How To Make Moving Easier For A Child

How To Make Moving Easier For A Child

Jun 02, 2022

Do you plan on moving out of your house soon and are excited but also nervous about how your kids will take it? Moving with kids can be a hard adjustment for everyone involved as it is a significant change that can affect the child’s development.

It would be best to leave all the packing and moving of your belongings to removalists on Gold Coast and use this extra time to spend with your kids. However, explaining to the kid what is happening and helping them through this relocation will make the process much easier for them.

If you need some help on how to make this relocation easier for your kids, you can look at the tips mentioned below:

1. Discuss The Move With Them

It is essential to explain why you are moving and when to your kids. If you discuss the move with your kids beforehand, they will have more time to prepare and mentally adjust better than if you surprise them with the move. You can discuss the move with your children in the following manner:

  • Firstly, sit down and explain why you are moving and listen to their reactions and feelings.
  • Try to explain to them why this move is necessary for their growth.
  • You should also explain where you are moving and when to try to let them visualise it by drawing your new home on a map.
  • Take as much time with them to discuss these things and leave all the packing to expert removalists on Gold Coast.

2. Take Them Around The New Neighbourhood

Your next step should be to take your kids to your new home and show them around the area. It would help if you did this in the following ways:

  • You should take them to their new school and let them meet children of their age and make some friends.
  • You should even make them meet their new principal and teachers so that they have a few familiar faces on their first day of school.
  • If possible, take them to your new home and show them their new room so that they can start to feel excited about the move.
  • Take them to the malls and restaurants in your new neighbourhood and spend time with them.
  • Your expert removalists on Gold Coast will handle all your packing so that you can show your kid around their new neighbourhood.

3. Keep Your Current Routine

Another thing you must do to make this move more accessible for your kid is to keep your current routine. If the kid feels like something is changing too much, they will feel overwhelmed and anxious about moving house. So you should stick to your current routine and keep things the same.

Keep their same bedtime routine, their homework routine and playtime. This routine should be carried forward in your new home as well so that your kids feel more comfortable and can adjust to the move in a better way.

4. Let Them Be Involved

The most important thing when moving with kids is to let your kids be involved in the moving process. Make them feel like they are a part of this decision in the following manner:

  • Firstly, assign them some duty on moving day so that they get excited about the move.
  • You can also let them pack their things in their room so that they can take whatever they want.
  • Next, if you are using a moving company, you should ask these removalist experts on Gold Coast to load your kid’s boxes last so that you can unload them first in your new home and let your kids adjust quickly.
  • You should then let your kids unpack their belongings in your new home so that they can feel more at home there.

5. Plan Fun Activities

It would be best to make the move fun for your kids by planning some fun activities for them on moving day. Take them to a new mall or shopping centre in their new neighbourhood and let them enjoy themselves.

Let them enjoy their favourite dishes in a restaurant or cafe of their choice and take them to an excellent movie to keep them entertained. Your expert Gold Coast removalists can handle the packing and moving while you enjoy this quality time with your kids.

6. Help Your Child Stay In Contact

You should also help your child stay in contact with their classmates and friends from their old neighbourhood. Organise meetings with their old friends and have night stays so that your kid knows that they can still maintain contact with them.

You should also take all their friends’ numbers and make a phonebook for them to stay in contact with them over the phone.


The best way to let your child adjust to the move is by spending time with them throughout the process and giving them time to adjust so that they can also be happy about the move.