How To Find Your Perfect Moving Company In Gold Coast?
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How To Find Your Perfect Moving Company In Gold Coast?

Aug 22, 2018

The decision of choosing the right removal service provider can be tough, especially when the market is overwhelmed with hundreds and thousands of options. Since moving a house or office is a complicated chore, make sure you look up all the available resources to select the one that can give you 100 % safe and secure services without the hint of stress on your forehead.

Do your own research work, gather information about the different removalists in Gold Coast and scrutinise their previous projects to get the clear picture about their market goodwill. However, it becomes quite difficult to evaluate all the merits and demerits of a particular company, but below are some great tips that will make it easier for you to find your perfect moving company on the Gold Coast.

Have a look at the five simple steps that will take you closer to your ideal moving partner:

1. Get Genuine Recommendations

Are you looking for a reliable moving company for your big move? You should ask your friends, relatives and coworkers who have recently moved to or from the city. If you are hunting for residential property in Gold Coast and working with a real estate manager, ask him for a genuine referral.

Search online, read customer reviews and make a list of companies that have offices near you. You can directly call them or visit their site to get an instant no-obligation quote. But, before that, you should do your part of research and look for the companies referred by your friends and relatives.

Needless to say that people are getting more cautious when it comes to hiring a moving company for the relocation of their precious belongings. So, look for the recommended options and save both your time and effort.

2. Shortlist at least Three to Four Companies

Never make a mistake of settling down for the first quote or a company you receive. It is good to keep on researching the options until you find at least three or four companies according to your specific moving needs and budget.

Instead of restricting your options when it comes to hiring a reliable moving company, you should give yourself the flexibility to compare the features, service quality and pricing policies of at least three best Removal Companies on the Gold Coast.

Tip: Ask for the free no-obligation quotes from all the companies and compare their prices along with their pricing policies. Make sure your shortlisted company provides a comprehensive range of services, including local and interstate move, professional packing assistance, high-quality packing supplies, storage facility and backloading services.

3. Your Mover Should be Licensed and Insured

After filtering your options based on their prices, you can search more about the company related to their quality of service and customer service. Also, make sure your mover is licensed and insured or not. It is good to hire the Gold Coast Removalists Company who has been accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

AFRA is an official body of moving companies that help regulate the Australian Removals Industry under the set code of conduct. If you want your valuable items to arrive without any delays or damages, then you must choose a licensed and insured moving company on the Gold Coast that aims at offering safe, secure and reliable relocation with 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee.

4. Check Whether They Provide Insurance or Not

Don’t forget to take out the reliable moving insurance to protect your valuable possessions from damages and other losses during the transition process. However, removalists are not obligated to provide insurance coverage for moving belongings by the Australian Law.

So, make sure you choose a company that offers public liability insurance, collision and overturning insurance or motor vehicle insurance (these insurances are purposely used by removalists to protect their own vehicles).

Tip: For complete coverage against the damage of your belongings during the transit, ensure to take out reliable removal insurance.

5. Verifying the Address

Don’t forget to ask for the business card or you can visit the office to know more about their company. Make sure your moving company’s address is listed and registered under the company names.

Try to avoid companies that don’t have an Australian Business Number or not registered on ASIC (Australian Securities Investment Commission).

Key Things to Remember:

  • The cost you obtained from a moving company is either based on the time it takes or the number of items.
  • Whether they are a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association or not
  • Do they charge extra cost for storage in case of delays on moving day?
  • Whether they need an upfront payment
  • Do they provide packing as well as unpacking service?


Make your move a stress-free and secure one by hiring the most trusted, reliable and experienced Removalists Gold Coast. Plan your moving goals carefully and consider these simple steps while searching out for your ideal moving partner.