How To Choose Professional Movers In 2022

How To Choose Professional Movers In 2022

Sep 14, 2022

Moving to a new home is challenging, but every day people manage it for different reasons. According to ABS’s latest housing mobility and conditions report, 12% of Australian households moved for bigger and better homes.

Other key reasons people moved include owning a home, being independent, getting a higher education and ending a lease agreement. Therefore, you are not alone in planning for a house move. But, it is a tiring and time-consuming task, which is why most people hire budget removalists Gold Coast to pack and move their belongings. Most reputed movers have quality moving equipment, years of experience and expertise to move houses without delays and hassle.

Selecting the right experts to manage your relocation is tricky because multiple moving companies on the Gold Coast boast of providing affordable services. Therefore, here is your complete guide outlining tips for choosing professional movers in 2022.

Conduct a Thorough Online & Offline Search

Ask family, friends, neighbours and others around you for references of professional removalists in Gold Coast they hired for their removal services. It will help you connect with reliable movers near you.

Additionally, look for reputed removalists in your area on Google, and you will find multiple results. Read reviews, check ratings, get quotes and explore websites of professional moving experts to shortlist the ones you like the best. Here are the criteria to keep in mind while selecting a moving company.

  • ASIC registration
  • Appropriate licence and insurance
  • Good market reputation
  • Team of experienced and trained professionals
  • Affiliation with a reputed body like Australian International Movers Association (AIMA) and the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA)

Explore Moving Options

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people in Gold Coast and other Queensland have moved in record numbers. The golden strip’s population has increased rapidly because buying a house in Gold Coast is more affordable than renting in some areas.

Therefore, Gold Coast removalists offer multiple moving services to help people partially or completely manage their move with professional assistance. You can avail one or more of the following services to relocate smoothly.

  • Full-moving service
  • Packing & unpacking services
  • Local or interstate removals
  • Backloading service
  • Storage container moving service
  • Renting a moving truck
  • Renting a storage unit

Ask for Pre-move Surveys

Genuine removalists in Gold Coast don’t miss a beat when you ask for a pre-move survey, as they understand its importance. Pre-move surveys are crucial to know the move’s scale, property type & size, amount of things to handle etc.

Professional removalists can provide realistic moving costs after the survey, which is much more reliable than an instant quote. You can also ask queries when the removalists are surveying your home and its contents.

Therefore, always get pre-move surveys done and never book removalists based on instant quotes because scammers can dupe you by imposing hidden/additional charges on the moving day.

Compare Quotes before They Expire

A good removal company will offer you a reliable and non-binding quote without obligation, but it will expire after a certain period. The old quote is of no use after expiration, and you need to get a fresh estimate which can be higher or lower than the previous estimate. Therefore, compare quotes by different removalists and book the professionals you like before the moving quotes expire.

Ideally, you should book removalists at least four weeks before moving. Hence, shortlist a few removal companies to save time and effort during your search for good removalists in Gold Coast, then ask for quotes and note the expiration dates.

Ask What the Removalists Move or Don’t Move

Experienced removalists in Gold Coast can expertly pack and move common household contents, furniture and special items like gym equipment, piano, aquarium, antiques, family heirlooms etc.

Therefore, if you have things that need extra care and attention, mention them to the removalists and show them the items during the pre-move survey. They can charge you more for moving large or special items, which is why it is crucial to disclose the entire inventory.

In addition to asking what the removalists can move, ask what they don’t move. Usually, removalists refuse to handle and transport fuels, flammables, chemicals, food, jewellery, expensive items, firearms, weapons, explosives, etc.

Don’t Choose Cost over Quality

The removals industry is saturated with unregistered and unlicensed movers with little experience. They offer their services at dirt cheap rates but cannot guarantee quality removals. Additionally, inexperienced movers often come late, frequently reschedule moving dates, don’t have the necessary moving equipment and impose hidden charges.

Hence, avoid removalists with prices that are too good to be true because you will get scammed or not get quality services. Instead, hire professional removalists in Gold Coast, offering their services at competitive rates but guarantee premium removals.


Experiencing stress during a house move is common, but you can reduce it significantly and manage your relocation smoothly by hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast. You can have peace of mind and a successful move without delays with the assistance of experienced professionals. Thus, use the tips shared above to choose professional movers in 2022.