How To Get Rid Of Office Furniture Sustainably When Moving?

How To Get Rid Of Office Furniture Sustainably When Moving?

Apr 18, 2022

Moving to a new office is fun and one of the best opportunities to get rid of unwanted furniture in your current workplace. Besides looking forward to a better place to continue your business, you can maintain the new work premises neat and tidy. Decluttering and downsizing furniture is crucial for reducing your packing and moving load.

It helps lower your moving expense significantly whether you move yourself or hire professional removalists in Gold Coast. You need fewer packing materials, equipment and tools, making it easier to manage every aspect of your office relocation.

While getting rid of office furniture, follow the tips shared below to do this activity as sustainably as possible and prevent it from ending in landfills. Australia has a recycling and waste management problem, and you don’t want to contribute to it by discarding furniture irresponsibly.

Give Away Furniture

Gold Coast has several renowned charities and not-for-profit organisations affiliated with the ACNC that accept furniture. Many of these organisations take in furniture items and recycle them for selling to collect funds for food drives, clothes and other things people in need look for. Before moving, find local charities that take office furniture, or you can entrust to a known organisation like GIVIT, Freecycle Network, Vinnies Shop, Salvos Stores etc.

Donating furniture is not only advantageous for business owners because you can get rid of unwanted items sustainably but also because you can claim tax deductions. Organisations with deductible gift recipients (DGRs) status allow you the opportunity to get benefits by donating to them. Managing office relocation successfully is financially taxing as you hire professional removalists in Gold Coast and pay for ongoing expenses along with new ones. Thus, if you can get tax relief by donating, it is a great option.

Besides charities/Not-for-profits, you must ask people you know whether they need office furniture for their workplace. You can give away desks, tables, chairs and other things to businesses near you or send them to a near/dear one setting up a new office. This method of donating is quick and easy because the moving distance is manageable, and you don’t have to complete formalities.

Host A Garage Sale

Selling office furniture ahead of a move is excellent for disposing of items in good condition but of no use at the new workplace. Since office furniture is usually expensive, many people are interested in buying second-hand furniture in a usable state. You can host an online or offline garages sale to resell desks, tables, chairs, cabinets, drawers, and other common décor and utility furnishing in your office. This way, increase your moving budget or save money to buy furniture after moving into the new office.

While hosting a traditional garage sale, keep the following things in mind.

• Conduct the sale on the weekend to avoid work productivity from suffering on weekdays.
• Avoid scheduling the event on holidays or in the evenings.
• Post about the sale on your social media and send email invites instead of using flyers to reduce paper wastage and unnecessary expenses.

Send Furniture To A Waste & Recycling Centre

Do research about the waste and recycling centre by your local council for disposing of office furniture that you cannot resell or donate but want to dispose of sustainably. Waste management is a serious issue plaguing Australia, as an estimate of 74.1 million tonnes (Mt) of waste was generated in 2018-19. Tonnes of waste ends up in landfills due to poor recycling habits of people, which is why you must do the needful to avoid your office furniture from adding to the landfill clutter.

The City of Gold Coast offers waste & recycling services to residents and businesses across the golden strip. You can explore the website to find available options for responsibly disposing of your furniture by getting it collected from your address or dropping it off at a centre. Additionally, learn about business to business recycling through which Gold Coast businesses can trade or sell waste to other ventures into reusing, repairing, remaking or recycling the items.

The things you can give away for this type of recycling include office furniture, cardboard, paper, wood, timber, organic materials, plastics, chemicals and much more. This method of getting rid of office furniture and other unwanted things is beneficial because you save on waste disposal costs and earn revenue from waste.

The Bottom Line

Taking everything in your office during a move is not practical or feasible, especially regarding furniture. Therefore, you must sort through it and only keep the things you want at the new office. It will help reduce the packing and moving load for your hired removalists Gold Coast. For the furniture you don’t want, follow the tips shared above to get rid of it sustainably.