How To Find Expert Removalists In Gold Coast For A Hassle-free Move
professional removalists with moving boxes

How To Find Expert Removalists In Gold Coast For A Hassle-free Move

Jun 02, 2020

Moving to a new place can be exciting, but it also stressful and challenging. It is not at all easy for a person to take care of so many responsibilities at the same time. You need a helping hand and what can be a better option than professional removalists in Gold Coast for a hassle-free move.

They have the skill, knowledge and experience to deal with the packing and loading problems and resolve them immediately. But do you know how to find the best removalists? What are the parameters to choose reliable professionals? Here are some effective ways to find expert removalists. Let’s have a look!

Talk To Family and Friends

One of the best ways to find expert removalists is by talking to people who are close to you like your family, friends, colleagues, etc. Talk to them and ask if they have recently moved or do they know anyone who has moved to Gold Coast. Knowing about someone who has recently relocated can be very useful because you get first-hand information about the removalists.

Sometimes you get to know about some local but efficient removals company you would have missed otherwise. Your friends and family can give you accurate information about the service provider because they have recently used their service. So, you know everything about the removalists even before hiring them.

Do Your Research

Asking for recommendation is not the only way to find expert removalists. You also need to do some research! There are many removals companies in the Gold Coast, so you need to start gathering information about them and see if they are suitable as per your requirements. Read the official websites and know about their services in detail.

Also, go through the customer reviews as it will provide you with vital information about the service quality, price policy, values, and overall reputation of the company. You can also visit the comparison websites and know which one is better for you. It can take a lot of time, so start your research as soon as you decide the moving date.

Consider the Experience Factor

Expert removalists in Gold Coast are always experienced so always consider the experience factor when looking for the removalists. All reputed professionals have at least ten years of experience in this domain. With time, the professionals gain expertise in handling fragile items like wine bottles, bone china crockery, glasses, mirror, costly sculpture, decorative items and so on.

If you want to move such things to your new place without causing any damage to them, hire seasoned professionals. They know how to pack such item and load them with utmost care. Inexperienced professionals not only take more time in packing but often end up damaging the valuables.

Check Their Authorisation

Perhaps the best way to find expert removalists is to check if they are authorised to provide the service. Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is the official body that controls the removals industry of Australia. AFRA permits all reputed removals companies in the country. They make sure that the removals companies have the right equipment, vehicle, and the removalists are properly trained.

So, find out if the removals companies you have shortlisted are approved by AFRA or not. If they are certified, then you have hired expert removalists, and you can expect quick, hassle-free and smooth relocation.

Expert Removalists Offer Pre-Move Survey

All reputed removals companies offer a pre-move survey to their clients. The survey helps the removalists to understand how much belongings they need to move, so they make arrangements of the packing supplies and moving truck according to it.

The survey also helps them to give a proper estimate to the client. So, expert removalists always give importance to the pre-move survey. If the removals company you have shortlisted is not providing this survey, then you should look for other alternatives.

Know About the Price Policy

The price policy is an important parameter to check if your removalists are genuine or not. All reputed removals companies charge on the basis of the moving distance and weight of the belongings. If your removalists are charging on an hourly basis, then you should look for other options. Charging on an hourly basis can be very costly for your pocket. Expert removalists also provide a free quote to the clients, which help you to plan your moving budget.

Make Sure They Can Fulfil Your Requirements

If you are looking for expert removalists in Gold Coast, search for those removals company that has the ability to fulfil your specific requirements. Talk to the removalist and know what plans or strategies to they have to deal with special needs like moving down the heavy belongings through stairs, handling delicate items, lifting bulky and costly furniture, moving in a rainy day and so on. If removalists can give you satisfactory answers, then you can rely on their service.

They Must Have Latest Moving Equipment

Expert removalists always have the most modern moving equipment with them. Their arsenal has equipment like moving dolly, utility dolly, furniture dolly, furniture sliders, forearm forklift, shoulder dolly, elastic straps, ratchet straps, moving blankets and pads.

They also carry basic and useful tools like rope and twine, utility knife, pliers, hammer, screwdrivers, flashlight and scissors. All these things make the moving process a lot easier and safer (for both belongings and the removalists). If the professionals do not have such equipment, they won’t be able to protect your belongings.


Removalists in Gold Coast play a pivotal role in your relocation process, so make sure that you hire the expert removalists. They share your burden of responsibilities and allow to focus on other essential aspects of moving. Thus, the next time you look for the right professionals, follow the ways mentioned above. You will get seasoned and skilled removalists who will ensure a hassle-free move.