How To Let Go Of Sentimental Items When Moving

How To Let Go Of Sentimental Items When Moving

Feb 24, 2022

A house move is the best time to declutter and downsize your belongings because you can sort them before packing. Every house has unwanted, old and broken things that add to your packing and moving load.

Getting rid of them is crucial for a fresh start and makes it easier for your hired professional removalists in Gold Coast to handle, box and transport them. However, decluttering things of sentimental value is challenging and emotionally draining. These are things you are emotionally attached to, like family heirlooms, family pictures, gifts, etc., and letting go of them when moving is easier said than done. Thus, here is your complete guide for discarding sentimental clutter like a pro. Have a look.

Be Mentally Prepared

Giving away or throwing something that serves no purpose but has an emotional hold over you is extremely difficult. Therefore, you must prepare to part with sentimental items mentally before you actually start the process of decluttering.

Don’t big immediately by boxing the things and hurting yourself or a loved one. Instead, start small by scanning photographs, making digital copies of videos, packing yearbooks etc. Take your time to say goodbye to things but remain resolute about discarding them.

Ask The Right Questions

When you have sentimental items that serve no purpose and take up space, limiting the mobility of household members, they become sentimental clutter. They can cause stress and anxiety before packing and moving. Therefore, ask the following questions to speed up the decluttering process and avoid having an internal conflict.

• Do the items spark any joy or hurt to keep?
• Should you keep the item?
• Can I give it to someone else who will cherish it?
• Is the item clutter in its current state?
• Can you preserve the thing digitally?
• Can you keep the things in your new home without taking too much space or causing inconvenience?
• Do you have good memories or bad memories with the items?


Often it is easier for people to give away things of sentimental value to near and dear ones. It helps you part with the things because you know they will be of use to someone else. Thus, separate things in good conditions and appropriate for all ages in boxes for donation while decluttering. Do this before you book removalists in Gold Coast to pack and move your belongings to reduce your expenses.

Find reliable organisations around you by checking the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission’s register. You can donate clothes, household items, furniture, decorative items, books and much more to local charities. Also, see if you can donate to popular platforms and organisations like The Salvation Army, GIVIT, St Vincent de Paul Society, RizeUp, Freecycle Network etc.

Give Away To Near & Dear Ones

If you have things that others would appreciate keeping and have the room to store, ask them to check them by visiting your house. One of the best ways to let others pick and take your beloved things is to choose a day or two to showcase the items in your yard. Invite only those people who are close and will value the things you are giving away.

Wrap and box things neatly that you plan to give away to a family member or friends. Create a detailed list with item names, who to give them to, the person’s contact information etc. Plants, memorabilia, artwork and heirlooms are examples of sentimental items your family members and friends can take from you.

Don’t Feel Guilty

One of the prime reasons parting with sentimental items is difficult is because you feel guilty. It is common to feel you are doing something terrible by letting go of things passed down from generations, something a loved one gave you, children’s belongings etc. However, to live in your new home holistically and without clutter, you must understand that getting rid of sentimental clutter is necessary. You cannot keep hoarding things because it is not suitable for your mental well-being.

Thus, once you donate or give away things of emotional value, create a plan to dispose of the rest responsibly. Segregate broken, old and obsolete things from items you can resell online or through a garage sale.

Take Professional Help

Sometimes letting go of belongings is confusing, and you don’t have the motivation to do it yourself. Under such circumstances, don’t hesitate to take the assistance of a professional organiser. They have the expertise, experience and knowledge to declutter the household and help people let go of unwanted items.

Besides helping keep or discard your things, they can aid with donation, reselling or disposal of your property contents. You can book a professional organiser while looking for quality removalists to plan the arrivals of the experts at the right time.


Decluttering is challenging, especially when you have to part with things of sentimental value. But, you should let go of the ones that serve no purpose or take unwanted space no matter how hard it is. Use the tips shared above to get rid of sentimental clutter like a pro and reduce the packing/moving load for your hired removalists in Gold Coast.