How To Have A Fun Halloween While Relocating

How To Have A Fun Halloween While Relocating

Oct 25, 2023

Relocating home during festivities can be challenging, especially if it is Halloween. Everyone loves to decorate their home using a spooky theme, dress up in fun costumes, and invite their friends and relatives for an entertaining evening.

You can also enjoy Halloween while moving home by creating a proper plan.  The best thing is to hire trained Removalists Gold Coast during festivities. They will come to your house, pack your household items and transport them to a new place within a given timeframe. They can even unpack your boxes if required, saving you time and energy for the celebrations.

If you don’t want to skip the fun celebration of Halloween when moving, consider the following tips and tricks:

1. Try to Avoid Moving Too Close to the 31st of October

It becomes quite difficult to celebrate the festival like Halloween when preparing for the home. You need time to prepare your home, costumes and delicious meals for the evening.

So, give yourself at least 4-5 days between your relocation date and Halloween.

2. Plan In Advance

If you are relocating a few weeks before Halloween, plan the entire process and make a list of things/tasks to organise everything smoothly. Make sure you handle specialty items like art antiques, lamps and other stuff carefully.

It is good to stock up on everything, such as costumes, decorations, such as pumpkins, spooky signs and banners, Halloween lights and much more that you will need to make the evening memorable.

3. Convert your Empty Space into a Haunted Stage

Whether you are moving out from a current house or just moving in, leverage the advantage of an empty house full of boxes for a fun Halloween party.

You can décor your empty house with very little effort and change the entire atmosphere. Make the most out of white sheets, zombie decors, candles, and blinking lights in the dark, empty room to create a haunted atmosphere.

It is good to invite all your friends if you haven’t relocated yet and enjoy the Halloween night. This is also the best time to get familiar with your new neighbourhood if you’ve recently moved in.

Make sure you consider the safety during Halloween, especially when kids are involved in the celebration.

4. Creatively Use Packing Material For Halloween

There is no denying that packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts and boxes, can keep your precious household items intact during the relocation process.

The best part is that you can use these materials to create something haunted for the Halloween party. Think out of the box and use plastic paper or bubble wrap for costumes.

You can even decorate the cardboard boxes for the night of tricks and treats. Here are some quick tips for using packing materials as a decorative option:

  • Cut and use packing paper strips as mummification wrappings
  • Use a moving box to create a creepy coffin prop
  • Paint bubble wrap using red colour and give your costume or your house a scary makeover.

Tip: You can hire professional furniture removalists Gold Coast to move expensive and rare items, such as a dining table, a pool table, etc. They will come to your place, dismantle large pieces and pack them for a safe and sound move.

5. Attend Trunk or Treating Events

Preparing for Halloween when relocating home can increase the stress level. From arranging costumes to staging a home according to the spooky theme, unpacking boxes, to setting up the furniture, you have to do everything.

Well, you can ditch all of this and attend a trunk or treat or Halloween event on Gold Coast. It is one of the ideal ways to celebrate Halloween without creating a mess at home. You can take your kids to the event and enjoy the evening.

If you are new to the location, ask your neighbours for genuine recommendations for trunk-or-treat events.

You can also attend the event if you have packed up your belongings and don’t want to ruin the preparation for your upcoming move.

Tip: Décor your car and fill the trunk with treats.

6. Pack Sweet Candies For the Trip

Are you moving house with kids? So, make their relocation trip memorable during the festival by packing up candies and delicious dishes.

Let your kids pack a bag full of candies, or you can also prepare some delicious muffins while travelling. This can also add fun when moving to a new house.

7. Hire a Full-Service Moving Company

One of the best ways to reduce the moving stress and have a fun Halloween when relocating is to book professional removalists Gold Coast. It is good to search for a full-service company that can help you pack, transport and unpack household belongings with care and precision.

Make sure you book professionals at least 4-5 weeks prior to your final moving day because they are in high demand during holidays and festivals. So, compare quotes, ask important questions and move while enjoying the spooky Halloween Eve with your family.

Wrapping up

When relocating home, you can have a fun Halloween if you keep these simple yet effective tips in mind. It is good to plan things ahead of time and think out of the box to make the event unforgettable while moving with your family and kids.