How to Create a Moving Checklist?

How to Create a Moving Checklist?

Sep 14, 2020

Moving to a new place is never easy as it is a challenging, hectic, and overwhelming process that requires completion of a host of responsibilities at the same time.

It is common to feel confused and get side-tracked while planning relocation because there is a lot of pressure, stress, and anxiety disorders. However, the process can be streamlined and all the moving-related tasks such as decluttering, packing, hiring booking in gold coast, cleaning, among others, can be managed smoothly by creating a moving checklist. Want to know how to make one for your upcoming move? Here are some expert tips, have a look!

Choose the Right Platform to Create the List

Are you comfortable with making excel sheets? Or it is easier to maintain a binder? To create a moving checklist, it is essential to know where you are going to create it. Some people make a list on MS Excel and printout to share with every household member while others use pen and paper, notepad, or sticky notes. Whichever platform you wish to use you can as long as it is easily accessible and doesn’t get lost or damaged during the moving process.

Write Every Task That Comes To Mind

Once the platform is decided, the next step is to create a rough list by writing down all the tasks you need to complete to make the moving process smooth and manageable. If you have moved before, creating the rough list will be easier as you will know what responsibilities you need to complete. However, for people moving for the first time, here are examples of tasks that need to be completed when moving.

• Reread the lease agreement
• Serve notice to the landlord
• Declutter your house to reduce packing and moving load
• Get packing supplies and start the process of securing your belongings for transportation
• Discontinuing utilities and other services
Changing/updating address in banks, offices, schools, and other information places
• Arranging for services and utilities at the new house
• Hiring professional cleaners and removalists in Gold Coast
• Creating an essential kit

These are some of the tasks that may come to mind while creating a rough list and while making it, you & household members will remember more.


To create a task sheet for moving, you will need to research online or offline for sources to help you assist. You can look at cleaning checklists created by experts in Gold Coast online and download them for reference and editing for customisation.

In addition, you can consult near and dear ones who have moved to a new house to know if they created a checklist and might share with you. The more research is done, the better you can plan and create a schedule that works the best for everyone involved in the moving process in your household.

Mention Weekly Tasks

While creating the lists list all the tasks you need to complete in which week before moving. For example, under the eight week before tag put all the things that should be done eight weeks before the moving day and ensure they are completed within this time. This tag may include tasks such as notifying the landlord, creating a moving budget, looking for reputed removalists in Gold Coast, etc.

Similarly, mention all the moving-related tasks under different weeks and create the list for timely completion of duties. You can find a host of week-wise moving checklists which can be used as-is or personalised according to your requirements.

Don’t Forget to Set Deadlines and Assign Ownership

To create a good moving checklist, remember to set deadlines for completion of each task and who will be responsible for completing it. Hold a meeting with all the household members involved in the moving process to decide which task will be assigned to whom and by what time they will be able to finish it to set a plausible deadline.

List After-Moving Day To-Do Tasks

It is common for people planning to relocate to create moving checklists with only tasks mentioned in it until the moving day. However, the process doesn’t end on the day you move because there are many things to do after reaching the new property.

Make sure to mention all the duties and responsibilities to complete up to one to two weeks after moving into the new house. The tasks that can be mentioned in these weeks include changing the locks, unpacking, setting utilities, getting an update on bond refund, among others. Depending on how much there is to do after the move you can make an extended moving list with tasks to-do outlined for up to 4-8 weeks.

Wrapping Up

By following the tips mentioned above, people who are planning to move to a new home can manage moving out, cleaning, hiring removalists in Gold Coast and other tasks without hassle, stress, or confusion. Creating a moving checklist is excellent for streamlining your tasks and ensures they are completed on time.