How To Host A Successful Garage Sale?

How To Host A Successful Garage Sale?

Nov 22, 2022

Did you know that over 79% of Australians buy things on impulse and regret it later? And over two-thirds of these Aussies feel that these impulse buys pile up in their home and create unnecessary clutter.

This kind of clutter can help increase the symptoms of anxiety and stress as it distracts the mind and creates negative emotions. Sitting and first decluttering your space and removing all unnecessary things is important. Once you have removed these items, you can either donate them to a local charity or host a garage sale to sell them.

If you plan on hosting a garage sale on Gold Coast, then there are useful tips below to help you out. But first, you must follow expert advice from professional Gold Coast removalists on how to clean out your closet so that you can get ready for a garage sale.

Cleaning Your Closet

Make It A Routine

You should create a routine where you set aside unwanted or unused items every month so that you can hold a huge garage sale and sell all these items. You should spend ten to fifteen minutes every day going through each room and finding things that do not have any use or purpose.

Organise Your Items

You should also create five boxes, go through each room, and declutter or store your items into keep, sell, donate, throw, and maybe. This process will help you organise your items but will also be helpful when you have to move, as you can easily pack only the things you are keeping.

Your professional removalists on Gold Coast will charge you only for these moving boxes; thus, your moving costs will also reduce.

Start Small

The best thing to do is to start slowly and in small portions when decluttering your space. Start by gathering all the unsentimental things like outdated newspapers and magazines.

Next, you can go through one drawer or shelf and pick the item you don’t need. If you spend ten to fifteen minutes doing this daily, you will have your pile for a garage sale in no time.

Set A Date

Once you have your items in place, you should set a date to get the word out as soon as possible. It is better to choose a weekend or a holiday so that people have free time to come. Experts suggest that you keep it for the first weekend of the month, as this is when most Aussies get their salaries.

Important tip

Always check the weather forecast when setting a date so you don’t hold it on a rainy day. You should also set the timing and start early in the day so that the weather is good and people are fresher.

Now that you have cleaned your closet and set a date, you can start preparing for garage sale on Gold Coast.

Tips For The Garage Sale

Gather Your Supplies

Start by gathering all the supplies you will need for the garage sale, including paper, markers, labels, tape and scissors. You should also arrange several tables, chairs and blankets to set your belongings on.

Set Your Prices

The next step is to set your prices for all the objects by offering reasonable discounts and low rates. You should look online at the market price of all your items and offer them at a quarter of this amount.

You should also group small items and offer a bundle discount of, say, $5 to %10. It is very important to place the price sticker and label on the item because people might pick up things from one table and place it on another, so each item must have its own pricing.

Clean The Items

Before you start prepping the items for sale, you should ensure they are clean and not damaged. Wash any utensils, glasses, bowls and mugs and dust other items to make them look brand new.

You should also tape pages of books that are a little loose so that it is in decent condition. People will buy more things if they look aesthetically appealing and are clean and neat.

Organise Your Items

You should then group similar-priced items or arrange them by category. For instance, you can put books, cutlery, bed sheets, and toys together on separate tables so that people can find what they are looking for.

You should also set smaller items like jewellery on small tables at the front of the sale to draw in people. Likewise, you should place big decorative items like mirrors and art pieces at the back of the sale to keep people interested in moving towards them.

Create Posters And Signs

Lastly, you must use colourful posters and signs throughout the neighbourhood, malls, and community shops when preparing for a garage sale. You can also create an online event, invite all your family and friends, and ask them to spread the word. Make sure you mention the date, time and some of your highlighted items in the invites and posters.

Now you are ready to start your garage sale on Gold Coast and can make some extra money. If there is anything left, you can check information about different charities and then donate these items or give them to your friends and family.


The above tips will help you organise and host the perfect garage sale where you can sell off unwanted items. This will greatly help your relocation process as your professional removalists Gold Coast will have fewer moving boxes to load and unload, thereby reducing your moving costs.