 an hour. Therefore, your house move can cost anywhere from $300 to $8000.

If you are moving anywhere in the golden strip or its suburbs, the starting price of most Gold Coast Removalists is $59.30. however, good removalists are available at an average rate of about $145 per hour. The cost can be less if you research well and choose a local moving company.

Therefore, it is essential to start looking for removalists near you at least six weeks before and book a moving company 3-4 weeks before the move. But, before you start your search, look at the average house removal costs in Gold Coast (locally) for different property sizes to know what you may have to pay.

  • $325 and $585 for a one-bedroom house/unit with 2 removalists
  • 585 and $845 for a two-bedroom house/unit with 2 removalists
  • $935 and $1445 for a three-bedroom house/unit with 3 removalists
  • $1275 and $1785 for a 4 bedroom or larger house/unit with 3 removalists

Keep in mind you have to pay call-out charges between $65-85 and additional charges of up to $10/hour when moving on weekends (Friday- Sunday).

If you plan to move interstate, removalists in Gold Coast charge an average of $171.76 per cubic meter and $1,422.16 overall. Distance plays a huge role in the cost of interstate removals, and you must always get quotes from removalists before booking a removal service.

Average Cost of Removal Components

If you need a rough estimate of moving costs to create your budget, here is the price of the most common removal components in Australia.

  • Packing: $225-$275
  • Packing supplies: Up to $150
  • Basic Removal Services: between $800 to $1,050
  • Furniture Dismantling & Reassembly: $100-$200
  • Storage unit rent for a month: $100-$150

Tips for Getting & Comparing Removal Quotes

Most reputed removalists Gold Coast offer to conduct pre-move surveys to understand the scale of a house move, property floor plan, accessibility and other factors. It helps them create an inventory as well and share a realistic quote.

You can schedule a pre-move survey with multiple removal companies and get quotes. Avoid relying on instant quotes as they are unreliable. While comparing removal quotes, keep the validity date in mind because once a quote expires, the service costs can change.

Additionally, keep the following things in mind.

  • Know your requirements before contacting removalists to get the right services
  • Use a reliable quote comparing platforms like Muval, Find a Mover, Sirelo, Ezzy Quotes etc.
  • If a company only shares instant quotes or asks for payment in cash upfront, it is best to skip it.

The Bottom Line

Moving is challenging but worth it when your new home is bigger and better. It is also rewarding when you benefit from a job change or do it for your family.

Therefore, if you plan to move soon, take the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast to reduce stress and moving anxiety. Use this guide to create your budget but hire the professionals only after getting quotes and vetting their reliability.